What Is Cheese Tax Song On TikTok All About?

We love cheese, we love dogs, and dogs love cheese: now the Cheese Tax song has shown this love triangle!
We love cheese, we love dogs, and dogs love cheese: now the Cheese Tax song has shown this love triangle!( Source : instagram )

Cheese tax song TikTok is a recent social media phenomenon. Here are Cheese Tax Song lyrics, Origin, and much more.

Matt Hobbs is the lyricist & producer of this viral TikTok song Cheese Tax. 

Matt has two pups at home: Leni and Marley. He began singing short and silly songs to his dogs during the covid lockdown and posted them on TikTok and Instagram. His songs, like the recent Cheese Tax, featuring pet dogs went on to become excessively popular. 

Inspired by Matt's simple and enjoyable song ideas, the social media community of pet cats and dog lovers has started making their own Cheese Tax version featuring their home pets.

The Cheese Tax TikTok Song Lyrics

The Cheese Tax TikTok song is pretty simple to remember in terms of lyrics. In this TikTok song featuring pup duos, Matt gets the perspective of a dog owner & his dogs too.

The song goes something like this:

You gotta pay the cheese tax
Every time you're cooking
When the cheese comes out
This puppy comes looking

The rules are the rules
And the facts are the facts
And when the cheese drawer opens
You gotta pay the tax

It seems dogs are the bosses here. The dog owner, every time he/she goes to the kitchen and does something involving cheese – it might just be opening the refrigerator – it is a green signal for the dogs. With their ultra-detecting nasal and hearing power, dogs appear there for some cheese as if it is a mandatory tax levied by them on the owners. 

Matt cannot help but give some cheese to his dogs, who just stare at him if caught with the savory dairy product. Cheese Tax is a fun song, like many other songs reflecting human-dogs emotions and ties; but this time, it has gone some financial!

Cheese Tax Song Origin

Curious to know cheese tax song origin? If so, here are the details. Matt Hobb had originally posted The Cheese Tax song on TikTok before audio-featured spin-offs appeared. He is the creator of Puppy Songs formed during the pandemic.

Matt has been posting songs about dogs and pups since the time when the pandemic hit and we were drawn into our homes. He hosts a website called Puppy Songs and posts TikTok videos by the same name. It was posted on February 28 on TikTok and as of now has been viewed more than 14M times with more than 1.6M hearts; his follow-up versions are getting similar views too.

Matt has composed more than 150 tunes with his pups, but this cheesy song about our beloved pet stood out, unofficially getting into The Viral Videos Club, if we can name it that.

Like with his other songs, his creative process began when he noticed this unique habit of dogs, who'd just appear there for some cheese bits. He then began with a catchy hook and added snippets to the song, until it became the trending piece; but he had no idea people would be so fascinated by it.

The cheese market in the US was about USD 40.73 billion in 2022 as per Fortune Business Insights. Cheese is almost a staple in the US and many European kitchens, and the song shows our familiarity with this more of a heritage dairy product connecting it with our most faithful pet. 

Cheese Tax Meaning

Nobody thought Cheese and Dogs went so well in a song; People have loved this ditty trend so much
Nobody thought Cheese and Dogs went so well in a song; People have loved this ditty trend so much( Source : instagram )

The Cheese Tax song has nothing to do with the actual tax. This viral song used tax as a metaphor for the little pieces of cheese we give to our home pets.

We all love pets and our daily rituals and habits are influenced by their presence too. But, the song is not about feeding the cheese in large amounts to the dogs. Matt and his wife used to be surprised by the out-of-nowhere entry of his pups whenever they cooked cheese in the kitchen and when they took out it from the refrigerator drawer. He made this simple routine activity into a song, and that was relatable to so many of us.

Plainly, cheese tax is the small number of food portions, in this case, cheese, we give to our pet dogs whenever we try to cook or eat something and they stare at us desiring the food. Most of the time, whether it be ham or bread or raw piece of meat, we give to our dogs who'd expect it from us. They are foodies than us.

Cheese Tax Meme

Thousands of Cheese Tax memes have appeared in just a week after the song's release
Thousands of Cheese Tax memes have appeared in just a week after the song's release( Source : instagram )

Of course, people on social media have been as creative as the Cheese Tax song itself. Whether on TikTok or Instagram, the fun has just begun.

Social media users have commented that the song has stuck in their heads for more than a week now and has become their new favorite pet song.

Thousands of TikTok videos that have used audio from the original have appeared getting millions of views.

People have posted videos of their Danes, Poodles, Huskies and all kinds of dogs craving cheddar cheese, mozzarella, parmesan or American cheese their owners have in their kitchens.

The video meme shared by Funny Tails channel on their Facebook has almost 650K views as of now with more than 10K likes.

What began as a passion project has taken social media by storm. Memes especially featuring dogs have received a rainbow of comments from users.

Some have shared that the song has become their kids' favorite; others have just loved the dog's paws; many have commented that they rather pay bread tax, ham tax, chocolate tax, butter tax or even banana tax at their homes to the dogs.

The Cheese Tax song is now available on YouTube, Spotify and Apple Music as well.

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