12 Female Singers With A Butterfly Tattoo

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Female Singers With A Butterfly Tattoo includes 1. Demi Lovato 2. Vanessa Hudgens 3. Kelly Osbourne and more. Their tattoos each have various personal reasons.

The tattoo's existence is 6,000 or more years old. It's a type of body modification done by inserting tattoo ink, dyes, or pigment into the skin.

In a similar way, butterfly tattoos are also formed. Butterfly tattoos are a symbol of beauty, transformation, growth, and femininity.

They show that even though you are struggling in life, you have the power to overcome and transform. Such patterns inspire emotions, creativity, and sentiments. They are also symbols of romantic love and affection.

Celebrities have a positive and negative impact on the society. Similarly, tattoos also provide a sense of belongingness and attachment.

Here is a list of female singers with butterfly tattoos whose formation has their own reasons and meanings.

Female Singers With A Butterfly Tattoo

Singers:Tattoo Placement:
Demi LovatoNeck
Vanessa HudgensNeck
Kelly OsbourneRight Collarbone
Elle KingLower Right Arm
HalseyRight Forearm
Noah CyrusLeft Hand
Cher LloydRight Arm
Queen LatifahBehind Right Ear
Ariana GrandeUpper Right Arm
Bhad BhabieNeck, Forearm and Fingers
Janel ParrishLeft Wrist
Mariah CareyLower Back

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1. Demi Lovato

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Demi Lovato is one of the Female Singers With Tattoos on our list. She is an American singer-songwriter and actress who once won the Guinness World Record.

Lovato has a butterfly design tattoo revealed in 2020. It's her third neck tattoo and engraved by tattoo artist Alessandro Capozzi.

The design represents her path from substance abuse to recovery and healing from such abuse. It showed the transformation phase of her life.

She has other ink arts like stay in her left wrist and strong on her right wrist.

2. Vanessa Hudgens

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Singers With Butterfly Tattoo includes Vanessa Hudgens too. She is an American actress of 34 age. Her genres are Pop and R&B.

Her colorful butterfly design is on her neck. It explains her name in Latin derivative.

The story behind the body art is that just before she was born, a butterfly landed on her mom's stomach and she got the name Vanessa which means butterfly.

The design is beautiful colored with pink, green, black and blue color. It medium sized and as shown in the picture.

3. Kelly Osbourne

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Butterfly Tattoo Female includes multi-talented Kelly Osbourne who is a singer, actress, model, and television personality. Her debut album is Shut Up.

Kelly has a small butterfly design on her right collarbone. The art was a symbol of her commitment to her clothing sector as she is also a fashion designer.

The cute tiny ink outlined as butterfly seems cool. She has other tattoo that includes blue heart and crossbones, green four-leaf clover, blue skull and crossbone, pair of wings, star, and others.

4. Elle King

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Elle King is one of the tattoo female singers that beautifies her body. She is also a songwriter, musician, and actress.

Grammy Awards nominated King's butterfly design reminded her ups and downs of her life. She also thought about dark clouds and the shining sun as her pathway to success.

The Ex's and Oh's singer has her ink art on her lower right arm. It's a medium-sized tattoo with different colors and multiple linings.

She has colorful vines, flowers and other patterns that enhances her body, specially her arms.

5. Halsey

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Halsey is among the singers with tattoo who have small to medium-sized patterns, especially on arms. She has multiple pieces of tattoos on other body parts.

She has many designs but this butterfly ink art refers to how things messed up and come to an end through lots of changes in her life. It is created with black ink and detailing on the wings.

The pattern is on her right forearm. It is evidence for her artwork in album hopeless fountain kingdom.

6. Noah Cyrus

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Singers who have butterfly tattoos on their arms include Noah Cyrus too. She has this tattoo covering the top of her complete left hand.

The singer cum actress Cyrus has other inks that include rose, heart, stars, and many more however butterfly design has deep meaning.

Her butterfly tattoo represents good luck, joy, and happiness. This is for the one large orange butterfly between her wrist and forearm of her left hand.

Her black-inked butterfly design is the symbol of the death and loss of a loved one.


7. Cher Lloyd

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Cher Lloyd is an English singer with a tattoo on the inside of her right arm. She is an expressive and playful R&B artist.

She has a butterfly partial sleeve design which also includes a bird, a peace sign, and a question mark. It is of black and gray style.

The singer likes all of her ink art and it expresses a lot about her life. She has more than 20 patterns and each has a story.

These butterflies on her arms are a tribute to her late uncle Boo Boo. There is a bird that carries a ribbon engraved with word 'Boo' on her right arm between butterflies above and below the bird.

8. Queen Latifah

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Queen Latifah is a rapper with two butterflies tattooed behind her right ear and one on her left hand. She was born in New Jersey.

She had her stylish butterfly design on June 11, 2016, in California. The blue butterfly shows her want to continue to develop into such a flying insect with beauty.

Her age is 53 now and she connects the design with the change of caterpillar to beautiful butterfly. She wants to be that insect. She wants to accept the transformation, the freedom and the charm that comes with the change in various aspects of her life.

9. Ariana Grande

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Ariana Grande is one of the most popular singers with multiple tattoos. She has 59 known ink arts and other unknown patterns too.

Songwriter and actress, Garnde exposed her butterfly pattern on her upper right arm in the 2020 Grammy Award. After that, she added the next butterfly with more details just underneath.

There were additional designs of Chihiro and Eevee. It seems like she changed her mind and has started covering the tattoo from her wedding in 2021. Other two characters appeared but the butterflies seem to have been removed permanently.

Pop culture icon, Grande had her first ink design in 2012 and her age was 18.

10. Bhad Bhabie

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Bhad Bhabie's birth name is Danielle Bregoli. She is an American rapper and a media personality as the youngest female rapper.

She had her first tattoo when she was 12 years old. She inked the word Loyalty at that time but she gave it a new look with a butterfly next to it.

Its placement is on the forearm. She has multiple butterfly patterns on her hands and a big one on her neck.

The insect butterfly denotes freedom and color of the life. It seems like she loves the design most as she has many similar tattoos in different sizes.

11. Janel Parrish

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Janel Parrish is an American singer and actress with a butterfly tattoo as her beautiful body mark. She has worked in many television series.

Parrish has a butterfly pattern on her left wrist and is of black and gray style. The design is small, darkened on the edges, and blank on the wings.

She has small two butterflies on her left hand too. They are small in size but seem adorable.

She has other 23 ink arts like a heart on her knuckle, Roman numerals, a flower, a rose, a flock of birds, writings on different body parts, a lotus, a bow, and others. She believes in freedom and changes in the life.

12. Mariah Carey

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Mariah Carey is known as songbird supreme according to Guinness World Records. She sang for Colombia Records in 1990.

Carey is an American singer, songwriter and beautiful actress too. She has a butterfly tattoo on her lower back in love with someone. She was married to Nick Cannon and the orange-inked butterfly symbolizes her love for Nick.

She does not seem to be a fan of inked patterns. Her butterfly pattern is silvery glimmer which shows a unique and cool factor.

MR, Cannon, and Mariah split in 2014 and now they are on their new journey. She still has that insect on her back which can be seen in a positive way. It's a symbol of her transformation from her relationship to her new life.

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