The Ten Best Brother And Sister Duo Singers Of The 70s

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The 1970s are known for many things when it comes to music: Great bands, singers, albums, and movements. But there's one thing that takes the cake.

Not until recently did sibling duos, especially brother and sister duo singers, become as prominent as they were in the 70s. Some were seen as novelty acts, while others launched their own successful careers.

In this article we have listed the 10 best brother-sister duos for you to peruse and learn about. Take a look if you are so inclined!

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1. Donny and Marie Osmond

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In the 1970s, the dynamic sibling combo of Donny and Marie Osmond became well-known musicians who achieved considerable success with hit songs.

Their music was a blend of pop, country, and rock. Renowned for their melodic singing and captivating live performances, they were also the hosts of the well-liked variety TV program, The Donny & Marie Show.

They left a long legacy in the pop music industry and were well-liked celebrities in the entertainment industry thanks to their music and television careers which also influenced the era's cultural climate.

2. Karen and Richard Carpenter

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Karen and Richard, a duo named The Carpenters, are well-known American brother-sister duo in the 1970s.

Their melodic arrangements and Karen's adaptable vocals created their distinctive soft rock style there are many chart-topping successes they produced from pop, jazz and orchestral elements that were all incorporated in their music.

The Carpenters' music lives on influencing the music business for years to come and being loved by people all around the world.

3. Michael and Janet Jackson

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Michael and Janet Jackson are from the highly influential family band Jackson 5 founded in the late 60s left an everlasting impression on pop music.

When the group first started there were five Jackson family siblings in it: Jackie Jackson, Tito Jackson, Jermaine Jackson, Marlon Jackson and Michael Jackson. While they worked in groups and were very successful later they started making duos and singles as well.

The Jackson 5 helped Michael the King of Pop become well-known when he was younger. Later he started an unmatched solo career with classics.

Both performers were exceptional in dance and music videos hugely impacting a number of generations with their innovative creations and got highly renowned in the late 70s-80s and love still today.

4. Phillip And Nancy McKeon

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Philip and Nancy McKeon are siblings who are well-known personalities in the entertainment world.

In the 1970s, 1980s and 1990s they were involved in the entertainment business. Their appearances in films and TV series during this time period produced some of their most well-known work.

Their appearances in films and TV series during this time period produced some of their most commonly known work.

5. Merald And Gladys Knight

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Merald And Gladys Knight are a renowned R&B and soul combo that they created with their cousins Edward Patten and William Guest.

The group's cohesive sounds and amazing achievements in the music business during the 1960s and 1970s.

Known to have intense voices and strongly felt lyrics, their music has earned them one of the most admired R&B acts of all time.

6. Susan and Bill Cowsill

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Susan and Bill Cowsill of The Cowsills are a family band but they sing collaborating with one another.

After four huge hit songs and a few albums, her family's pop singing career came to an end in 1971 when Susan Cowsill was 12 years old. Despite this setback, Susan has never stopped looking forward and continues to make new music as a solo artist and with new bands.

Even though Susan and Bill were members of the band it's important to remember that other family members were also in the group and that not all of their singles were duets between the two.

7. Kristy And Jimmy McNichol

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Among the sibling duo Kristy and Jimmy McNichol, Jimmy is an American musician and actor while Kristy is an American singer and actress.

They have occasionally performed together despite the fact that they are not particularly known as a musical pair.

Jimmy and Kristy McNichol are well-known for their musical and acting talents, and during the 1970s and 1980s, their contributions to the entertainment business helped to establish them as well-known personalities.

8. Cornelius Brothers & Sister Rose

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Even though it's a family band the Cornelius Brothers & Sister Rose do duo songs as well.

American R&B and soul trio Cornelius Brothers & Sister Rose was founded in the late 1960s. Billie Jo Calvin and Carter Cornelius were the other two members of the group in addition to the siblings Cornelius and Eddie Wilson and their sister Rose.

They became well-known in the early 1970s for their mellow, harmonic sound which was sometimes described as blue-eyed soul.

9. Tanya and Michael Tucker

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The Tucker siblings Tanya and Michael started their musical careers as teenagers from England widely recognized for their contributions to the music.

Tanya and Michael Tucker became popular during the 1970s and 1980s for their beautiful voice that ran hit pop and folk songs.

Michael Tucker and Tanya Tucker had a big influence on mainstream music. Their songs are recognizable due to their distinctive harmonies and captivating melodies.

10. Tony and Marisa DeFranco

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Tony and Marisa DeFranco are from a pop family band The DeFranco Family composing their own songs. Even though it's a band they sing duos and singles as well.

The members of The DeFranco Family included: Tony DeFranco the group's lead singer and a key member. Tony's sister Marisa DeFranco contributed to the group's harmonies and back vocals. Another brother who contributed to the group's vocal performances was Nino DeFranco. The youngest sister Merlina DeFranco is an expert in her vocal abilities.

Heartbeat - It's a Lovebeat their most famous song peaked at number one on the Billboard Hot 100 chart in 1973 after becoming popular. The DeFranco Family became teen idols in the early 1970s because of this song which catapulted them to fame perfectly in the 1970s and their musical career.

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