15 Country Brother And Sister Bands

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Country Brother And Sister Bands are 1. The Band Perry 2. The Browns 3. The Harden Trio and others. Their love for country music has brought them together.

In the world of country music, brother and sister bands bring a unique and harmonious dynamic to the genre. These family duos or groups have impressed audiences through their tight-knit bonds and distinctive musical performances.

Their performances and sounds show their deep connection as well as their talent and skills in creating melodies. The sibling bands indeed bring a special touch to this genre.

Beyond their vocal skills, sibling bands often share an ordinary musical upbringing, having the same musical influences and traditions. In addition, they offer an experience that is both profoundly harmonious and emotionally resonant.

However, we have accumulated the list of brother and sister bands in country music below which also includes brothers groups and sisters group as well:

Country Brother And Sister Bands

Name of BandsYears active
The Band Perry2005–2023
The Browns1954–1968
The Harden Trio1964–1968
The Wilkinsons1997–2009
The Reklaws2012-present
Brothers Osborne2012–present
Hunter Brothers2016–present
The Swon Brothers2013–present
The Forester Sisters1982–1996
The Kinleys1997–2005
The Rowans1970– present
SHeDAISY1989–1991, 1999–2011
The Clark Family Experience2000–2002
The Bellamy Brothers1968–present
Cowboy Junkies1986–present

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1. The Band Perry

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The Band Perry is a brother and sister band known for their fusion of country and pop-rock influences. They started their journey in 2005.

The group is occupied by three siblings who form harmonious and catchy melodies, they are:

  • Kimberly Perry - lead vocals, guitar
  • Reid Perry - bass guitar, backing vocals
  • Neil Perry - mandolin, bouzouki, backing vocals

They gained prominence with their breakthrough debut album "The Band Perry (2010)", in which the single "If I Die Young" became their massive hit. The track is atop the Billboard chart.

In the course of their career, they have earned many accolades including a Grammy Award for Best Country Duo/Group Performance in 2015.

2. The Browns

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The Browns were prominent brother and sister singers of the late 90s. Their music often consists of smooth harmony that features a Nashville sound.

The trio group is composed of Jim Ed Brown and his sisters Maxine Brown and Bonnie Brown. They are popularly recognized for their hit "The Three Bells" in 1959 which topped the country chart, also the Hot 100 chart.

They are also been noted for their gospel music performances and frequently include them in their songs. Some of their popular singles are mentioned below:

  • Looking Back To See
  • I Take The Chance
  • Blue Christmas

3. The Harden Trio

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The Harden Trio is a country music sibling band noted for their country and folk influences. In a short time, they have left a mark on the country music scene.

The group was formed by three members named Bobby Harden along with his sisters Arlene Harden and Robbie Harden. Before their disbandment in 1968, they have recorded three albums.

The trio has charted six times on the country chart, among them their most popular single "Tippy Toeing" was the highest-peaking song that reached #2 on Hot Country Songs charts. The group's popular hits of their era are:

  • Who Loves You
  • He Looks a Lot Like You
  • Sneaking 'Cross the Border'

4. The Wilkinsons

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The Wilkinsons are a famous family country music group of the late 90s. The trio has marked their place in this genre of music.

With their breakthrough hit "26 Cent", the group gained mainstream fame in 1998. I was continued by other successful singles such as "Fly (The Angel Song)" and "Jimmy's Got a Girlfriend".

The band is made up of three family members Amanda Wilkinson, Tyley Wilkinson, and their father Steve Wilkinson. Most of their best-known tracklist are mentioned below:

  • Boy Oh Boy
  • The Word
  • Shame on Me

5. The Reklaws

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The Reklaws is a Canada-based brother-sister duo that originated in 2012. Their music is comprised of country pop and neotraditional country sound.

The duo includes Stuart Walker and Jenna Walker, renowned for their energetic performance and heartfelt melodies. An interesting fact about this duo is that the name 'Reklaw' is actually 'Walker' spelled backward.

Throughout their musical journey, the sibling has created three albums and three number-one hit singles that topped Canada's country chart. The songs are mentioned below:

  • Feels Like That
  • Can't Help Myself
  • 11 Beers

6. Brothers Osborne

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Brothers Osborne is a sibling musical group consisting of brothers T.J. Osborne and John Osborne. They were established in 2012.

The duo garnered public attention through their single "Stay a Little Longer" which entered the top 5 hit on the Hot Country Songs chart. Their music is infused with modern and rock sounds blended with traditional country elements.

The talented sibling band has earned one Grammy Award for Best Country Duo/Group Performance in 2022 along with six Academy of Country Music awards and five Country Music Association awards. Many of the few chart-topping hits by the brothers team are:

  • Summer
  • It Ain't My Fault
  • All Night

7. Hunter Brothers

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Hunter Brothers is a country music group formed by the brothers. This family band has gained fame in the country music scene with their dynamic performances.

Formed in 2016, the musical team is composed of five brothers who are listed as follows:

  • Luke Hunter
  • J.J. Hunter
  • Ty Hunter
  • Brock Hunter
  • Dusty Hunter

One of their notable singles "Born and Raised" became their first Top 10 hit song and their 2019 track "Lost" was their first #1 hit.

8. The Swon Brothers

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The Swon Brothers is a country duo formed by the siblings in 2013. The duo appeared in The Voice and acquired third place in the fourth season.

The brothers, Zack Swon and Colton Swon have built a successful career in country music with their distinctive sound and lively performances. They started their musical career with Arista Nashville records and released their debut album "The Swon Brothers (2014)".

Additionally, the duo has also appeared on several shows and continues to connect with their fans through social media, sharing glimpses of their live music. Some of their popular track include:

  • Later On
  • Pray for You
  • Breaking

9. The Forester Sisters

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The Forester Sisters is a sister group known for their four-part vocal harmonies. Apart from country music they also record gospel and Christmas sounds.

Established in 1982, the band was formed by four sisters who are mentioned below:

  • Kathy Forester
  • June Forester
  • Kim Forester
  • Christy Forester

All of them together serve as a vocalist and have given fifteen top-ten hits and five number-one hit singles on the country chart. They are often compared with other country groups such as The Judds and The Whites.

10. The Kinleys

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The Kinleys is a country music band with siblings that originated in 1997. Their wholesome image and family-friendly music made them famous among their fans.

The duo is identical twin sisters, Heather Kinley and Jennifer Kinley. They experienced their success in the late 90s, with the release of their album "Just Between You and Me".

Their single "Please" charted at number seven on the Billboard Hot Country Songs chart.

In the course of their career, they have recorded three studio albums and eleven singles. Some of their popular track consists of:

  • I'm In
  • I Will
  • Little Shoulders

11. The Rowans

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The Rowans are one of the family bands that record folk-rock and country-rock music. They also contributed to the progressive bluegrass genre.

Originally formed by the two brothers, Chris Rowan and Lorin Rowan, they established their family band in 1970. Peter Rowan, their other brother, joined the group for their second, third, and fourth albums.

Together, they made major hit singles such as "Midnight Moonlight" and "Thunder on the Mountain", but Peter parted ways in order to pursue his career in bluegrass music. Their other popular tracklist contains:

  • All Together
  • Free
  • Childish Love


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SHeDAISY is a sister group also known as The Osborn Sisters. The name of the band is derived from a Navajo term that means 'my little sister'.

The band consists of three sisters named Kassidy, Kelsi, and Kristyn Osborn, formed in 1989. Their intricate harmonies and melodies are often infused with pop sound.

Basically, they record songs based on themes like love, relationships, and personal experiences, with a dose of wit and humor. They gained mainstream fame with singles such as:

  • Little Good-Byes
  • The Woman Needs
  • I Will... But

13. The Clark Family Experience

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The Clark Family Experience is a country band founded by six brothers. The group was active for only two years.

Despite their short period, the brothers have released the Billboard hit song "Meanwhile Back at the Ranch" which ranked in the Top 20 country chart hit and also became the thirteenth highest-selling single.

The brother group is composed of the following members:

  • Aron Clack - bass, vocals
  • Alan Clark - guitar, vocals
  • Adam Clark - mandolin, vocals
  • Ashley Clark - fiddle
  • Andrew Clark - drums
  • Austin Clark - lap steel, guitar, keyboards.

14. The Bellamy Brothers

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The Bellamy Brothers is a country duo formed by the brothers David Milton Bellamy and Homer Howard Bellamy. They emerged in 1968.

The band started getting worldwide attention in the '70s and '80s with their crossover single "Let Your Love Flow" reaching #1 on the Billboard Hot 100. In total, they have released ten number-one singles, 25 top 10, and more than 50 hits on the country charts.

Their music is mostly influenced by pop and rock sounds incorporated with country. The chart-topping hits recorded by the brothers duo are:

  • Let Your Love Flow
  • Redneck Girl
  • Old Hippie

15. Cowboy Junkies

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Cowboy Junkies are a Canada-based country band known for their moody and atmospheric music. They were formed in 1986 with five members.

Currently, the group includes three siblings as John Timmins left the group. The names of the members with their roles are stated as follows:

  • Alan Anton - bassist
  • Michael Timmins - songwriter, guitarist
  • Peter Timmins - drummer
  • Margo Timmins - vocalist

They record alternative country and folk rock music along with Americana, blues-rock, and country-rock sounds. They gained widespread recognition with their second album "The Trinity Session (1988)".

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