Who Is Bonnie Sims And Her Husband Taylor Sims? Meet "Everybody Loves An Outlaw" Music-Duo

Bonnie is a lead singer from Everybody Loves An Outlaw
Bonnie is a lead singer from Everybody Loves An Outlaw( Source : instagram )

Bonnie Sims is the lead singer of Everybody Loves an Outlaw. Bonnie is married to her bandmate Taylor Sims.

At a young age, she has already made a name for herself as a dedicated woman in the world of contemporary music, doing the majority of booking and managing duties for the band.

She makes music that ranges from tear-jerking/ emotional ballads to raucous rock songs. Her enthusiasm is undeniable and her musical presence is getting more popular day by day.

Who Is I See Red Singer?


I See Red singer Bonnie Sims is in her mid-thirties. Her nationality is American.

She started singing when she was 3 years old and learned to play guitar when she was 12. Currently, Bonnie has been singing and performing together with her husband for more than 15 years.

Who Is Bonnie Sims Husband?


Bonnie met her husband Taylor Sims at South Plains College. The pair met during her first year.

She enrolled at South Plains College to study commercial music and songwriting, where she also met the man who would become her husband and future musical partner.

Bonnie's first year at South Plains College was also Taylor's final one. In the end-of-semester awards, they were both named Best Vocalist (Bluegrass: Male/Female), and the school gave them a duet to sing.

They got married soon after Bonnie graduated and have been collaborating since. The two established their reputation on the Front Range in Bonnie & the Clydes.

Her Father Was Also A Professional Musician

Bonnie's father Mike Cruciger was a professional musician.  He made a fortune performing his children's music.

As a child, she performed with her father in a traditional string band at amusement parks and summer festivals. She sang and played the mandolin and acoustic guitar.

Bonnie Sings In Everybody Loves an Outlaw


Bonnie provides the voice while Taylor plays the guitar. The project released its first record in 2017.

The duo has performed innumerable gigs in pubs, clubs, theatres, and other venues for almost ten years before settling on their current moniker.

They entered the recording studio in 2018 with producer Robbie Nevil to create their independent debut EP, I See Red.

Combined Net Worth of Bonnie And Taylor


Bonnie and Taylor are one of the most influential and dynamic musical groups in Colorado. They have a combined net worth of $80.3 Thousand.

The duo has won over fans with their soul-shaking harmonies, brilliant songwriting, and lovable onstage antics.

Bonnie & Taylor have made a name for themselves as a powerful creative force in the thriving Colorado music scene.  Thanks to their most recent global success, I See Red, they have amassed over 150 million streams and a deal with Columbia Records.

They have also played countless live shows and festivals throughout CO and the Western US, gone on tours to Germany, Canada, and Sweden, and worked with hundreds of students through summer camps and private lessons.

Some FAQs

Who are Everybody Loves an Outlaw Members?

Husband and wife duo Bonnie and Taylor Sims make up Everybody Loves an Outlaw.

Who is The Singer of Everybody Loves an Outlaw?

Bonnie Sims sings for Everybody Loves an Outlaw while her spouse Taylor plays the guitar.

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