Beyonce RENAISSANCE Merch Dropped Along With The Release Of The Long-Awaited Album & Tour!

Beyoncé's photoshoot for her seventh album
Beyoncé's photoshoot for her seventh album( Source : rollingstone )

Beyonce has released new RENAISSANCE merch that will last only for a week, along with the album release.

The American singer Beyonce has just released her seventh studio album RENAISSANCE, and the fans are already loving the collection.

It is the first act of her three-act project and is referred to as Act I: Renaissance, reports Wikipedia. The singer dropped her first solo album in the last six years since Lemonade, and the fact that this album has two other collections of songs has filled the fans with excitement.

The project's first act has sixteen songs, and various sources have given the soundtrack a four-star rating, which is pretty good. Speaking about Renaissance, the woman has previously revealed that it is a rejuvenation of old times following the pandemic and isolation as people move out to travel, have fun, love, and laugh.

Break My Soul from the album is dedicated explicitly to people telling them to release stress and pressure and move out to enjoy. The woman further depicts through the song that these problems can't break her soul. Likewise, her other songs also give similar energizing and chill vibes. With music related to their self-life, the fans are loving the singer's work in this project.

One of RENAISSANCE album's cover photos
One of RENAISSANCE album's cover photos( Source : chronicleslive )

As it is a special moment for the singer and her whole fanbase, Beyonce decided to elevate the experience by releasing reclusive album-related merch that will be available for sale only for a week since the release. Here, we discuss the available items in the shop and briefly review them.

Items Under Beyonce RENAISSANCE Merch Collection

You can find various items under Beyonce's RENAISSANCE merch collection, such as t-shirts and hoodies. Here is the list of the available things.

  • Renaissance Hoodies
  • Gloves
  • T-shirts
  • Tank Tops
  • Hats
  • Durags
  • Posters
  • Blankets
  • Tape sets
  • Slipmats
  • Folding Fans
  • Vinyl Collector's editions
  • Trays
  • Keychains and
  • Earrings

You can find the items mentioned above under the Renaissance merch category in the Beyonce shop, which is easily accessible online. You can click here to redirect to the site directly. Several fans have already placed the purchase order and are waiting patiently to get their hands on the items.

Among the long list of options, people seem to have liked the trays, t-shirts, hoodies, and vinyl collector edition posters the most. Many people are talking about the merch release on social media and are looking for detailed information on the items. So, below are the reviews of this collection's top five popular things.


T-shirts are always on the top of the list in a merch release, and Beyonce's Renaissance collection also has some attractive pieces.


Only two color options are available on the tees on the shop website, black, and white. There are various categories of black t-shirts, separated based on the prints and designs. Some of them are Cuff It Tee, Thique Track Tee, Alien Superstar Tee, That Girl Track Tee, and Renaissance box set pose tees.

There are only two options on the white color variety: Renaissance Ringer Tee and Beyonce Act I Photo Tee. The quality of the items is top-notch, and the fans are well aware of it. Moving to the price details, the Renaissance box set shirts are $39.99 each, but they are already sold out. So you can only purchase from the other options, which cost $44 each.

Rolling Trays

The second favored item from the merch release that the fans like is the rolling trays.


Many people have ordered the item and are sharing their happiness with its drop in the collection. It is a high-quality sizeable rolling tray with a printed image and lyric detailing. The color combination of this item is reddish brown with patches of dark and red shades.

It costs $34 on the official shop and might take 11-12 weeks for shipping based on the location and other details, as written on the website. As the items are yet to reach the buyers, the first-hand experience review is missing at this time, but they are pretty excited about the thing.


Another merchandise on the top five list is hoodies which are also popular.


There are three options for hoodies on the official store, the Beyonce Renaissance hoodie, Worldwide Full Zip Mask Hoodie, and Beyonce Saddle Hoodie. All of them are in black but have different prints on them.

The Renaissance piece has a photo of one of the album covers, costing $84. The saddle hoodie item also costs the same amount, but the zip mask is listed at $104.

Renaissance Vinyl

One of the most sold merchandise pieces from the release is the Renaissance vinyl collectors.


This pack contains photos of the album's covers and other details such as particular messages and lyrics. It was a limited edition object and is no longer available in the shop as the fans have already purchased all units.

The Vinyl collectible is on black color background with various pictures and writings on the inside. It cost $32.98 and was limited to four pieces per customer.

Other Accessories Like Hats And Fans

The accessories such as hats, folding fans, earrings, gloves, etc., are the fifth most popular items from the merch.


Tiny Renaissance Party Hat Set and the Thique trucker hats are the two options in the hats section. Similarly, the album's exclusive folding fans in black color are also available on the website.

Besides the mentioned, multiple other things are also available on the online shop.

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