15 Best YouTube Guitar Lessons Channels In 2023

Learners can ask questions, share their progress, and seek clarifications through comments on guitar lesson channels
Learners can ask questions, share their progress, and seek clarifications through comments on guitar lesson channels( Source : pexels )

Best Youtube Guitar Lessons are Marty Music, Paul Davids, Andy Guitar, and more. Guitar lesson channels provide easy access to a broad array of guitar tutorials.

YouTube is the best platform where people can find an infinite range of resources. It helps people learn everything from basic beginner concepts to highly advanced shredding techniques.

Watching proficient guitarists play can motivate learners and set a clear goal for them to pursue.

Channels are run by a diverse range of instructors, such as skilled guitarists, enthusiasts, and educators. The diversity ensures learners have the option to choose the instructor whose teaching methods align with their preferences.

To help everyone out, we have put together a list of some of the best YouTube guitar lesson channels. This compilation will help you determine the most suitable options for your needs.

Best Youtube Guitar Lessons

Guitar LessonsSubscribers
Marty Music (Marty Schwartz)3.87M subscribers
Paul Davids3.24M subscribers
Andy Guitar2.54M subscribers
Guitar Jamz2.31M subscribers
Justin Guitar1.67M subscribers
Music is Win1.67M subscribers
Musora1.05M subscribers
Your Guitar Sage822K subscribers
The Art of Guitar820K subscribers
Active Melody519K subscribers
Guitar Mastery Method398K subscribers
Rock On Good People354K subscribers
Lick Library311K subscribers
Rick Graham267K subscribers
Guitar Tricks195K subscribers

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1. Marty Music (Marty Schwartz)

Marty has been doing online tutorials since 2005. Originally, he began creating video resources for his in-person guitar students to use as a learning tool.

Currently, Marty has 3.87 million subscribers on YouTube and is considered one of the best teachers in the world. He publishes content almost daily, with a focus on instructing players how to learn songs.

Marty has stood out as one of the most successful pioneers in online lessons, and he maintains his growth and evolves with the times. We'd highly recommend Marty Music for those seeking a combination of talk and gear demos.

2. Paul Davids

Hailing from the Netherlands, Paul is an outstanding player and skilled teacher. His channel is rich with fun and motivating content.

Paul offers excellent guitar courses on his websites. His lessons are structured into manageable modules with videos and supporting documentation, which makes the learning process effective and accessible.

Paul can be a valuable and reliable resource to use if you are an intermediate player aiming to get more comfortable with your theory and playing.

The channel has been uploading videos since June 4, 2009. Now it has accumulated 3.24 million subscribers and has uploaded around 400 videos.

3. Andy Guitar

Joined on March 29, 2006, Andy Guitar provides structured guitar lessons and song tutorials to learners at the beginner to intermediate level.

The channel has accumulated over 2.54 million subscribers along with nearly 1500 videos. It has more than 284 million views in total.

The approximate publishing frequency of the channel is once a week. Andy's tutorials are marked by clarity and conciseness, and a structured approach makes it easier for the learners to play and improve their guitar skills.

4. Guitar Jamz

Guitar Jamz is one of the premier channels for guitar lessons. It mainly focuses on instruction and features a diverse group of veteran guitar teachers.

Those lineups include Marty Schwartz, Bret Papa, Tim Pierce, John Konesky (of Tenacious D), and many more.

Since 2009, the channel has accumulated 2.31 million subscribers. It is the most popular guitar content on YouTube, with more than 671 million views.

The most popular videos on the channel are tutorials on playing tracks by a wide range of artists, from Adele to Bob Marley to Metallica. This channel is perfect for beginners, as it features tutorials for beginners and intermediate players.

5. Justin Guitar

Justin Sandercoe has been one of the most active online guitar teachers over the last two decades. He helped millions of students learn guitar.

With 1.67 million subscribers and more than 253 million views, his channel is one of the most popular in the YouTube community. Currently, his channel has more than 1100 videos, which encompass a diverse range of content.

Justin is an exceptional instructor and works hard to create content suitable for all types of players. His lessons are easily understandable and practical, which has helped him gain more subscribers these days.

6. Music is Win

The operator of Music is Win is Tyler Larson. Tyler has gained significant prominence in the guitar section of YouTube in recent times.

Tyler, who graduated from Berklee College of Music, is determined to share the guitar knowledge that he acquired with a global audience. Music is Win is entertaining to watch, where Larson uploaded humorous content with superior video production.

Through the Music Is Win website, Tyler offers Guitar Super System education. This course is designed to elevate beginner guitarists to expert levels in a short period of time.

It offers quite appealing online courses with an affordable monthly fee. Additionally, it also provides a trial period for those who are curious about its offerings.

7. Musora

Musora officially joined YouTube on March 31, 2009. The content of the channel is mainly focused on beginners and covers a wide range of subjects.

Though the channel has featured several instructors over the years, Ayla has taken the lead in most of the videos. She does a fantastic job.

Learning on Musora is fun and enjoyable as it provides step-by-step instruction to the learners. The channel has gathered a subscriber base of 1.05 million and accumulated 117 million views.

8. Your Guitar Sage

Erich Andreas operates the channel named Your Guitar Sage. He has been uploading videos to his channel since 2006.

The channel has more than 822k subscribers and has uploaded 1700 videos so far. He uploads videos on his YouTube channel as well as hosts live Q&A sessions where you can ask him about guitar-related things.

Some of the most popular videos on this channel are Know One Guitar Scale, Know Them All, and Fingerpicking for Beginners.

This is a great place to go if you are seeking an interesting channel with various guitar-based content.

9. The Art of Guitar

The creator of The Art of Guitar channel is Mike G. He produces outstanding content suitable for all players.

He created this channel on November 7, 2008, and uploads several videos per week. Currently, his YouTube channel has 820,000 subscribers and more than 111 million views.

The reason behind his popularity is his diverse range of content. Apart from being an incredible guitarist and teacher, his channel also boasts a significant amount of content for bassists and drummers.

10. Active Melody

Active Melody is an online community of guitar enthusiasts. The operation of the channel is handled by Brian.

Brian started this channel on April 2, 2009, and has gathered 519 thousand subscribers. The channel uploads around 3 videos per week and has a total of 847 videos.

This channel is a great resource for learners, especially those who are interested in learning blues guitar.

11. Guitar Mastery Method

Since joining YouTube on July 25, 2014, Guitar Mastery Method has gained a lot of popularity these days.

They have amassed over 398k subscribers and have 466 videos.

The channel was initiated by Charlie Wallace, who rapidly grew into a large team of five additional instructors and content creators.

The major objective of the channel is to teach many people how to easily and effectively learn to play the guitar. Therefore, much of the content of this channel is mainly focused on providing beginners with the fundamental knowledge that is required for their growth as guitarists.

If you are in search of your first guitar lesson to make a change in your life, explore the website and embark on the journey to become the guitarist of your dreams.

12. Rock On Good People

Rock On Good People is one of the best guitar lesson channels. People can enjoy online guitar and bass lessons on this channel.

The channel officially joined YouTube on June 30, 2007, and now has a fan base of more than 354 thousand subscribers. They have uploaded over 1800 videos to their YouTube channels so far.

This channel is suitable for all levels of students and all music genres. It has something for everyone, whether it is acoustic or electric.

Some of the most highly viewed videos on the channel are EZ Awesome Blues Licks or EZ Strumming Patterns.

13. Lick Library

Online guitar lessons at Lick Library teach how to play a diverse range of genres, such as rock, blues, metal, jazz, and beyond.

The channel is best for beginner and intermediate players to enhance their skills. It also takes them to the next level and helps establish a solid foundation.

Currently, Lick Library has become one of the leading companies for guitar lessons worldwide. Since joining YouTube on August 25, 2006, it has accumulated more than 134 million views in total.

Lick Library can be a great choice if you are really interested in learning something fun.

14. Rick Graham

Rick Graham is a guitarist and musician from the United Kingdom. His channel offers a variety of music-related content.

The main aim of his channel is to help learners develop their skills, techniques, and musicianship.

Since joining YouTube on October 13, 2006, the channel has gained 267k subscribers. Graham uploaded more than 700 videos and racked up 51 million views.

Some of the most popular videos on his YouTube channel are Killer Shred Technique and Eric Johnson, Cliffs of Dover.

15. Guitar Tricks

One of the best guitar lesson channels on YouTube is Guitar Tricks. This channel was first started on February 22, 2007.

The Guitar Tricks team is composed of diverse individuals who cover various guitar-playing styles and proficiency levels.

If you are interested in learning guitar lessons, then this channel will be the best, as it will guide you progressively. You can learn as a beginner and work your way up to becoming a skilled and seasoned guitarist.

They will teach you skills and how to play classical, blues, country, rock, jazz, and metal. The channel has accumulated more than 195 thousand subscribers and 26 million views on its videos.

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