The 15 Best Songs Of Prince Of All Time

Prince's 1984 rock album Purple Rain cover with all purple outfit, it is one of the best-selling album of the artist.
Prince's 1984 rock album Purple Rain cover with all purple outfit, it is one of the best-selling album of the artist. ( Source : facebook )

The 15 Best Songs of Prince of All Time are 1. Purple Rain 2. Kiss 3. Raspberry Beret, and many more. Each one is a certifiable classic.

Born Prince Nelson, then known as Prince, the Artist formerly known as Prince, the Purple One, and God's Gift to Women, one thing no one could deny was that he was supremely talented. The singer was especially known for his fusion of genres like funk, R&B, pop, jazz, and even hip-hop.

Hailing from Minnesota, Prince quite literally was one-of-a-kind. He could sing like no other, dance like no other, and even shred the guitar while being able to play multiple instruments. 

According to Rolling Stone, Prince is listed in 27th position in the list of "100 Greatest Artists of All Time." He was also commercially successful as he sold over 150 million records worldwide and is one of the best-selling solo artists of all time.

The world lost a legend when he passed away in 2016, but his legacy looms large and lives on in these 15 tracks.

The 15 Best Songs Of Prince Of All Time

Song NameSpotify Streams
Purple Rain397.7 million
Kiss341.9 million
Raspberry Beret186.7 million
When Doves Cry207.3 million
Let's Go Crazy96.9 million
1999112.9 million
I Wanna Be Your Lover68 million
I Would Die 4 U70 million
Little Red Corvette48 million
The Most Beautiful Girl In the World11 million
Cream30 million
Nothing Compares 2 U25 million
Sign O' The Times22 million
Darling Nikki21 million
Controversy20 million

1. Purple Rain

Purple Rain is Prince at his very best. The single from his sixth studio album of the same title is widely believed to be his signature song.

Prince, alongside his band The Revolution, won two Grammy awards for the song. The awards were in the category for "Best Rock Performance by a Duo or Group" and "Best Score Soundtrack for Visual Media."

This 1984 track also won Academy Award for Best Original Song Score for the movie of the same name. However, many will forever remember the song for Prince's powerful performance of it during the end of his NFL Halftime show back in 2007 when he performed Purple Rain in the rain.

2. Kiss

Kiss is one of Prince's top hits from his eighth studio album Parade (1986). The song became a No. 1 hit on Billboard Hot 100 as well as a global success.

The song showcased the artist's ability to make a perfect, innocent, yet cheeky love song. It would also be one of the last hits with The Revolution.

As expected, it was a huge success and was certified platinum in UK and gold in the US. It sold a total of million copies in the US in 1986.

Kiss took home one Grammy award and two nominations for Grammy in the 29th Annual Awards. It won the category of Grammy Award for Best R&B Performance.

3. Raspberry Beret

Raspberry Beret is the lead single from Prince's 1985 album Around the World in a Day. It features bubbly guitars, a tight groove, and Prince at his best.

Billboard Hot 100 listed the track in the second position while it became a number one track in the Cash Box. It sold nearly 7 million copies in the U.S.

The lyrics tell of a romance between teenagers and their first intimate experience. The title comes from the girl being sung about wearing a raspberry-colored beret.

4. When Doves Cry

When Doves Cry is The Very Best Of Prince's Songs. Opening with an electric solo and made with no bass, no other song sounds like this.

It peaked at number one on US Billboard Hot 100 charts. "When Doves Cry" was certified platinum in UK and US with sales of 600,000 and 2 million respectively.

The song stayed at number one for five weeks preventing Bruce Springsteen's song Dancing in the Dark to reach the top spot. It was also sampled by the best-selling rapper MC Hammer in his hit 1990 song "Pray."

Not only does it stand at the zenith of Prince's long and storied career, but it is quite literally one of the greatest songs of all time. Everything about it is perfect.

5. Let's Go Crazy

Let's Go Crazy is the opening song from the Grammy-winning album Purple Rain. It has one of the most iconic openings of all time.

By beckoning the audience to come with him to the afterworld, the singer sets the scene for his best-selling album.

The song was a staple setlist track during his concerts. It also charted on Billboard after the death of Prince in 2016. It received RIAA gold certification after 1 million sales in the US.

6. 1999

1999 is a fun party song that nonetheless carries all the eclectics of a typical Prince song. Despite its title, it was released in 1982.

The track reached 44 on Billboard Hot 100 but was successful in attaining the second position on the number 2 list in the UK.

According to Rolling Stone, the song ranked in 339 in the "500 Greatest Songs of All Time." It sold more than 7 million copies in the US. The track charted more than 10 countries globally.

Few critics have suggested that Phil Collins drummer of Genesis has used the identical sound for his track "Sussudio."

7. I Wanna Be Your Lover

I Wanna Be Your Lover is the lead single from the artist's second studio album named Prince. It was released in 1979.

It held two weeks in the 11th position on Billboard Hot 100. It became number one on the Billboard Hot Soul Singles. Prince himself sampled the song for the 1992 hit single "My Name Is Prince."

"I Wanna Be Your Lover" is one of the best dancing songs of the era. It was very popular in the early 80s for its aggressive sensual themes.

The music video of the song was later pulled due to its sensually suggestive theme.

8. I Would Die 4 U

I Would Die 4 U immediately follows When Doves Cry in the track list for Purple Rain. The song has an electrifying and passionate vocal performance.

The Prince track also placed in the eighth position on Billboard Hot 100. It sold more than half a million copies in the US alone.

The song is a collaborative effort between the artist and his band The Revolution. Wendy and Lisa provided background vocals to the song while Fink, Mark, and Bobby Z contributed instrumentals.

9. Little Red Corvette

Little Red Corvette by Prince is a woeful song about a nymphomaniac. The song reached 6th position on Billboard Hot 100 and sold 900,000 units in the US.

The meaning of "Little Red Corvette" refers to a one-night stand with a beautiful secretive woman. It is one of Prince's highest-charting songs in the US charts.

According to Guitar World, the guitar solo of Dickerson was ranked #64 in the list of "100 Greatest Guitar Solos of All Time." It was also featured at #109 number on Rolling Stone's greatest song.

10. The Most Beautiful Girl In The World

The Most Beautiful Girl In The World is from his EP The Beautiful Experience. It was also included in his 1995 album The Gold Experience.

It was certified Gold by RIAA, it did over 700,000 copies and charted at # 3 in Billboard. It charted in more than ten countries including Italy.

"The Most Beautiful Girl In The World" faced a plagiarism case where it was removed from all digital storefronts and streaming platforms according to the court of Italy in 1995.

At present, the album and song have become available digitally on Spotify and other platforms since 2022.

11. Cream

Cream is a song by Prince along with his backing band The New Generation. The song from the artist's 13th studio album "Diamonds and Pearls (1991)."

It remained the number-one single on Billboard for two weeks. RIAA certified the song gold after it did business with half a million units in the US. The track also became quite popular in Europe as well.

12. Nothing Compares 2 U

Nothing Compares 2 U is an unplugged song written by Prince. The song was initially made popular due to a cover by Sinead O'Connor. 

The live version of the song was in The Hits/ The B-Sides compilation album from 1993. Before, its released it was featured in The Family album of the band of the same name in 1985.

The Family's version topped the Billboard charts tying with Madonna's Vogue song, and Great Britain also ranked the song number two top song in 1985.

According to Rolling Stone, the song ranked among the 500 Greatest Songs of All Time at the position of 165.

13. Sign O' The Times

Sign o' the Times by Prince is from his ninth studio album of the same name. It was certified platinum in the US.

The record went and reached the top 10 in countries in seven countries including France. 

The album was inducted into the Grammy Hall of Fame in 2017, after the death of Prince. Rolling Stone described the song as "the most expansive R&B record" of the 1980s.

Sign o' the Times inspired the One Direction singer Harry Styles's song of the same name. However, there are no similarities between the songs except for the name. 

14. Darling Nikki

Darling Nikki is about the titular character in Purple Rain. Due to its explicit content, it was responsible for the creation of the Parental Advisory sticker.

This song peaked at ninth position in US Hot Rock & Alternative Songs at Billboard. It is one of Prince's most controversial songs, despite its success.

The ending of the song is played in reverse while played forward, the sound of Prince singing is heard with the following lyrics:

Hello, how are you?

Fine, fine, 'cause I known that the Lord is coming soon

Coming, coming soon

15. Controversy

Controversy by Prince is from his fourth studio album. The track was certified platinum and went on to perform at number three in R&B albums.

According to The Village Voice, it was voted the 8th best album of the year in 1991 by Pazz & Jop. The song takes a shot at the time of President Ronald Reagan with the lyrics "Ronnie, Talk to Russia."

It also talks about multiple historical events like the murder of African American, and the death of John Lennon.

Some FAQs

Was The Singer Prince Ever Married?

Prince was married twice in his life. He was first married to Mayte Garcia from 1996 to 2000 and then to Manuela Testolini from 2001 to 2006.

What Is The Singer Prince Real Name?

Prince real name was Prince. His full birth name was Prince Rogers Nelson.

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