Best Songs On Post Malone New Album

Post Malone in a maroon pinstripe suit and polka dots shirt during an event for MTV Video Music Awards in 2018,
Post Malone in a maroon pinstripe suit and polka dots shirt during an event for MTV Video Music Awards in 2018,( Source : imdb )

Best Songs On Post Malone New Album include 1. Chemical 2. Mourning 3. Overdrive 4. Enough Is Enough. These tracks have earned millions of streams on Spotify.

One of the most listened-to artists on Apple Music, Post Malone, released his fifth studio album Austin on July 28, 2023. It was dropped under the aegis of Republic and Mercury Records.

It has already earned positive reviews from music critics. In fact, the album debuted at number two on Billboard 200 chart, earning 113,000 album-equivalent units.

Music preferences are highly subjective for what one individual considers the best might not necessarily be the best fit for another individual.

Personal taste plays a significant role in determining favorites. Having said that, the list below is mentioned based on Spotify streams:

Best Songs On Post Malone New Album

Post Malone New Album Songs:Spotify Streams:
Enough Is Enough29,670,275
Something Real18,821,719
Too Cool To Die14,642,767
Sign Me Up12,019,955
Don't Underestand11,858,501

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1. Chemical

The best new Post Malone song, Chemical, deals with themes of addiction, unhealthy relationships, and struggles. It has cumulated 222,572,673 streams on Spotify.

Lyrically, the song resonates with listeners on a deeper level which addresses several themes gradually as the song progresses from the first verse to the outro.

The first verse deals with the struggles of dependency and addiction. Since many can relate to this feeling, it has become one of the most adored songs from the album.

One of the most successful white rappers in 2023, Post Malone through the pre-chorus speaks about the protagonist admitting to breaking the rules regardless of knowing the consequences.

Key Lyrics

Cause I can't let go, it's chemical
No, I can't let go, it's chemical

The aforementioned chorus of the song mirrors the singer's inability to break free from the chemical connection. It talks about the inability to let go.

2. Mourning

Mourning, one of Post Malone best songs from Austin, mirrors the struggles of addiction to escape reality. Lyrically, he talks about wanting to stay drunk.

The second single from his new album went on to win the hearts of thousands of listeners with its deep-seated meaning in the lyrics.

It revolves around him getting boozed and the regret that comes after it. This is the reason why he chose 'Mourning' as the title of the song.

Key Lyrics

Don't wanna sober up
The sun is killin' my buzz, that's why they call it mourning
Thought I was strong enough
Threw my bottle at the sky, said, "God, that's a warning"

The mention of the sun in the lyrics mentioned above can be taken as a symbolic point of the narrator being forced to face the day.

3. Overdrive

Overdrive from Post Malone album Austin came forward as the third single. Lyrically, the track expresses a longing for validation from their special one.

It mirrors the scenario about the length an individual would go to be worthy in their person's eyes. As many of us can resonate with this situation so, undoubtedly it is one of the most listened to songs.

The repeated use of living life on overdrive suggests a sense of being overwhelmed by the demands of life and having to fit in the standards.

It indicates the willingness to change in order to gain approval or fit in. With its relatable and vulnerable message, Overdrive has become yet another chart-topping hit for the singer.

Key Lyrics:

I could end it with her if that's cool to you
I'd do anything to be cool to you

The utmost desire to be seen cool and feel validated is a common theme in pop culture. It reflects a yearning for social acceptance.

4. Enough Is Enough

Post Malone new album 2023 spawned Enough Is Enough as the 12th track. It delves into the themes of being worn down from a situation as the title suggests.

Lyrically, the record reflects a state of having enough of a particular situation or relationship. Likewise, many of us are fighting with our own personal demons in such a way.

Not only has the track shove light on the state but it comes with the realization that it's high time one needs to move on to make a change for good.

The bridge of the song reinforces the sentiment that can't endure their current circumstances. It expresses the desire to stand up and overcome the struggles in life.

Post Malone, one of the most listened-to artists on Spotify in 2023, has shed light on the common issues of the internal battles of wanting to change but feeling trapped in a cycle of harmful cycle.

5. Something Real

Something Real from Austin is a cry for genuine experiences amidst a life full of materialism. The track has amassed 18,821,719 streams on Spotify.

Key Lyrics:

I would trade my life
Just to be at peace Ah, ooh
Give me something I can feel
Give me something, something real

clearly showcases the singer's urge to feel something authentic rather than the materialistic life and fame. It expresses a longing for something genuine that goes beyond material possessions.

The phrase 'Give Me Something I Can Feel' highlights the longing for a deeper and more meaningful connection that evokes real emotions.

Correspondingly regardless of materialistic possessions and fame, at the end of the day, one yearns for a deep connection with true emotions.

That is the reason why Something Real has been able to pull the heartstrings of the listeners.

6. Novacandy

Post Malone new song Novacandy is the sixth most streamed track from his new album Austin. It explores the feelings of temporary pleasure and gratification.

Lyrically, the track encapsulates the themes of the pursuit of transient enjoyment that comes from vices like drug use and materialism.

Key Lyrics:

No, I never felt anything better than this
You can tell by the look on my face
Nothin' lasts forever, so I look at my wrist
Dopamine overdose

The chorus mentioned above highlights the intense rush of dopamine, resulting in an overdose of temporary pleasure.

Post Malone conveys a sense of chasing after immediate satisfaction whilst disregarding the aftermath of his actions.

Surely these external substances and validations contribute to temporary happiness; however, ultimately lead to emptiness and a longing for more.

The synergy of catchy melody and introspective and dark lyrics is one of the reasons it is one of the most popular tracks from his latest album.

7. Too Cool To Die

Post Malone top song Too Cool To Die appears to be about flaunting a confident attitude towards life. It is the sixth track on the rapper's 2023 album Austin.

Needless to say, the title of the record itself is a prideful strong statement to start with. Contrary to previously mentioned tracks, Too Cool To Die, doesn't delve into the themes of struggling.

In this song, Post Malone has suggested a character who embraces a nonchalant persona. The carefree person who isn't struggling with the materialistic world

The nonchalant persona remains unbothered by the expectations of social validation and interaction.

Key Lyrics:

Ask me how I feel
I'm dynamite, and it goes like

The pre-chorus sheds light on the protagonists' confident nature. It suggests the character's disinterest in seeking social acceptance.

Likewise, the chorus where he mentioned the world getting hotter metaphorically suggests that the singer remains cool regardless of any chaotic environment.

8. Sign Me Up

One of Post Malone 2023 songs Sign Me Up describes a situation where one surrenders to a toxic relationship. It suggests a sense of being controlled by a person.

Lyrically, the track touches down the themes of surrendering that comes with a cost. It definitely resonates with some life experiences where individuals feel deeply infatuated by strong emotions.

Key Lyrics:

For love, you gotta suffer
I'm gettin' pretty good at doin' what I'm told

The second phrase mentioned above evokes a sense of losing individuality and own values in pursuit of something alluring.

It is also a quick reminder to all of us that powerful emotions can bring thrilling emotions, but it can also lead to losing one's individualism.

9. Don't Understand

Don't Understand is the opening track of Post Malone's album Austin. It conveys a feeling of an internal battle with low self-esteem and confusion.

This soul-stirring track about self-identity has cumulated the attention of thousands of listeners. If you delve deep into the lyrics and its meaning you'll know why.

It expresses a lack of self-acceptance to understand why someone else would care for them, especially when they have low self-respect.

These internal battles and uncertainty about their own's values are relatable to many out there who have been struggling with self-esteem issues.

Likewise, it also highlights the longing for self-improvement. This prevalent feeling resonating with many individuals makes it one of the most decorated tracks from the album.

10. Socialite

Socialite, one of the songs by Post Malone, is from his album Austin. It discovers the themes of the pursuit of temporary pleasures to cope with inner struggles.

The term 'socialite' refers to an individual who has an extravagant and sophisticated lifestyle. He touches on the themes of fleeting relationships and a sense of emptiness throughout the song.

Post Malone referenced the use of alcohol as a means of coping mechanism. It suggests the utmost desire to conceal inner vulnerabilities.

The track touches on themes that can be found in some people's life experiences. It emphasized the tension between seeking temporary pleasure and the possible emptiness that comes from living such a life full of momentary pleasures.

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