List of 15 Best Bad Company Songs

Bad Company members from left - Simon, Mick, Boz and Paul
Bad Company members from left - Simon, Mick, Boz and Paul( Source : facebook )

The list of 15 Best Bad Company Songs encompasses 1. Bad Company 2. Feel Like Makin' Love 3. Shooting Star and more.

Formed in 1973 from the remains of Free and Mott The Hoople, Bad Company pioneered the blues rock genre and took the music industry by storm in the mid-1970s.

The group immediately had their breakthrough with the release of their self-titled debut studio album in 1974, which spawned multiple hit singles and eventually topped the US album chart.

With a career spanning over half a century, the band was sold 40 million records worldwide including 20 million in the United States alone and has left an indebile mark in the music world.

List of 15 Best Bad Company Songs

Song NameReleased Year
Bad Company1974
Feel Like Makin' Love1975
Shooting Star1975
Can't Get Enough1974
Rock 'n' Roll Fantasy1979
Good Lovin' Gone Bad1975
Ready For Love1974
Burnin' Sky1977
Silver, Blue & Gold1976
Movin On1972
Rock Steady1974
Young Blood1976
If You Needed Somebody1990

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15. If You Needed Somebody

Spotify Streams12,777,556
Record LabelATCO Records

Composed by Brian Howe and Terry Thomas, "If You Needed Somebody" is a hard rock song by Bad Company. It is a single from their 1990 album Holy Water.

The track was also produced by the English musician Terry Thomas and issued via ATCO Records on July 8, 1990.

Commercially, this 4:21 minute recording was the band's first top 40 hit since their 1979 "Rock 'n' Roll Fantasy", peaking at number 2 on US Billboard Album Rock Tracks and also reaching number 16 on Billboard Hot 100.

14. Young Blood

Spotify Streams790,321
Record LabelSwan Song Records

Young Blood is the cover version performed by the English supergroup Bad Company. It was originally recorded by the American R&B vocal group The Coasters.

It was released as a single in the band's third studio album, Run with the Pack, and was issued through Swan Song Records in March 1976.

Incorporating rock elements into the original tracks, which as produced with R&B sounds, the song was critically praised with Cash Box calling it"a straight-ahead rock-out version of a great song".

The track peaked at number 20 on Billboard Hot 100 while making it under the top 10 in the Canda Singles chart.

13. Rock Steady

Spotify Streams6,437,692
Record LabelSwan Song and Island Records

Rock Steady was the epitome of Bad Company band's signature sound. It is a hard-hitting blues-rock that is still one of their most beloved songs.

Included as the second track from the band's debut self-titled studio album, the electric opening riffs, and soulful chorus made it the rock anthem back in the era.

Despite failing to chart in the top 20 on Billboard Hot 100, this iconic song alongside many other tracks helped the album reach the top of the US Billboard 200.

12. Movin' On

Spotify Streams129,153
Record LabelSwan Song and Island Records

The best tracks from the Bad Company song list also include "Movin' On". Written by Mick Ralphs, it was initially performed by Hackensack in 1972.

The song was later most famously included as a single in Bad Company's eponymous debut album after Ralphs formed the band in 1973.

Receiving acclaim from several music journalists, the song was a critical success garnering praise for its soulful lyrics and soaring guitar riffs by Ralph.

peaking at #19 on Billboard Hot 100 while also making the top 30 appearances in the Canadian chart.

11. Silver, Blue & Gold

Spotify Streams10,337,405
Record LabelIsland Records

Silver, Blue & Gold was the seventh track from Bad Company's Run From the Pack. It was released via Island Records.

Although the track was never released as a single, it remained a fan favorite, gracefully depicting the aftermath of the failed relationship where the rejected party seeks comfort in silver, blue, and gold - and the rainbow that's long overdue.

Furthermore, the track has also been covered by several artists such as Emily Bishton, Rick Ranson, and Jaxton Stretz further solidifying its legacy as an iconic hit.

10. Electricland

Spotify Streams4,269,028
Record LabelSwan Song Records

Among Bad Company Music "Electricland" was the last single to feature the original lineup, as the band's frontman Paul Rodgers departed from the band.

While its parent album "Rough Diamonds" was underwhelming, the track was a genuine sparkler; captivating listeners with a mystical vibe that was projected in the lyrics, which portrays the story of the dark side of Nevada and all of gang violence.

Despite charting at number 74 on US Billboard Hot 100, the song garnered huge success on American rock radio peaking at number 2 on the US Rock Albums & Top Tracks chart.

9. Seagull

Spotify Streams8,842,775
Record LabelSwan Song and Island Records

"Seagull" appears as the eighth track from the band's famous debut album.

Composed by the band's lead vocalist Paul Rodger and guitarist Mick Ralphs, in the song, the term "Seagull" is used metaphorically to explore the notion of freedom and mobility.

Additionally, receiving widespread acclaim, the recording was placed amongst the Bad Company's 10 greatest songs by the Ultimate Classic Rock critics Matt Wardlaw.

8. Burnin' Sky

Spotify Streams5,314,063
Record LabelIsland Records

Released as the final single from the band's fourth studio album, "Burnin' Sky" was also the title track.

After getting exhausted from constant touring, Rodgers went into the studio with a basic concept of the song and the chords and came up with the majority of the lyrics while recording the song in just one take.

This 3:28 single achieved modest commercial success, reaching number 78 and number 73 on US Billboard Hot 100 and Canadian RPM Singles chart respectively.

The song was ranked number 7 on Bad Company's best song by Ultimate Classic Rock critic Matt Wardlaw, while also being rated 8th best song by Classic Rock critic.

7. Ready For Love

Spotify Streams17, 990,901
Record LabelSwan Song and Island Records

The revamped version of Mick Ralph's original song "Ready for Love" was included in Bad Company's eponymous debut studio album in 1974.

Despite not being released as a single, the track had significant amounts of airplay and became a famous radio anthem. This would soon make an appearance on several of the band's live and compilation albums.

Unlike the original version which boasted a bit of swagger, the updated version featured a relatively moody touch.

The song received universal acclaim for music critics, such as Rolling Stone Bud Scoppa, Ultimate Classic Rock Matt Wardlaw, and Allmusic Stephen Erlewine, noting it as a "quintessential classic rock staple".

6. Good Lovin' Gone Bad

Spotify Streams4,690,019
Record LabelSwan Song and Island Records

Good Lovin' Gone Bad is one of the Bad Company top songs. It is the second-best charting song from their sophomore studio album Straight Shooter.

The timeless classic was released in March 1975 via Swan Song and Island Records and has since been praised for Paul Rodger's gritty vocals and prominent guitar riffs.

Its simple yet effective lyrics see Rodger crooning from confusion due to a relationship with an unpredictable lady.

As for its chart performance, the single garnered moderate commercial success peaking at number 36 and number 31 on US Billboard Hot 100 and UK Singles chart respectively.

5. Rock 'n' Roll Fantasy

Spotify Streams27,212,077
Record LabelSwan Song Records

While it isn't the highest-charting single, Rock 'n' Roll Fantasy boasts a Gold certification in the US, becoming the band's best-selling single ever.

Hailing from the band's fifth studio album, Desolation Angles, the song is the epitome of Bad Company's discography, soon becoming one of the prominent tracks on classic rock radio.

Written by Rodgers, the song expresses the quirks of living life as a renowned rockstar in the music business, which upon listening will make you envy their career.

4. Shooting Star

Spotify Streams70,236,618
Record LabelSwan Song Records

Shooting Star emerged during a period when several aspiring young rockstars were laid to rest after becoming a victim of drug addiction.

Lyrically, the song acts as a cautionary tale for aspiring artists, depicting the tale of a young prodigy named Johnny. The bottle of whiskey and sleeping pills eventually smother this "Shooting Star" long before his time.

Featuring in the fourth track from the band's album Straight Shooter, the song went on to become a huge success and later re-appeared in many of their compilation albums like 10 from 6, The Original Bad Company Anthology, and more.

3. Can't Get Enough

Spotify Streams49,218,459
Record LabelIsland Records

The band's debut single Can't Get Enough also happens to be their biggest hit and highest-charting song, peaking at number 5 on US Billboard Hot 100.

Written by Mick Ralphs, drummer Simon Kirke opened up the song with his thunder-cracking performance commencing the first side of their eponymous debut album. While the lyrics see Rodger displaying full confidence in his ability to land his desired woman.

Additionally, the track was also featured in renowned films like Wayne's World 2 and What the Bleep Do We Know!? while also making its appearance in the 2010 music video game Rock Band. 3.

2. Feel Like Makin' Love

Spotify Streams160,083,960
Record LabelIsland Records

Feel Like Makin' Love is the second single from the supergroup's 1975 sophomore studio album Straight Shooter released through Island Records.

Despite being an English band, Feel Like Makin' Love derived elements of a country-rock sound, which was reportedly inspired while Rodger was touring the US with his former band Free.

This 5:12 minute recording is one of the band's best charting singles, reaching at the 10th spot on US Billboard Hot 100 while making it to the top 5 in Canada. Furthermore, VH1 ranked the song at the 78th spot on the "best hard rock song of all time".

The version of the track was also covered by British Jamaican singer Pauline Henry.

1. Bad Company

Spotify Streams95,611,807
Record LabelSwan Song and Island Records

It's interesting to know that Bad Company's signature song would be the name of the group from their eponymous album, Bad Company.

From the dusty atmosphere to Roger's silky vocals and Raph's electric guitar chime, this iconic track was a breakthrough for the English hard rock band.

It was critically praised by many music journalists, with some complementing its "Western vibes" while others admiring its "opening piano riffs".

Furthermore, American heavy metal band Five Finger Death Punch recorded a cover version of this song for their second album, which has been Platinum certified by the RIAA.

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