Beabadoobee Band Members, Parents And Nationality

The singer alongside her 3 colleagues taking a promotional picture together
The singer alongside her 3 colleagues taking a promotional picture together( Source : instagram )

Beabadoobee Band Members are singer Beatrice "Beabadoobee" Kristi, bassist Eliana, drummer Louis, and guitarist Jacob.

Born in Iloilo City in the Philippines and raised in London, Beatrice started recording music as Beabadoobee in 2017. The Filipino-British singer has built a huge Gen-Z fan base following the release of her pop songs.

Her first-ever track Coffee gathered hundreds of thousands on streams in a couple of days was a fan-uploaded video.

Since then she rose to prominence releasing her own self-released recordings and also three EPs on the independent London label Dirty Hits.

She released her debut studio album, Fake It Flowers in 2020 which was well-received by many music critics and has amassed millions of viewers on her music streaming platforms.

Unsatisfied with the audio on her previous title, the singer recruited 3 rosters to enrich her song's sound quality in 2018.

Bassist Eliana Sewell

A picture of Jacob rocking a blue dyed buzz cut and colorful outfit
A picture of Jacob rocking a blue dyed buzz cut and colorful outfit( Source : instagram )

Eliana Sewell serves as a bassist for the band of four. She went to Twyford Church of England High School, as per her Facebook.

She has a huge following on her Instagram with over 109k followers to whom she frequently updates with her selfie and portraits.

Drummer Louis Semlekan-Faith

Louis playing drums vigourously playing drums infront of the crowd
Louis playing drums vigourously playing drums infront of the crowd( Source : instagram )

Louis Semlekan Faith is a drummer for Brit-nominated artist, Beabadoobee. He is also the founder and self-employed musical director of Faith Live, an artist development company.

Beabadoobee isn't the only artist Louis has worked with, he has been involved in the music industry with other artists like

Instagram which has over 11.1k followers. Louie is currently dating British artist, Amber Van Day.

Guitarist Jacob Bugden

Eliana in an oversized black hoodie playing a guitar
Eliana in an oversized black hoodie playing a guitar( Source : instagram )

Jacod Bugden is a guitarist as well as a composer for the Filipino singer. Apart from her, he also works with various artists like 1975, Mac Wretha, and Cavetown.

On Instagram, he posts content related to the band's studio and tours with his 22k followers.

Beabadoobee Parents Are NHS Workers

Beabadoobee parents are both National Health Service workers in England. However, the singer has kept their identity private.

Bea was a troublesome teenager and was once kicked out of her all-girls Catholic high school for a combination of bad grades and bad behavior. However, her mom and dad were always supportive of her regardless.

i-D Meets: Beabadoobee Talks About Her Early Life And Struggles ( Source : youtube )

About 6 years ago, when Bea was 17, her father brought home a secondhand guitar, hoping it would cheer her teenage daughter. That's when she started playing songs and posting them online.

Credits to her mother as well who made her participate in every activity there was available. According to Evening Standard, Beatrice said:

I was that stereotypical Asian kid whose mum made them do every club. I did swimming, I played violin for seven years. 

Beabadoobee Was Born in Philippines

Beabadoobee nationality is Filipino-British. Her mom and dad were both born in the Philippines. 

Beatrice was born on 3rd June 2000 in the Philippines. She moved to London with her mom and dad at the age of 3, where she was raised.

Growing up in West London, she mostly listened to Pinoy music and rock songs from the 1980s. As she grew up, she got interested in indie rocks from Karen O, Florist, and Alex G.

Posting videos of her songs online, she became viral and gained huge notoriety in the United Kingdom. 

Beabadoobee and her band also recently toured Manila, the capital city of the motherland, in September 2022 to promote her second album.

As of now, the singer has been on multiple tours including countries like the United States, Germany, Italy, France, and many more.

Beabadoobee Looks Pretty Regardless Of Her MakeUp

Beabadoobee No Makeup Photo makes no difference in her beauty. Regardless of the use of cosmetics, she looks gorgeous as ever.

There is barely any difference between her pre and post makeup
There is barely any difference between her pre and post makeup ( Source : instagram )

From an astounding blonde to a red-haired goth girl, the singer has incorporated every look into her fashion collection. Although she frequently alters her look, one thing that always remains is the black eye mascara.

Recently she went back to her original dark straight hair. She even got front bangs which compliments her Asian facial structure allowing her to look even prettier.

Kristi adopted her blonde look in early 2020. She took to Instagram to give her fans a glimpse of her new appearance which many people instantly fell in love with.

Prior to that the singer also dyed her hair red and even blue at some point. Her red hair was so iconic, that many of her followers made fan art of her, which she frequently shared on her socials.

Beabadoobee Real Name

Beabadoobee real name is Beatrice Kristi Ilejay Laus. She goes by Beabadoobee which she claims to have gotten from a fake social media account.

Her first track which was fan-uploaded on the internet was called "Coffee" which was her breakthrough song and got her in the spotlight.

Beabadoobee looks preety in her pink outfit showcasing her artistic tatoos
Beabadoobee looks preety in her pink outfit showcasing her artistic tatoos( Source : instagram )

Her Instagram has amassed over 2.4 million followers which go by the username @radvxz where the singer frequently posts pictures of herself and her professional work.

Kristi also has a Twitter and YouTube profile, which both go by the username Beabadoobee.

Bea's second and latest album, Beatopia, was released in July 2022 and features a drawing from her childhood as the album cover.

Some FAQs

Where Is Beabadoobee From?

Beabadoobe nationality is Filipino-British. She moved to London with her parents when she was 3 years old.

How Old Is Beabadoobe?

Beabadoobe age is 22 years old. She was born on June 3, 2000.

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