Meet 20 Bands With Up In The Name

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Up generally signifies a higher place or position. Similarly, Up used in a band's name can hold several meanings depending upon personalities and music genres.

Bands With Up In The Name generates an artistic expression that showcases their level of creativity and wide range of musical landscapes.

Furthermore, a name always remains fundamental to a band's identity as that particular combination reflects the essence of how you define yourselves and the music that people can expect.

The essence of the word, and the name, can vary from one to another which might evolve over time with the development of their music and career.

Overall it is always seen that a well-chosen title helps with its branding and marketing that delivers its musical style to the audience.

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1. Curl Up and Die

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Curl Up and Die is an American metalcore band from Las Vegas, Nevada. Formed in late 1998, the band recorded its first release in early 2000.

In 2001, the group signed with Revelation Records, and released their debut album Length CD and Unfortunately, We're Not Robots in May 2002.

Before the band broke up in late 2005, they recorded two EPs and one more album, The One Above All, the End of All That Is.

Later On July 12, 2012, the group sent a statement to that they would be getting back together with more details forthcoming.

Enlisted among bands with up in name, Curl Up and Die is currently active with its latest members namely:

  • Matt Fuchs- guitar
  • Ryan Hartery-bass
  • Mike Minnick-vocals
  • Keil Corcoran-drums

2. The Get Up Kids

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The Get Up Kids is an American rock band that was formed in 1995. Its members are considered to be forefathers of the emo genre.

Being a major player in the mid-90s emo scene, they gained quick prominence and began touring with bands such as Green Day and Weezer.

In 2005, the band broke up due to internal conflicts. They reunited after three years to support the tenth-anniversary of Something to Write Home About their second album.

Soon afterward they entered the studio to write new material and released Simple Science in early 2010.

The band is currently active and their most recent studio album, Problems was released in 2019.

3. The Upsetters

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American musician Little Richard, dissatisfied with his solo career, formed a band called The Upsetters. They played together from 1953 to the early 1960s.

They continued to tour and record through the late 1960s as a backing band with Otis Redding.

The Upsetter also falls under the list of Bands With Up Name and has been credited by James Brown and others with first putting the 'funk' in the rock and roll beat.

4. What's Up!

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What's Up! is a Swedish boy band formed in 2007. The members were selected from the finalists of the music competition, Talangtavling.

The original lineup of the band consisted of:

  • Eric Saade
  • Robin Stjernberg
  • Ludwig Ludde Keijser
  • Johan Yngvesson

Sadly, Saade left that band in 2009 too pursue a solo career, and Johannes Magnusson replaced him.

The band's debut studio album In Pose was released in January 2007 and managed to reach the top 40 in Sweden.

Since 2010, after the release of their standalone single Walk In Walk Out, they have been largely inactive.

5. Falling Up

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Falling Up was an American rock band formed in October 2001. The band debuted in 2004 with their 12-track album, Crashings.

In its first week, Crashings sold 3,396 units which exceeded first-week sales of any album in the history of BEC Recordings.

The lyrics became more abstract and poetic as their style shifted from alternative rock to a more experimental direction.

With only lead vocalist Jessy Ribordy, bassist Jeremy Miller, and drummer Josh Shroy appearing on every album, the band went through several lineup changes. 

In early 2017, the band released their final song, a reimagined cover of Brand New's Gasoline.

6. The Up

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The Up is a rock band formed in early 1967 in Detroit, Michigan. They served as a house band for the Grande Ballroom in Detroit.

The original band lineup consisted of vocalist Frank Bach, guitarist Bob Rasmussen, bassist Gary Rasmussen, and drummer Vic Peraino.

The members continued to play gigs at the Grande Ballroom and other local venues, but disbanded in 1973, and faded into obscurity.

In 1975, Gary joined Sonic's Rendezvous band featuring former members of the MC5, The Stooges, The Up, and The Rationalists.

From there, a retrospective album titled Killer Up! was released containing all of The Up's song recordings. This brought them back into relevance.

7. Up-Tight

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Originating in Hamamatsu/Japan, Up-Tight is a three-piece psych group. Since they formed in 1992, the band has released around 10 records.

The original members of the band are T.Aoki (vocal & guitar) T.Ogata (bass) and T.Shirahata (drums).

This band that has up in name emerged with the madness of the Tokyo '90s and all the P.S.F Records scene.

They have a unique sound and is one of the most important underground references in the Japanese psychedelic scene.


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LVL UP was an American Lofi band formed in 2011. It was first a recording project between Mike Caridi, Dave Benton, and their friend Ben Smith.

The band's third LP Return to Love released by Sub Pop in 2016 received favorable reviews with comparisons being drawn to the works of Dinosaur Jr. and Pavement.

Their last show was in New York City as the band announced that they were retiring the project after their fall tour in 2018.

9. Pony Up

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Based in Montreal, Quebec, Pony Up is an all-woman Canadian indie pop band formed on New Year's Eve 2002.

Having up in the name of band, it is composed of bassist Lisa Smith, drummer Lindsay Wills, keyboardist Laura Wills, guitarist Sarah Moundroukas, and vocalist Camilla Wynne Ingr.

They are known for their guitar-and-keyboard-based upbeat music. They released their first full-length album, Make Love to the Judges with Your Eyes in April 2006.

Additionally, to promote their debut album, the band toured Australia in the summer of 2006.

In 2009, the band's third album, Stay Gold was released.

10. Make Up

Formed in 1995, The Make Up is an American post-punk band from Washington DC. Their music made a new genre called Gospel Yeh-Yeh.

It's a combination of garage rock, soul, and self-styled liberation theology.

This led to an emphasis on live performances and interaction between the band and their audience.

In 1996, the band released their first full-length studio album, Destination: Love-Live! At Cold Rice.

Throughout the band's five-year journey, they released 4 studio albums, a live album, a compilation of singles, and B-sides.

Furthermore, Make Up reformed in 2012 to perform at All Tomorrow's Parties (a music festival) and has continued to tour sporadically in the US.

11. Strung Up

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Strung Up is an American hardcore punk band from San Francisco, California. The members of the band are:

  • Bill Jackson
  • Dan Randall
  • Justen McMurtry
  • Lint Meuser

The band so far has released a self-titled 7, the Society Rot in Hell LP, and the Warf***ed 7. They also have comp tracks on the upcoming Maximum Rock N Roll and No Bulls**t comps.

12. Next Step Up

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Next Step Up is a hardcore band formed in 1989 in Baltimore, MD, United States. Sadly, they disbanded almost a decade later in 1998.

The band members were:

  • Aaron Martinek (bass, vocals)
  • Mike Ayres (guitar, vocals, 1989-96)
  • Big Mike (drums)
  • Tim A. (drums)
  • Matt L. (guitar)
  • Dave H. (vocals)
  • Chad R. (drums)
  • J.R. Glass (vocals)
  • Damon Stowell (drums)
  • Josh Hart (bass, guitar)
  • Walt M. (bass)
  • Jon S. (bass)
  • Bruce Greig (bass, guitar)

13. Up Front

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Up Front was an American hardcore band from New York City. It was recognized as an influential part of the late 1980s New York hardcore.

In 1987, the band appeared on one of the first documents of the burgeoning Connecticut straight-edge scene, the X Marks The Spot.

Up Front released the Daybreak 7 inch in 1990 and touring the US again. Initially, they broke up in 1992 but reformed in the spring of 1994.

After the reunion shows with a return to the Daybreak lineup in November 2009 at the A Time We'll Remember Fest, the band remained dormant since 1999.

14. $up

$up also known as Sup was formed in 2002 in Peterborough, Cambridgeshire, United Kingdom. After five years, they disbanded in 2007.

The band members were:

  • Shauny P (vocals)
  • Mark Ward (guitar, vocals)
  • Phildo Smith (guitar)
  • Tom "TripleT" Savage (bass)
  • Alex Fucker (drums)
  • Will "I am" Savage (saxophone, vocals)

15. Up, Bustle and Out

Up, Bustle and Out are musicians and recording artists. They have released a number of albums and singles on the Ninja Tune Independent record label.

Rupert Mould (also known as Señor Rudi) from Bristol, Senor Cuffy (Spanish Guitarist), Dave Cridge (Beat Keeper and tour/sound system DJ)
Eugenia Knight (percussion and Vocals) are the band members.

Mostly, the band's music combines electronic music, jazz, hip-hop, and funk but with a distinctly international flavor, particularly South American and Cuban influences.

16. 2UP

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2UP is an Australian turntablists hip hop duo. Currently, the musical band serves in Sydney, NSW, Australia.

The Band Title Is Up and Alongside follows the Hip Hop and Comedy Rap genre. The members are Maccy D, Breaker J, and DJ Diverse.

The band's debut single Why Do I Try So Hard went into heavy rotation in 2001 on Australia's Triple J radio and broke into the #1 spot on their weekly Net 50 chart. Tastes Like Chicken, the first EP of the band further cemented their following.

In 2004, their full-length debut Player's Club hit the Australian market.

17. Up Up Down Down Left Right Left Right B A Start

Up Up Down Down Left Right Left Right B A Start is a Math Rock band formed in September 1999 in Haddon Heights, NJ, United States.

The band was composed of Steve Poponi (vocals, guitar), Dave Downham (guitar), Dave Damm (bass), Dave Dunn (drums), John Masino (guitar), Evan Thomas Weiss (guitar), Scott Rumble (drums), and Phil Apostol (guitar).

Later on August 16, 2008, they disbanded.

18. Flowered Up

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Flowered Up was formed in mid-1989 by singer Liam Maher along with Darren Des Penny. Originating in Camden Town, London the band was active during Baggy movement.

Weekender, the band's 13-minute single reached the UK top 20. However, due to drug problems, they split up in 1994.

A Life With Brain was re-released by London Records as The Best of Flowered Up.

Also included the original version of Weekender. The band tried to re-form in 2007 but keyboardist, Tim Dorney refused and the planned reunion tour got cancelled.

19. Last Round Up

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Last Round-Up is a Hardcore Punk band. It was formed in the United States. The members of the band include:

  • Alley, Bob, Dave Cooperstein (vocals)
  • Delaware Dennis (drums)
  • Mike Avilez [aka Cyco Loco] (bass)
  • Paul, Ray Couch (guitar)
  • Ray Rios (drums)

20. Blow Up

Blow Up was a British indie pop/indie rock band formed in 1986. It was a 14 Iced Bears members band.

The band was composed of Nick Roughley (vocals), Alan Stirner (guitar), Whirl frontman Trevor Elliott (Bass), and The Milk Sisters Drummer Chris Window (drums).

They gained exposure with two singles on the label; Good For Me and the epic Pool Valley. In 1990, after further EPs, the first proper album, In Watermelon Sugar was released.

Releasing the album Amazon Eyegasm, the band was only active till 1991. It was their last album before dissolution.

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