Band Aid 30 List Of Singers In Order

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Band Aid 30 was a 2014 UK charity supergroup created to battle the Ebola crisis in West Africa. It was dubbed "30" as a nod to its predecessor, Band Aid 1984.

The event was organized by Bob Geldof and Midge Ure and produced by Paul Epworth. They recorded a new version of Do They It's Christmas?, from the original event, with updated lyrics regarding the epidemic.

Band Aid 30 Singers In Order included prominent artists of the day like One Direction, Sam Smith, Ed Sheeran, and more.

Instruments were played by: Roger Taylor (from Queen) on drums, and keyboards, Milan Neil Amin-Smith and Grace Chatto (both from Clean Bandit) on violin and cello respectively.

They also produced different language versions of the song, such as French - "Noël est là" and German - "Do They Know It's Christmas? (2014) [Deutsche Version]".

The proceeds from this composition aspired to fight the Ebola crisis, which was narrated as a particularly devastating illness.

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1. Bono (From U2)

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Paul David Hewson (born 10 May 1960) AKA Bono is an Irish singer-songwriter, activist and philanthropist and the frontman and chief lyricist of the band U2.

As an activist, Bono was offered and happily engaged in Band Aid Thirty charitable events where he sang Verse 2 and 3.

In Verse 2, Bono's part consists of:

Well tonight we’re reaching out and touching you

The line replaces the original line "Well tonight thank god it's them instead of you" from the 1984 version of the song.

In addition, Verse 3 of his part was:

How can they know it’s Christmas time at all

This row substitutes "Do they know it's Christmas time at all" from the 1984 variations.

2. Clean Bandit

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Clean Bandit is an English electronic music group from Cambridge, England. The group's singer, Grace Chatto, provided vocals.

and they produce, and direct their music videos, many of which have been nominated for different awards.

The group participated in Band Aid Thirty where they sang the Chorus with all collaborators.

In the acquisition, all the singers sang Feed the world, let them know it's Christmas time again, however, the band did not deliver a solo vocal.

3. Paloma Faith

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Paloma Faith Blomfield (born 21 July 1981) is an English singer and actor from Stoke Newington, England. She is known for her retro and eccentric approach.

Faith accompanied the charity group along with other British and Irish pop acts and felt honored to be part of it.

She sang a solo vocal which was in Verse 2:

But say a prayer and pray for the other ones

The line urges listeners to remember and pray for the less fortunate during the holidays, highlighting the significance of compassion and the transformative power of prayers.

4. Guy Garvey (from Elbow)

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Guy Edward John Garvey (born 6 March 1974), is an English Musician as well as BBC Radio 6 Music Presenter. He is the lead singer of the rock band Elbow.

He is one of the Band Aid 30 members of 2014, where he sang in Verse 2:

There’s a world outside your window and it’s a world of dread and fear

The line is meant to boost awareness about the dilemma of those in Africa and encourage people to take action to help.

5. Ellie Goulding

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Ellie Goulding, born Elena Jane Goulding in December 30, 1986, is a singer-songwriter from Hereford, England.

She was one of the Singers in Band Aid 30, where she sang Verse 3 along with Seal, Sinead O'Connor and Bono.

Her line was:

A song of hope where there’s no hope tonight (ooh)

which conveys the message of hope and optimism even in a situation or environment where desire seems to be away.

6. Angelique Kidjo

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Angélique Kpasseloko Hinto Hounsinou Kandjo Manta Zogbin Kidjo (born July 14, 1960) popularly known as Angelique Kidjo is Beninese-French singer-songwriter.

An activist from Cotonou, French Dahomey, Kidjo was in the group of Band Aid 30 2014 singers, she vocalized in Verse 2:

Where there’s death in every tear

The lyric shows an extremely sorrowful and painful situation of Africans, where tears are filled with mourning that embodies death, affirming profound sadness and loss.

7. Chris Martin (from Coldplay)

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Christopher Anthony John Martin (born on 2 March 1977), is a singer-songwriter, musician and philanthropist from Exeter, Devon, England.

He is reputed as the lead vocalist, pianist, rhythm guitarist, and co-founder of the rock band Coldplay.

Martin was indexed in Band Aid 30 list of singers in 2014. In the event, he hummed in Verse 2:

And the Christmas bells that ring there are the clanging chimes of doom

The line presents a dark and contrasting view of the holiday season, where the Christmas bells, instead of bringing joy, show a gloomy perspective on a usually cheerful time.

8. Sinead O'Connor

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Sinéad Marie Bernadette O'Connor (8 December 1966 – 26 July 2023) known as Sinead O'Connor was an Irish Singer, songwriter, and activist from Dublin, Ireland.

She is also known for her activism and advocacy on issues such as child abuse racism and others. As an activist, she was Singer on band aid 30.

In Verse 3, she sang

Why is comfort to be feared, why is to touch to be scared

where the tune trying to show a complex mix of desires for connection and a fear of the hidden emotional risk involved.

9. One Direction

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One Direction (2010-2016) also known as 1D, was a British-Irish pop boy band crafted in London.

In Band Aid 30 2014, they sang in Verse 1:

It’s Christmas time – there’s no need to be afraid

and bridge as well:

Here's to you

The lyric simply tries to convey that all are coming together with compassion to help and make them comfortable.

10. Olly Murs

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Oliver Stanley "Olly" Murs (born on 14 May 1984) is a singer, songwriter and television personality from Essex, England.

He was one of the Band Aid 30 members and his part was:

Raise a glass to everyone

The choral motivates everyone to join in collective expression and make the event successful.

11. Rita Ora

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Rita Sahatciu Ora (born 26 November 1990) is a British singer and songwriter from Pristina, Kosovo.

In addition, she is an actor as well she has acted in movies like Fifty Shades of Grey and Pokemon: Detective Pikachu.

She also participated in Band Aid 30 2014, at the event she sang Verse 1's:

And in our world of plenty we can spread our smile of joy

And also in Bridge:

How can they know it’s Christmas time at all

"The smile of joy" speaks for the idea that in a prosperous world, people can come together to bring pleasure and warmth to one another.

12. Emeli Sande

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Adele Emily Sande (born on 10 March 1987), professionally familiar as Emeli Sande, is a Scottish singer-songwriter from Sunderland, England.

She also owes support in Band Aid 30 2014, as she vocalizes in Verse 2:

At Christmas time it's hard but while you’re having fun

The chorus highlights that Christmas can be challenging but the joy and togetherness of the season by helping can provide an escape from the difficulties which Western Africa was facing.

13. Seal

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Seal Henry Olusegun Olumide Adeola Samuel (born 19 February 1963), better known as Seal is a British Musician, singer, songwriter, and record producer.

In Band Aid 30, he sang in Verse 3:

Bring peace and joy this Christmas to West Africa

This lyric is a call for a sense of hope, goodwill and positive change during the Christmas season in West Africa.

14. Ed Sheeran

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Edward Christopher Sheeran (born 17 February 1991), widely popular as Ed Sheeran is an English singer-songwriter, from Halifax, England.

Ed Sheeran is one of the most popular singers of the last decade. He became successful in giving many hits to the listeners.

He is also one of Band Aid 30 list singers, he chanted Verse1:

At Christmas time – we let in light and we banish shade

The line captures the sentiment that Christmas is a time of spreading light, joy and positivity and requesting to the audience to show some assurance to West Africans.

15. Dan Smith (From Bastille)

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Daniel Campbell Smith (born 14 July 1986) is a singer, songwriter and record producer. He is the founder and lead singer of the English Pop band, Bastille.

Dan Smith also participated in Band Aid 30 in 2014, where he gave a solo vocal in Verse 2:

Where a Kiss of Love Can Kill You

16. Sam Smith

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Samuel Frederick Smith (born on 19 May 1992) popular as Sam Smith is an English singer-songwriter from London, England.

Smith's pronouns are they/them and identify as non-binary.

In the event of Band Aid 30 2014, Smith sang Verse 1:

Feel your arms around the world at Christmas time

This conveys the idea that Christmas is a time for global togetherness and sharing love and goodwill with others. So, they boost listeners to share some love towards West Africa as well.

Furthermore, they also sang in the last Verse:

And all there is to come

The phrase evokes anticipation and hope for the future of Africans.

17. Underworld

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Underworld is a British electronic music group that was created in 1987 in Cardiff, Wales. The band is the principal collaborative project of Karl Hyde and Rick Smith.

The group remixed the track for the charity single "Do They Know It's Christmas?" for the Band Aid 30 in 2014.

18. Jessie Ware

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Jessie Ware is a singer-songwriter from England, born on 15 October 1984. She participated in Band Aid 30 in 2014 but she didn't perform the solo vocal.

In an interview, Ware explained that although she didn't get a solo vocal, she still participated in the event and she loved doing it.

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