Best American Cruise Lines Ships Ranked

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American Cruise Lines provides a distinct river and coastal cruising experience, but with so many ships, selecting the right one can be difficult. We are here to help travel enthusiasts!

This guide ranks all the American Cruise Lines' ships in ascending order. These ships feature new wonders with cutting-edge facilities while well-maintained oldies provide timeless comfort.

1. American Liberty (9.2/10)

The modest American Liberty (accommodating 100 passengers) will be unveiled in 2024 and combines elegant accommodation with adventurous sailing. It goes via hidden ports and tiny rivers that are off-limits to larger ships.

Large cabins that open up to private balconies and a swim platform improve your view of the breathtaking scenery. American Liberty is a great choice for curious travelers seeking a comprehensive American experience since its design reflects the rich history of the locations it travels.

2. American Legend (9.1/10)

Set for an October 2024 debut, the American Legend joins American Cruise Lines' best. This "Coastal Cat" cruises almost any US waterway, reaching hidden ports.

Modern interiors with spacious, many-balconied staterooms await, alongside a restaurant, lounges, a gym, and an outdoor cafe. Unwind on your balcony or explore from the tender after a day of adventure.

3. American Serenade (8.9/10)

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American Serenade redefines luxury with spacious staterooms, stunning design, and innovative features setting a new standard for domestic river cruising.

Cruise Critic awarded her "Best New River Cruise Ship" praising her modern elegance and gorgeous amenities. Serenade is one of the newest additions to the fleet making her maiden voyage last year in 2023.

4. American Eagle (8.9/10)

The American Eagle which started service in 2023 is ideal for adventurous spirits, combining expedition thrills with exquisite comfort for only 100 passengers. This ship can cruise you into secret harbors and explore picturesque rivers unavailable to larger vessels.

The Eagle, with its style inspired by American history, provides a unique viewpoint on coastal tours. Spacious cabins with individual balconies and a swim platform improve the whole experience.

5. American Glory (8.7/10)

American Glory is another newer and luxurious ship in the American Cruise fleet which is redefining sailing by combining adventure and luxury. This ship was introduced in 2023.

To make the cruise luxurious for passengers, she has spacious staterooms and viewing decks to create a peaceful ambiance, while the Swim/Activity Platform offers up-close aquatic activities. Sail New England, the Chesapeake Bay, or the Southeast Coast to experience American history in luxury.

6. American Symphony (8.7/10)

Sail in style on American Cruise Line's American Symphony! This modern marvel, launched in 2022, accommodates 180 guests and features stunning interiors inspired by American landscapes.

Relax in spacious staterooms (250-650 sq ft) with private balconies, full baths, and ample closets. Unwind in the onboard fitness center or socialize in expansive lounges.

The Symphony's four-story glass atrium is the heart of the ship, offering breathtaking panoramic views. Experience unparalleled river cruising with American Cruise Line! 

7. American Melody (8.6/10)

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Glide down the Mississippi in modern luxury aboard American Cruise Line's American Melody. Spacious staterooms (250-650 sq ft) feature private balconies, full baths, and ample closets for ultimate comfort.

Enjoy casual bites at the Ellipse Café or relax in expansive lounges after a day of exploration. The ship's centerpiece is a stunning four-story glass atrium, offering breathtaking panoramic views.

Exercise in the onboard fitness center or indulge in suite treats delivered to your Grand or Veranda Suite. The American Melody has redefined Mississippi River cruising since 2021.

8. American Jazz (8.4/10)

Unwind in elegance aboard American Jazz. Featuring spacious staterooms with private balconies, stunning views from everywhere on board, and a magnificent five-story glass atrium, the Jazz has been elevating river cruising to new heights since 2020.

American Cruise Lines consistently ranks high for passenger satisfaction, and the Jazz exemplifies this with its modern design, comfortable amenities, and intimate atmosphere.

9. American Harmony (8.3/10)

As one of the best ships in the fleet, American Harmony leads the American River Cruise revolution. She boasts expansive lounges with stunning river views through large glass windows.

Her centerpiece is a magnificent five-story atrium, bathed in natural light from a large domed skylight, creating a social hub. Luxurious accommodations, from spacious staterooms with private balconies to the lavish Owner's Suites with wraparound balconies, ensure unparalleled comfort. American Harmony entered the service with American Cruise Line in 2019.

10. American Song (8.1/10)

American Song leads the American Cruise Line revolution! She made her debut in 2018 and boasts a modern design with expansive lounges featuring triple the glass for panoramic views.

Her stunning centerpiece is a four-story atrium bathed in natural light, creating a social hub. Spacious suites, including a luxurious 600 sq ft Owner's Suite with a wraparound balcony, redefine river comfort. Indulge in complimentary room service or host gatherings in the Grand Suites.

11. American Constitution (8/10)

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American Cruise Line's American Constitution offers an intimate escape for just 170 guests. This elegant ship, designed for coastal cruising, boasts the industry's largest standard staterooms, all featuring private balconies for taking in stunning coastal vistas.

Relax in the airy Chesapeake Lounge or unwind in a cozy midship lounge with a book or game. The top deck beckons with a fitness center and putting green, while the Main Deck's restaurant tempts with delicious regional cuisine. Explore the American Revolution, New England, or the Hudson River aboard the American Constitution.

12. American Constellation (7.9/10)

Unveiling hidden gems of the Pacific Northwest, the American Constellation's intimate size (170 guests) grants access to charming ports larger ships miss.

Boasting the industry's most spacious staterooms, all featuring private balconies, full baths, and hotel-like amenities, unwind in luxurious comfort.

Savor fresh, local cuisine in the elegant main deck restaurant, then mingle with fellow adventurers over cocktails in the Sky Lounge or enjoy live music at the Cascade Lounge. Soak up stunning vistas from the sun deck or perfect your putt on the putting green. American Constellation redefines Alaskan and Pacific Northwest cruising.

13. American Splendor (7.9/10)

Relive the Mississippi's glory on American Cruise Line's American Splendor! This modern paddle-wheeler blends classic charm with luxurious comfort. Spacious staterooms boast private balconies, perfect for soaking in the scenery.

Relax in casual lounges, admire views from the sun deck, or exercise in the fitness center. With just 180 guests, American Splendor fosters a friendly atmosphere - strike up conversations over cocktails or share stories after dinner entertainment. Cruise the Lower Mississippi, Music Cities, or Tennessee Rivers in style!

14. American Heritage (7.9/10)

Cruise the Mississippi in style aboard American Heritage. While not the newest ship in the fleet as it has been in service since 2015, his modern ship boasts luxurious staterooms with balconies, celebrating the river's grandeur with its design.

Relax in comfortable lounges, relax in the fitness center, or savor regional cuisine. American Heritage takes you on an unforgettable journey through America's heartland.

15. American Pride (7.4/10)

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American Cruise Line's American Pride offers a stylish Columbia and Snake-rise cruise. This tiny paddle-wheeler, which accommodates just 180 guests, provides superb service and friendly hospitality.

Western and Native American-inspired design immerses you in the region's heritage. Relax on your private balcony, eat delicious meals, and attend regular social gatherings in the River Lounge. The American Pride provides an amazing Pacific Northwest retreat.

16. American Independence (7.3/10)

American Cruise Line's American Independence (90 guests) has been exploring the Eastern Seaboard's hidden gems since 2010. This cozy ship offers a relaxed atmosphere with spacious lounges for socializing and scenic dining.

Standard staterooms are surprisingly large (over 250 sq ft!), while upper decks boast private balconies. Enjoy sunbathing, putting practice, or curling up with a book in the library. Experience personalized service and a friendly atmosphere on this intimate American adventure. 

17. American Star (7.3/10)

American Cruise Line's intimate American Star, since its inauguration in 2007, handles 90 guests and navigates the Eastern Seaboard's charming waterways. This cozy gem offers a relaxed atmosphere and spacious accommodations, all starting at a generous 250 sq ft.

Rest in comfortable lounges with panoramic views, savor delicious regional cuisine, and enjoy onboard activities. The friendly atmosphere fosters camaraderie as you explore America's rivers and bays.

18. American Spirit (7.1/10)

American Spirit is an intimate ship, accommodating 90 guests, navigating hidden coves and narrow waterways inaccessible to larger vessels. Launched in 2005, the Spirit offers a relaxed atmosphere with spacious lounges for socializing and a delectable daily-changing regional menu.

Standard staterooms are generously sized, while upper decks boast private balconies and suites that provide ample space. Enjoy sunbathing, putting green challenges, or curling up with a book in the library. American Spirit embodies comfortable exploration. 

19. American West (7.1/10)

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American Cruise Line's American West has been providing a journey through time since its inauguration in 1995. This paddlewheel icon reimagines classic river travel with modern comfort.

Luxurious fabrics and artwork adorn the newly refurbished ship, celebrating the Columbia & Snake Rivers. Unwind in spacious, private balcony staterooms and savor regionally inspired cuisine. Soak up the sun on deck, put on the putting green, or mingle in the lounges with live music. American West offers a unique blend of nostalgia and modern luxury.

20. American Patriot (N/A)

American Patriot will redefine coastal cruising for American Cruise Lines after its debut in late 2025. She will cater to just 125 guests, ensuring luxurious comfort and elegant exploration.

Unwind in spacious staterooms with private balconies, perfect for soaking in New England's scenic beauty. The Sky Lounge offers panoramic vistas and a place to socialize, while the top deck boasts a Skywalk for active guests. After adventures ashore, you can stroll in the on-deck casual café or share stories over exquisite cuisine in the elegant dining room. 

21. American Pioneer (N/A)

Set sail for paradise on American Cruise Line's brand new American Pioneer (arriving late 2025). This intimate ship for just 125 guests pampers you along the Florida Coast. Spacious staterooms boast private balconies for stunning views.

You can go in the Sky Lounge or savor delicious meals, from casual fare to elegant dining. Stay active with a fitness center and Skywalk. American Pioneer promises an unforgettable blend of luxury, comfort, and coastal exploration.