All 7 Drake Songs With Time And City

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Aubrey Drake Graham, widely recognized as Drake, is a prominent Canadian Hip Hop Artist. He is best known for popularizing for melding R&B and Rap.

Over the past decade, he has gifted fans with timeless tracks that have not only topped the charts but also left an emotional impact on them. Due to this, each new Drake album is seen as an event.

Among his remarkable discography, there is a particular set of songs that are referred to as "timestamp songs". These are characterized by their titles, which include a specific time and location.

In this article, we present to you all Drake songs with time and city. This list can help you gain a better understanding of the tracks' themes, lyrics, and overall vibe, apart from just the title.

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1. 9am in Dallas

Album Name: Thank Me Later

Released Date: 2010

9 Am in Dallas is a song from his debut album Thank Me Later. In it, the rapper digs into his rise to fame, personal struggles, and the pressures he feels.

The lyrics hold a reflective and introspective tone, giving audiences a raw and honest insight into his life at the time.

The track also touches on his assurance to succeed and his unwavering commitment to his craft.

The chorus ends with promoting his imminent projects and asking for thanks and support from the audience.

Key Lyrics:

These are my 1 St. Thomas flows, me, my ni**as, and some Madonna ho's
That look just like virgins but trust they down to go, yeah
Discussin' life and all our common goals

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2. 6pm in New York

Album Name:If You're Reading This It's Too Late

Released Date: 2015

6 p.m. in New York by Drake excavates into abundant emotions that the artist is undergoing at a particular moment in his life.

The song title suggests that the lyrics are connected to the city representing the place of success and ambition making the connection to his lyrics quite clear.

The lyrics then reflect on his success, reputation, relationships, and the current state of the music industry making many fans agree that it is one of the best Drake songs.

Through the lines, the rapper concedes the love and reinforcement he receives from his fans while also addressing the negative attention he suffers from critics and haters.

Key Lyrics:

Yeah, oh you gotta love itOh you got, oh you gotta love itI heard what circulated, let's get to the bottom of it

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3. 4pm in Calabasas

Album Name: Single

Released Date: 2016

In 4 pm In Calabasas, Drake not only raps but throws jabs at various other figures in Hip Hop like Puff Daddy, Joe Budden, and Meek Mill.

This addition to the Drake songs with Time features Calabasas, California, which many believe to be the location of a home Drake owns and pinpoints as "the safehouse".

At its core, the lyrics give listeners a glance into Drake's world as he navigates through fame, relationships, and the pressures of the music industry.

His verses touch on themes such as loyalty, addressing personal and professional relationships that have changed or infuriated over time.

Key Lyrics:

YeahAll you self promoters are jankyWe established like the Yankees

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7. Do Not Disturb (7am in Germany)

Album Name: More Life

Released Date: 2017

Do Not Disturb (7 a.m. in Germany) is the closing track on Drake's fifth studio album. The song is filled with personal details and emotionally charged lyrics.

While this song is technically not labelled as a timestamp song, fans still have it acknowledged as one, with the name 7 AM in Germany being a fan endorsed one.

The lyrics revealed his past relationships, personal struggles, and the media attention that comes with fame.

From the themes of the tune Drake is revealing that, despite his success, he still feels like an outsider in the music industry.

The bars also widen into the cost of success and the toll it can take on one's personal life.

Key Lyrics:

Silence keeps cloudin' meHand on my heartAnd I, I wish time never mattered

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4. 5 AM in Toronto

Album Name: Care Package

Released Date: 2019

With its keen lyrics and snappy beat 5 AM in Toronto has become one of Drake's most recognized songs. It is especially remembered for its majestic rapping.

The song came to be after Drake got upset one night thus, the title of the song being 5 a.m. Drake then put the new cut on the internet straight away, further extending the Drake song series.

Through his lyrics, the rapper sends a directive about his position in hip-hop and the provocation that comes with being one of the most fortunate rappers of his time.

Key Lyrics:

This on some old Tommy Campos Dice Raw shit, you know?
For my ni**as, though

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5. 7am On Bridle Path

Album Name: Certified Lover Boy

Released Date: 2021

7 a.m. On Bridle Path is a continuation of Drake's timestamp songs. Here he goes at his rival, Kanye West, who he talks about being past his prime.

The Canadian rapper also takes shots at Ye's Yeezy fashion brand. This time and city song comes from the upscale Bridle Path residential neighbourhood in North York, Canada.

The comprehensive message of the song is that Drake is fatigued by the industry games and wants people to be more genuine with him.

Key Lyrics:

I wish everyone could tell me exactly what they need for me

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6. 8am in Charlotte

Album Name: For All The Dogs

Released Date: 2023

8 a.m. in Charlotte, is a self-analyzing song where Drake reflects on his success, wealth, and the objections that come with it.

Throughout the song, he speaks about his financial success, referring to it as "fortune tell" while boasting about his expensive fashion choices and extravagant lifestyle.

He addresses the longevity of his dominance in the music industry, comparing himself to Jordan Peele, a successful filmmaker known for his horror movies.

He also reflects on his relationships and the loyalty of his friends, from those who backstabbed him to whom he trust.

Key Lyrics:

In God's hands (Conductor)
Be grateful
That He was there

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