Alice In Chains Lead Singer Now

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Alice In Chains Lead Singer Now is Jerry Cantrell. The American rock band was formed 1987. Jerry started as a guitarist but now is the lead singer of the group.

He shares singing duties with co-lead singer and backing singer William Duvall. Jerry took most of the lead part in the new album post-Staley era, whereas Duvall now sings the Staley part.

Now Cantrell and Duvall harmonize with each other in the singing part. From 2006 we can hear Jerry's voice in most of the album with William also taking part as lead singer in a few songs.

Alice in Chains has released six studio albums, three EPs, three live albums, and 32 singles. The band has sold more than 30 million copies worldwide.

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Alice In The Chains New Lead Singer

As stated above, Jerry Cantrell and William DuVall are the new lead singers of the band Alice in The Chains. The latter joined the group in 2006.

DuVall is the current co-vocalist and rhythm guitarist of the group. He was born on September 6, 1967, in Washington D.C

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Duvall started his musical journey with the group Awareness Voice of Chaos in 1980. In the year 1983, he helped to form Neon Christ contributing to guitar and lyrics.

In 2006 he joined the band as a singer during one of the live shows. Alice In Chains where searching for the lead singer, while guest singers were brought to fulfill the role of Staley.

He auditioned for the lead vocalist and was selected after his first gig. His first album with the band named "Black Gives Way To Blue" came out on September 29, 2009.

The band has released three albums along with Duvall since he became part of the group. Duvall takes the role of Staley while performing old songs.

He is also part of the Giraffe Tongue Orchestra and has released his first album as a solo artist in 2019. The album was named "One Alone" and he toured for the promotion of the album in 2019 and 2020.

He is still part of the group along with being part of other ventures.

What Happened to Layne Staley?

The original lead vocalist, Layne Staley, passed away on April 5, 2002. Layne was born on August 22, 1967, and was known for his distinctive vocal skills.

He along with Cantell used to give voice for the albums. He was part of the group's first three albums.

It was said that the band wanted Staley as a lead singer so they even fake auditioned for the role of vocalist with a fake artist.

After the release of the third album Layne was reported to be in a rehabilitation clinic due to substance abuse. During that time he worked with other Seattle musicians while the band went on hiatus.

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While on the hiatus report of Layne's substance abuse started to spread widely among the fans and mainstream media. The speculation was made because of the vocalist's physical appearance.

Alice In Chains performed on MTV Unplugged New York on April 10, 1996. This was the band's first performance together after two and half years and Layne was part of it.

From mid-1996 he stayed away from the public eye and was never seen doing live performances. His body was found by police authorities on April 19, 2002, after the missing complaint was registered.

The autopsy report revealed that he passed away due to an overdose. The report also revealed that he had been deceased two weeks earlier.

Members of Alice In Chains

Members of Alice in the Chains include Staley, Cantrell, Kinney, Inez, Duvall, and Starr. This includes both former and present members.

Band MemberYears Active
Jerry Cantrell1987-Present
Sean Kinney1987-Present
Mike Starr1987-1993
Laney Staley1987-1998
Mike Inzz1993-Present
William DuVall2004-Present

Alice in Chains was formed in 1987 and the name was suggested by Layne even before he joined the band. Cantrell and Kinney formed the band and Starr joined them.

They convinced Staley to join the band after making him listen to the fake singers in an audition. The group rose to fame in 1990.

The band was on tour when Starr decided to leave them in 1993, Inez was a replacement for Starr. The band released their third album Alice In Chains (1995) which was a big hit.

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The band went on an unannounced hiatus from 1996 to 2003. All the artists started being involved in solo projects during the hiatus.

In 2005 the band decided to reunite after the concert which they had performed for the tsunami victim of South Africa in 2004. The reunion was only between 3 members since Layne had passed away in 2002.

Three of the members started performing live shows with guest vocalists until 2006 when Duvall joined them as a permanent member. Since then the four members have been recording songs releasing albums and performing together.

Original Members Of Alice In Chains

The original members of Alice in the Chains were Cantrell, Staley, Kinney, and Starr. They all played an important role in forming the band.

Jerry Cantrell

Jerry Cantrell is an American songwriter, singer, and guitarist. He is the co-founder of the group.

Cantrell was born on 18 March 1966 in Washington U.S. At the age of 17 he began to play guitar seriously.

During his teenage, he became part of other bands until Alice in Chain was formed. For the initial day, he only used to play guitar.

He started as lead vocalist in the 1992 acoustic EP Sap after that his role as co-vocalist started increasing in new songs. Cantrell stated that it was Staley who encouraged him to sing.

After Staley's demise, he took the role of lead singer in the band. Most of the albums after the Staley era are in Cantell's voice.

Boggy Depot (1998), Degradation Trip Vol 1 & 2 (2002), and Brighten (2021) are his albums as a solo artist. He had an amazing solo career as well.

British magazine Metal Hammer gave him the name 'Riff Lord' in 2006. Cantrell identifies the band as primarily heavy metal while mainstream media has labeled it grunge.

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Sean Kinney

Sean Kinney is the co-founder and drummer of the group. Kinney had an interest in music from early childhood.

At the age of nine, he was a member of his grandfather's band The Cross Cats. He traveled to the Northwest and played in small venues.

Kinney has been the only drummer in the band he also plays piano and sings chorus vocals. He also played drum in his bandmate Jerry's solo debut album.

Alice In The Chains reunion was planned by him by bringing other two members together. He has collaborated on movies and albums with other artists.

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Alice In Chains Members Who Died

Alice In Chains Mike Starr and Lane Staley are no more in this world. They were also the two original members of the band.

Mike Starr

The former member of the group Mike was found lifeless at the age of 44. He was the original bassist of the group.

He decided to part with the band while touring in 1993 behind the album Dirt. Staley during one of the interviews in 1994 said that Mike left the group because of different priorities.

The other members wanted to continue the tour. Starr later gave a contradicting statement that he did not leave the band but was kicked out due to a drug issue.

The bassist was hired to play bass guitar by Sun Red Sun in 1993 but was cut short because of Gleen's death. He stopped performing until 2010, during the same year it was reported that Starr was creating a new band.

On March 8, 2011, it was reported he had passed away. Police authorities reported that there was no foul play in the death and suspected it was because of an overdose.

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Alice In Chains Current Members

The band's current lineup consists of Cantrell, Kinney, Duvall, and Mike Inez. Inez replaced Starr and Duvall replaced Staley.

Mike Inez

Mike Inez was brought in as a replacement for Mike Star in 1993. He performed as the bassist on the Alice in Chains tour.

During the tour, he took Starr's role in live performances. Inez's first record as bassist for his own original song was for Jar of Flies in 1994.

Alice in Chains was Inez's first album with the band the album debuted at number one on the charts. He toured with the band until 1996 before the band went on unannounced hiatus.

During the hiatus, like other members, Inez was also seen performing for other groups. He was also seen doing guest appearances on other projects.

With the band reunion in 2006, Inez was also part of the reunion. He has been performing with the group since 1993.

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