Exploring Alex Van Halen Family, Wife And Children Names

Alex playing his Ludwig Drum Kit
Alex playing his Ludwig Drum Kit( Source : ultimateclassicrock )

Alex Van Halen family consists of three members. Alex Van Halen and wife Stine Schyberg are living a happy life with son Aric Van Halen.

He performed for the band Van Halen along with his brother Eddie Van Halen, where Eddie played guitar while Alex took the drums. The brothers had developed an early interest in music from their Dutch-born father, who immigrated to the US.

Van Halen was one of the most popular rock bands of their generation at the height of their career with record sales of 80 million albums worldwide. They had also won Grammy Award for Best Hard Rock Performance in 1992.

While his brother took the center stage with his exuberant guitar skills, Alex with his powerful and dynamic drumming pumped up the ambiance. 

The family bond was so strong that Alex did not want to play for the Van Halen band after Eddie passed away. Alex's nephew Wolfgang is now keeping the legacy of the musical family.

Alex Van Halen Wives

Alex Van Halen's wives are Stine Schyberg, Kelly Van Halen, and Valeri Kendall. Alex has been married for over 20 years now to Stine Schyberg.

Alex Van Halen Wife Stine Schyberg

Alex and Stine at Museum of Contemporary Art event
Alex and Stine at Museum of Contemporary Art event( Source : co )

Stine Schyberg is an art director, production assistant and designer. Alex married Stine in 2000 after he divorced his former partner Kelly Cartner.

Alex had begun dating her in 1996, and they married only after four years. Stine and Alex together have a son.

Alex Van Halen Ex-Wife Kelly Van Halen

Kelly owns an interior designing company called Kelly Van Halen Design Studio
Kelly owns an interior designing company called Kelly Van Halen Design Studio( Source : instagram )

Kelly Van Halen is a designer. She owns a company that works with interior designing, residential building design and luxury home goods. 

Kelly and Alex were married in 1984 and they were divorced in 1986. They had a son together. 

Alex had sued her ex-wife for using his name Van Halen for her products, but they later settled on an agreement that she wouldn't use Van Halen's name in music-related merchandise. 

Alex Van Halen And Valeri Kendall Married Life

Alex and Valerie were wedded on 10th June, 1983
Alex and Valerie were wedded on 10th June, 1983( Source : pinterest )

Alex Van Halen and Valerie Kendall were married in 1983. The couple has a short-lived relationship which resulted their divorce in the same year just after two months as a couple. 

The pair had started dating in the 1980s. They had no kids together. And, though there was news of her dating with few musical artists, she did not tie the marital knot again.

The real reason for their separation is still unknown, but they had some misunderstanding which led the romantic pair to break up. 

Alex Van Halen Children

Alex with Aric and Malcolm
Alex with Aric and Malcolm( Source : instagram )

Alex Van Halen is blessed with two children Aric Van Halen and Malcolm Van Halen. They were born from different mothers & are not into music so to say.

His eldest son is Aric & youngest is Malcolm.

Aric Van Halen 

Aric running in 3000-metre steeplechase; he has found a rhythm in the tracks
Aric running in 3000-metre steeplechase; he has found a rhythm in the tracks( Source : denverpost )

Aric was born on 6th October 1989 in Los Angeles to Alex Van Halen and Kelly Van Halen.

Aric had tried to follow in his father's footsteps, and earlier on, he also learned to play musical instruments, but he had a sporting gene.

Aric has made a name for himself in the tracks and field running. He is a professional steeplechase runner and has competed in different games, indoor and outdoor tracks. He has participated in US Track and Field Championship and had also made it to the Olympic trials.

Besides Steeplechase, Aric has a profound interest in photography too which he shares on his Instagram Page.

Malcolm Van Halen

Ferrari, Porsche or Raptors, Malcolm is a fan of all these sporting cars
Ferrari, Porsche or Raptors, Malcolm is a fan of all these sporting cars( Source : linkedin )

Malcolm was born in August 1999 to Alex Van Halen and Stine Schyberg.

Malcolm shares the legacy of the band Van Halen via his Instagram Page. He did his Bachelor's degree in Marketing and Communications from California Lutheran University.

Besides, sharing pictures of the band, he is passionate about cars, especially the Porsche, which he shares in his social media posts. 

Alex Van Halen Parents

The photo was taken on a boat which carried the Van Halen family to the US
The photo was taken on a boat which carried the Van Halen family to the US( Source : vhnd )

Alex Van Halen's parents were Jan Van Halen and Eugenia Van Beers. He was the first son of the couple born on May 8, 1953, in Amsterdam Holland.

Alex's father Jan Van Halen, born in 1920, was also a musician. The times were difficult then, so he played with his friends in the circus, radio orchestras and social/political gatherings.

During World War II, Jan was first forced to move to Germany to play music for The Third Reich, and later driven to Indonesia as a refugee and there he met his future wife Eugenia Van Beers.

Eugenia Van Beers was born on September 21, 1914, in Rankasbitoeng, West Java. Her family origin goes back to Dutch East Indies.

Eugenia was a Eurasian of mixed Indonesian-Dutch descent.

Alex Van Halen Brother Eddie Van Halen

Eddie with the infamous EVH Striped guitar
Eddie with the infamous EVH Striped guitar( Source : instagram )

Alex Van Halen's brother Eddie Van Halen is regarded as one of the greatest guitarists of all time. He was also a founding member of the band Van Halen.

Halen brothers Alex and Eddie together with the other two members had formed a band called Mammoth in 1972, which they later renamed Van Halen. Eddie acted as a guitarist, keyboardist and backing vocalist for the band performances.

He is primarily known for the two-handed fret-board tapping he performed with his guitar, allowing him to create unique sounds for his genre of music. 

The flamboyant stage presence of the band can largely be attributed to Eddie and his explosive guitar style. His personal technique, playing notes at speed and creating unexpected effects, made impression on the record label owners of that time. He also created several patent devices for the guitar while Eddie's performance with Michael Jackson in 1983 for Beat It, had also given him extra launch pads. 

Alex Van Halen Nephew Wolfgang Van Halen

Eddie Van Halen had collaborated with Peavey Electronics Corporation on a guitar series called Peavey EVH Wolfgang, named after his son.
Eddie Van Halen had collaborated with Peavey Electronics Corporation on a guitar series called Peavey EVH Wolfgang, named after his son.( Source : instagram )

Alex Van Halen's nephew Wolfgang William Van Halen was together with the band Van Halen. He was born to Eddie Van Halen & Valerie Bertinelli.

The only one to carry the legacy in the new generation of Van Halen family members, he was first inspired by his uncle's drum kit. Wolfgang had first started out as a drummer, but later he took the guitar just like his father Eddie. It ultimately won him a place in the Van Halen band in 2006 as a new bassist.

Besides playing for Van Halen, Wolfgang was also an official member of the band Tremonti before departing from it in 2016. 

Wolfgang played along with his father for the Van Halen until the disbandment of Van Halen in 2020 shortly after the death of Eddie. Wolfgang had started his solo project earlier on, Mammoth WVH, which took its name from Van Halen's original band name.

After the death of his father, he focused on his project, released it in 2021, and not only that, he gave the Mammoth WVH a band form with a lineup. 

Wolfgang is a multi-instrumentalist: he plays drums, guitars and even piano. His song Distance from his album Mammoth WVH has been nominated for Grammy Award too. Now, his band performances are also hitting the billboards.

His music style is influenced by rock and heavy metal music. Wolfgang through his Instagram page never forgets to give tribute to the Van Halen band, and especially the legacy and love of his father.

Some FAQs

Is Alex Van Halen Married?

Alex is currently married to Stine Schyberg. His third wife, he has been married to Stine since 2000.

How Much Is Alex Van Halen Worth?

Alex has a net worth of $95 million. He earned his wealth as the drummer of Van Halen, which he also co-founded.

How Tall Is Alex Van Halen?

Alex is exactly Six feet tall. In meters, that would be 1.83m.

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