A Man Called Otto Soundtrack In Order

Poster of the 2022 film ' A Man Called Otto' with Otto played by Tom Hanks standing in the
Poster of the 2022 film ' A Man Called Otto' with Otto played by Tom Hanks standing in the( Source : pinterest )

A Man Called Otto soundtrack in order is 1. La Mer Azure 2. White Boy Summer 3. Til You're Home and More. The list below consists of songs of different genres.

The film is an adaption of Fredrick Backman's bestseller A Man Called Ove. It follows the story of Otto who has given up on his life after losing his wife to cancer.

Wrestling with the grief Otto was suicidal until his new neighbors moved in and his world became upside down. He meets his match in witty neighbor Marisol.

Marisol challenges him to see life from a different perspective which leads to an unlikely friendship between them. Overall, it is a heartwarming and funny film with themes of love, loss, and life.

The film has used a wide range of soundtracks for it evokes several emotions in the audience. And the right soundtrack can intensify feelings of joy, sadness, fear, and more.

Likewise, it is also used in supporting narrative, heightening suspense. Continue reading to learn about the soundtracks.

A Man Called Otto Soundtrack In Order

Soundtracks:Performed By:
La Mer AzureRobert Drasnin
White Boy SummerChet Hanx
Til You’re Home (Acoustic Mix)David Hodge
Hell on the HighwayAndrew Oye and Paul Laine
This Woman’s WorkKate Bush
On the MoveCut the Lights
La CosechaEl Santo Golpe
Sun Is ShiningThe Fireman
Til You’re HomeRita Wilson and Sebastián Yatra
My Crew (Woooo)Cadence Weapon
Old FolksKenny Dorham
Consolations S. 172 No. 3 Lento PlacidoKhatia Buniatishvili

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1. La Mer Azure by Robert Drasnin

A Man Called Otto songs list commences with La Mer Azure by Robert Drasnin. This opening sequence is also played when Otto shops at Busy Beaver.

Drasnin was a notable musician who worked in several genres but gained wide recognition for his works in the exotica music genre.

The jazz-influenced exotica soundtrack from the film encapsulates the essence of lush arrangements and exotica music.

2. White Boy Summer by Chet Hanx

One of the soundtracks White Boy Summer is by Chet Hanx, son of Tom Hanks. It is played when the real estate agent Mike Birbiglia pulls up in a vehicle.

He then argues with the real estate agent at the start of his private street. Dropped on April 13, 2021, this song has accumulated over a million streams on Spotify.

The musician referenced the song Hot Girl Summer by Megan Thee Stallion, one of the richest female rappers in 2023, in the title of the song.

Born Chester Marlon Hanks, aka Chet Hanx, dropped several videos on Instagram prior to the official release declaring that summer 2021 would be a 'White Boy Summer.'

3. Til You’re Home (Acoustic Mix) by David Hodge

Til You're Home (Acoustic Mix) version of the original of the same name was performed by David Hodges. The song is courtesy of Sing It Loud Records.

Sun through the shadow
Light through the door
Voice like an echo
I can't hear anymore

David Hodges starts off the song with the aforementioned first verse that expresses the feeling of longing for someone. Lyrically, Till You're Home best fits the themes of the film like aging, death, loss, and love.

The emotive lyrics resonate with anyone who deeply wants their loved ones to return back if possible. It is one of the notable works of Rita.

4. Hell on the Highway by Andrew Oye and Paul Laine

Tom Hanks stars as Otto on 'A Man Called Otto'.
Tom Hanks stars as Otto on 'A Man Called Otto'.( Source : pinterest )

Andrew Oye and Paul Laine's Hell on the Highway plays in the film when Marisol learns to drive. This track is played from a nearby vehicle in the scene.

Likewise, it is also played in the background when Otto confronts the driving lesson muscle head, Nick, played by Spenser Granese.

5. This Woman’s Work by Kate Bush

A Man Called Otto music list has This Woman's Work by Kate Bush. This record accompanies a flashback sequence when Otto remembers his wife Sonya.

Penned and performed by Kate, one of the Rock & Roll Hall Of Fame inductees, the song is played when Otto remembers how Sonya was injured in the bus crash while he loads the gun in the present

Bush originally recorded and penned the song for the soundtrack of the 1988 film 'She's Having a Baby.' A year later, This Woman's Work was released as a single in 1989.

Recognized for its emotional lyrics that reflect the themes of love and the loss of someone dear. This is why the song best fits the situation of the movie where Otto loses his wife.

The record renewed its popularity in the early 2000s after being featured in a scene of the TV show titled The Office. Likewise, it resurfaced on the web after being featured in A Man Called Otto.

6. On the Move by Cut the Lights

Cast of A Man Called Otto from left: Mariana as Marisol, Tom as Otto, Manuel Garcia-Rulfo as Tommy, Christiana Montoya as Luna, and Alessandra Perez as Abbie.
Cast of A Man Called Otto from left: Mariana as Marisol, Tom as Otto, Manuel Garcia-Rulfo as Tommy, Christiana Montoya as Luna, and Alessandra Perez as Abbie.( Source : pinterest )

On the Move by Cut the Lights is one of the songs in A Man Called Otto. It comes forward when Otto calls Shari played by Kelly Lamor Wilson.

Correspondingly, the music is also heard in the background when the real estate agents also arrive at Reuben's home to try to kick him and his wife out.

7. La Cosecha by El Santo Golpe

A Man Called Otto soundtrack comprises La Cosecha by El Santo Golpe. It appears in a hospital sequence when Marisol learns that Otto has a big heart.

One of the music popular tracks released in 2018 by El Santo Golpe, a collective merged in Cumbia, sets in as Marisol played by Mariana Treviño experiences labor pains.

Composed by Ulises Rodriguez under the aegis of NYCTrust (Names You Can Trust), the song is a perfect blend of culture, and dance with prominent percussion sounds.

The new musical collective, El Santo Golpe, starts the song:

Arto ya estoy de la pobreza
No me alcanza ni pa’ darte una flor
Arto ya estoy de la pobreza
No me alcanza ni pa’ darte una flor

Directed by Alex Reyes and edited by Misa Garcia, this soundtrack has earned 5.7k views on YouTube. The collective thanked Tio's Tacos in Riverside for allowing them to shoot the MV.

8. Sun Is Shining by The Fireman

Sun Is Shining was penned by Paul McCartney, one of the members of The Beatles. It plays when Otto takes Marisola and his daughter for a ride in his new truck.

The song written by one of four members of one of the best-selling Rock Bands of all time, Sun Is Shining, appeared as track 7 on the album Electric Arguments.

Every morning I get up
Look out my window, I get up
See the sunshine beating down
Every morning comes around, oh

Produced by McCartney and Martin Glover the song plays in the background as Otto says, This is Livin.'

9. Til You’re Home by Rita Wilson and Sebastián Yatra

One of A Man Called Otto songs Til You're Home was released on December 2, 2022. This track plays in the background during the film's final moments.

Penned by Rita Wilson and David Hodges, Til You're Home plays when Otto reads a letter during the ending scene.

Rita spent five years developing the American adaption of the 2015 Swedish film A Man Called Ove based on the novel of the same name by Fredrick Backman.

If you didn't know her husband Tom Hanks is the lead actor in the American adaptation. Director Marc Forster asked her to pen a song for the film during pre-production.

That's how Rita went on to pen the song with David Hodges. She asked Sebastián Yatra to join her on the song after hearing him on the Encanto soundtrack.

10. My Crew (Woooo) by Cadence Weapon

The list of songs from A Man Called Otto includes My Crew (Woooo) by Cadence Weapon. It showcases a blend of electronic, hip-hop, and experimental sounds.

Released on February 2017, the accompanying music video of the song has amassed over 27K views on YouTube. Whereas, it has 724,215 streams on Spotify.

Born Rollie Pemberton, rapper Cadence pays homage to his neighborhood through this song. It highlights the rapper's connections from various parts of the city including Mile End and more.

Filled with clever wordplay and references, Cadence starts the song with an addictive intro mentioned underneath:

This goes out to all my Mile End friends and my Parc Ex connects
All the kids in Little Italy, the punks in St-Henri
Plateau bros and the crew in the 'Deeg
'cause you know when I do it, you know I do it with ease

11. Old Folks by Kenny Dorham

Old Folks by Kenny Dorham is courtesy of Craft Recordings, a division of Concord. It was initially recorded for his album Whistle Stop in 1961.

The ballad music showcases Dorham's skill in emotive playing. Likewise, the nostalgic melody makes it a favorite song among jazz musicians.

Over the years, the track has been recorded and performed by many music artists.

12. Consolations S. 172 No. 3 Lento Placido by Khatia Buniatishvili

Consolations S. 172 No. 3 Lento Placido by Khatia Buniatishvili is one of the best instrumentals from the film. Franz Liszt composed this exquisite piano piece

Penned by Franz List and performed by the renowned Georgian pianist Khatia Buniatishvili, this beautiful work of art is courtesy of Sony Music Entertainment.

This composition showcases Liszt's capability to put an expressive feeling into the music. To ace this piece it requires a skilled pianist to bring out its entire beauty.

Khatia, being a talented and popular pianist nailed this piece. Her rendition of this piano piece is easily accessible on her YouTube account.

Thus far, Khatia's version of the piano piece has accumulated over 98K views on YouTube. Likewise, the song has amassed over 5 million streams on her Spotify.

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