Who Is Left On The Voice 2023?

The four judges of The Voice 2023
The four judges of The Voice 2023( Source : facebook )

Who Is Left On The Voice 2023? Holly Brand, D.Smooth, Sorelle, Ray Uriel, Ryley Tate Wilson, Gina Miles, Grace West, and NOIVAS are left on The Voice 2023.

After the last two episodes of the show, the remaining eight members have advanced to the Top 8. Now, the only two sections left are the Semi-Final and the Finale, which will crown the winner of this season.

Over 12 people were eliminated over the course of the last two episodes with six people being removed in Episode 14 and the other six being removed in Episode 15. Luckily, of the remaining eight members, pairs are split evenly across the teams of the four judges.

So, with all the judges on a level playing field, fans are more anxious than ever to see who is going to win this season of the singing reality show.

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The Voice Top 5 Finalists Contestants 2023

The Voice Top 5 Finalists Contestants 2023 will be announced in the Semi-Finals. Currently, the show has finished picking its Top 8 contestants.

The Voice Final 8 2023 consists of:

Who Is Left On Team Blake?

Grace West and NOIVAS are the two left on Team Blake. Grace is from Canton, Michigan while NOIVAS is from Jasper, Texas.

Both Grace and NOVIAS performed during Episode 14, which took place on May 1. Alongside the two, the eliminated members from their team who also performed were Rachel Christine, Kylee Dayne, and Mary Kate Connor.

NOIVAS started off the episode with a powerful rendition of The Beatles' Come Together and set the tone for Team Blake by easily advancing. Grace then came 5th in the order and performed her rendition of The Judds' Love Is Alive.

Who Is Left On Team Chance?

Sorelle and Ray Uriel are the two left on Team Chance. Sorelle is a trio from Lexington, Ohio while Ray Uriel is from Gary, Indiana.

As with Team Blake, both Sorelle and Ray Uriel performed during Episode 14 on May 1. Alongside them, other members of Chance the Rapper's teams were Kala Banham, Jamar Langley, and Manasseh Samone.

Ray Uriel went first as the 8th in the order of performers for the episode. He performed his rendition of the song Essence by Nigerian singer Wizkid featuring Tems.

Sorelle came 10th and were the final performers of the episode. They performed their rendition of Something's Got a Hold on Me by Etta James.

Who Is Left On Team Kelly?

Holly Brand and D.Smooth are the two left on Team Kelly. Holly is from Meridian, Mississippi while D. Smooth is from Birmingham, Alabama.

Holly and Smooth performed during Episode 15 which aired on May 8. Alongside them, other members of Team Kelly performing were Cait Martin, Neil Salsich, and ALI.

Smooth went first and was the first contestant to perform during the episode. The contestant sang their rendition of Location by Khalid.

On the other hand, Holly sang a rendition of Bring On the Rain by Jo Dee Messina. She was the ninth contestant to perform overall.

Who Is Left On Team Niall?

Ryley Tate Wilson and Gina Miles are the two left on Team Niall. Ryley is from Montgomery, Alabama while Gina is from Paxton, Illinois.

Like how Team Blake and Team Chance competed with each other, Team Niall competed with Team Kelly. Ryley and Gina, alongside Ross Clayton, Tasha Jessen, and Michael B. all performed on Episode 15.

Gina went first and fourth overall on the contestant order. The contestant performed their version of Chris Isaak's perennial hit Wicked Game.

Ryley went second and was the last contestant for both the episode and the Top 8 picks. The contestant sang their rendition of when the party's over by Billie Eilish.

What Does The Winner Of The Voice Get?

The winner of the Voice gets $100,000 and a record label contract. The contract is with Universal Music Group.

The contract with UMG has been active since Season 3. Prior to that, for the first two seasons, the winners would get a record deal with Universal Republic Records.

Bryce Leatherwood, the winner of the 2022 season, on stage wearing a black shirt
Bryce Leatherwood, the winner of the 2022 season, on stage wearing a black shirt( Source : facebook )

However, The Voice is not the only contest that gives its winners cash prizes. The American Idol winners get $250,000 as well as a $1000 stipend weekly when they record their album.

Despite getting a hundred and fifty thousand less than their counterpart, The Voice is held in the same regard by the viewing public who tune into both shows in a similar capacity.

Who Will Win The Voice 2023?

Who Will Win The Voice 2023? Fans fervently wait as the contestants thin episode by episode.

Of all the members of the Top 8 Sorelle have the highest Instagram followers
Of all the members of the Top 8 Sorelle have the highest Instagram followers( Source : instagram )

Now that only 8 contestants are left, people have already picked clear favorites to be the winner. Here are each of the Top 8 ranked by how popular they are on Instagram:

  • Sorelle - 70.8K
  • NOIVAS - 35.9K
  • Ryley Tate Wilson - 31.5K
  • Holly Brand - 18.4K
  • Gina Miles - 15.2K
  • Grace West - 7.3K
  • D.Smooth - 5.6K
  • Ray Uriel 5.2K

Purely judging based on Instagram followers, all clues indicate that Sorelle should be the one who will win The Voice 2023. However, this is purely speculation as there have been many eliminated contestants with larger Instagram follower counts.

Fans will have to keep tuning in to find out who will win the reality competition show.

The Voice Winners List By Season

The Voice Winners List By Season includes 1. Javier Colon 2. Jermaine Paul 3. Cassadee Pope. Here are the winners from when the show started in 2011:

Chris Blue12 (2017)
Sawyer Fredericks8 (2015)
Chloe Kohanski13 (2017)
Brynn Cartelli14 (2018)
Chevel Shepherd15 (2018)
Maelyn Jarmon16 (2019)
Jake Hoot17 (2019)
Todd Tilghman18 (2020)
Carter Rubin19 (2020)
Cam Anthony20 (2021)
Girl Named Tom21 (2021)
Bryce Leatherwood22 (2022)
Sundance Head11 (2016)
Alisan Porter10 (2016)
Jordan Smith9 (2015)
Craig Wayne Boyd7 (2014)
Josh Kaufman6 (2014)
Tessanne Chin5 (2013)
Danielle Bradbery4 (2013)
Cassadee Pope3 (2012)
Jermaine Paul2 (2012)
Javier Colon1 (2011)
Winner Name:Season:

Prior to last year, 2022, there would be two seasons per year which is why despite only existing from 2011, the show has already gotten up to 22 seasons. The decision was made from last season onwards, with the show now moving towards one cycle per year moving forward.

Did Morgan Wallen Win The Voice?

No, Morgan Wallen did not win The Voice. However, he was a contestant during the sixth season of The Voice.

During his time on The Voice, Wallen originally was a member of Team Usher but changed to Adam Levine's team later on. He made it all the way to the playoffs but was eliminated soon after.

However, despite never winning the show, he has since become one of the most successful artists to come out of it. He signed with Panacea Records soon after his departure and released his debut EP Stand Alone in 2015.

The following year, he signed to Big Loud and released his debut album If I Know Me in 2018 which topped the Country Charts. However, it is his second album, Dangerous: The Double Album which catapulted him into fame as it topped the Billboard 200, being the first country album in 64 years to do so.

His third album One Thing at a Time released in 2023 has done the same.

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