Everything We Know About Whistle Rapper Urfavxboyfriend

Urfavxboyfriend's unique
Urfavxboyfriend's unique "Shhvff" sound is becoming sensational on the social media but he has grown way beyond it( Source : instagram )

Urfavxboyfriend rapper age is 30. The artist is a recent TikTok sensation whose unique Sh Sh sound has been widely replicated.

The rapper's DVBBS-produced Sh Sh Sh featuring Wiz Khalid and GoldSoul is now reaching close to a million views. The signature Shhvff sound is like an adlib and is gaining traction both in the TikTok community and among music producers.

Similarly, his whistle style has been considered by many as a Mexican and Latino slang language. 

Some of his fans have even thanked him for introducing the indigenous tongue to the new generation. The rapper has over 141K Monthly listeners on Spotify. 

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Whistle Rapper Urfavxboyfriend Age

Whistle Rapper Urfavxboyfriend age is 30 years old. The rapper admitted in an interview with Juice Unlocked on YouTube that he was born in 1992.

Urfavxboyfriend Gives The Most Awkward No Jumper Interview Of All Time ( Source : youtube )

He has also talked about himself in an interview with the popular YouTube channel No Jumper which is known for its off-beat interview style and mostly features upcoming rappers and music influencers. The video has gained more than 400K views in just a month.

Urfavxboyfriend Real Name

Urfavxboyfriend's real name is Jacob. Jacob has been doing music for a couple of years now but only gained attention lately.

The rapper and Goldsoul released their popular song Hit That via Sound Cloud, but only when the music video was released did the music and its unique sound effects go on to become Viral on social media. The song has been called Whistle Rap by many.

Urfavxboyfriend has already given long interviews on popular podcasts and his fan base is getting stronger. ( Source : youtube )

A late bloomer, he started doing music with his friends when he was 25. He has found new fame with his "Shhvff" voice element in his music and can even talk with his friend in the language.

Not only in his songs but he's found doing it in his interviews too. He's proud of his style and is not bothered by how people will react.

Despite his success, the rapper is not so much interested to associate with a record label as he finds them disturbing.

The musical artist counts punk and metal songs as influence and in the future might do other kinds of music in that vein. For now, he's doing a mixtape with Swifty Blue soon.

Urfavxboyfriend Instagram Bio

Urfavxboyfriend Instagram Bio reads Musician/band with a link to his YouTube music video Curious Characters. The rapper has over 23K followers on Instagram.

On the app, he has shared posts about shows and events and also little clips from his upcoming releases. Also, he isn't hesitant to share personal videos like getting tattoos and pictures of his daughter, Lux.

From music to his lifestyle to even TikTok videos, the artist has shared them all on his page. There are even old videos in which he had no face tattoos. 

Except for face tattoos, he also experiments with face paints in the same fashion as corpse paint by Metal band members. The face paints and facial expression matches his style of music.

Where Is Urfavxboyfriend From?

Uvfavxboyfriend is from Corpus Christi, Texas. The rapper spent his childhood there and joined Richard King High School.

Urfavxboyfriend Interview with Juice Unlocked! ( Source : youtube )

He later got into Richard Milburn Academy as he has confirmed in his interviews.

The rapper has a great appreciation for the artist Foos Gone Wild and Trash Bag Boys and has even got tattoos of them on his face.

Urfavxboyfriend Height: How Tall Is The Rapper?

Urfavxboyfriend height is 6 feet 3 inches tall. However, his height is the last thing people notice about him.

Urfavxboyfriend is collaborating with other artists, where he drops his unique style to the music
Urfavxboyfriend is collaborating with other artists, where he drops his unique style to the music( Source : instagram )

The rapper is most recognized for his get-up, in which he has purposefully used fish nets as one of his trademark covers. 

NBS's SNL featured his 'SHHVFF SHHVFF' sound in one of their spoof for the Weekend Update segment, and the curiosity about the unique sound earned him a new fan base. In an interview, he said that for him creativity builds in his mental space.

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