Rapper Tornillo Vazquez Biography

Tornillo is an up-and-coming young rapper from Mexico
Tornillo is an up-and-coming young rapper from Mexico( Source : instagram )

Here is all about Tornillo Vazquez Rapper: Age, Family And Bio. Tornillo Vazquez is a 19 years old rapper from Mexico.

The rapper started releasing music in 2020, and since then has already garnered quite a large following despite his young age. Tornillo's music is a mix of Rap, Mexican Rap, and Cumbia music, and is a style wholly his own.

Due to his unique brand of Hip-Hop, which has modernized an old Mexican classic, Tornillo is being hailed by many for being the future of mainstream Mexican music.

How Old Is Tornillo Vazquez? 

As stated above, Tornillo Vazquez is 19 years old. Tornillo was born on March 24, 2003.

The rapper started his career on April 29, 2020, when he posted a video on his YouTube channel called Aya En Mi Barrio, which means "In My Neighborhood." The song was an instant success and has garnered over 1.7 million views since.

In the three years since the song's release, the rapper has churned out many projects. Tornillo has released 30 singles and a full-length album since 2020.

The most popular among those songs, Sentosa, has already amassed over 95 million plays on his Spotify. The rapper's debut album, Cactus, came out on October 28, 2022.

What Is Tornillo Vazquez Real Name?

Tornillo Vazquez real name is Osiel Armando Vazquez Perez. The rapper has shortened the name to Osiel Vazquez on social media.

His first name, Osiel, comes from the Hebrew word of the same name, which means God's power or God is my strength. The word means the same in Spanish too.

Tornillo's middle name, Armando, means soldier, making his first and middle names come together to mean God's soldier. As for the other two names, Vazquez is his father's surname, and Perez is his mother's surname.

As for his rap name, Tornillo can be translated to mean screw. According to him, the name is a nod to his father, who is a mechanic, and how the rapper used to help him by passing him tools at work.

Tornillo Vazquez Family

Tornillo parents are a mechanic father and a homeworker mother. They are both Mexican.

As stated above, Tornillo's father works as a mechanic, and the rapper would often accompany him to work, gaining his stage name from that memory. The rapper's father was also very interested in cars, a passion he shares with his son.

A young Tornillo with his mother on a Facebook post dedicated to her
A young Tornillo with his mother on a Facebook post dedicated to her( Source : facebook )

As for his mother, the rapper once shared a loving dedication for her on Facebook, where he talked about how she always comforted him, dried his tears, and made him laugh no matter how old he gets. According to him, his mother is his best friend.

The rapper grew up with his family in the Cactus neighborhood in Soledad de Graciano Sanchez, which he used to name his debut album.

What Is Tornillo Vazquez Net Worth?

Tornillo Vazquez net worth is over $1.5 million as per SocialBlade. The amount is from his YouTube channel alone.

According to the tabulation website, the rapper earns between $7.8K and $125K monthly and between $937K and $1.5 million annually from his channel alone.

Tornillo's monthly and annual income on YouTube alone
Tornillo's monthly and annual income on YouTube alone( Source : socialblade )

The most popular song on his channel, Nena Ven, has received over 121 million views as of the writing of this article. In fact, 31 songs on his YouTube channel have either reached or surpassed a million views.

Plus, he has over 5 million monthly listeners on Spotify.

Tornillo Vazquez Height: How Tall Is The Rapper?

Rapper Tornillo is 5 feet and 7 inches tall. Tornillo has the same height as his mentor Santa Fe Klan.

Tornillo with his mentor, Santa Fe Klan
Tornillo with his mentor, Santa Fe Klan( Source : facebook )

His lean build and chiseled jawline have brought the rapper many fans, especially women, and he has become a heartthrob of sorts for many.

The rapper also has many tattoos and is prone to showing them off on Instagram, where he posts many shirtless pictures.

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