What Are Soul For Real Members Ages?

The Darylimple brothers in all white outfit
The Darylimple brothers in all white outfit( Source : facebook )

What Are Soul For Real Members Ages? The Soul for Real members ages range from 50 to 43.

The group was formed in 1992 and is still carrying on today.

Hailing from Wheatley Heights, New York, Soul for Real is an American R&B group that emerged in the mid-1990s and comprised of four Dalyrimple brothers - Christopher, Andre, Brian, and Jason.

Upon signing a record deal with Uptown Records in 1995, the band released their debut studio album, Candy Rain, which spawned their all-time hit title track and propelled them to stardom.

With their undeniable talent and soul-stirring performances, the band left an enduring impression on the R&B scene, becoming a beloved symbol of true musical artistry.

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Who Is In Soul For Real Band?

Who Is In Soul For Real Band? The Soul for Real original members consists of sibling brothers Christopher, Brian, Andre, and Jason Dalyrimple.

Christopher Sherman Dalyrimple

christopher spending time with his mistress
christopher spending time with his mistress( Source : instagram )

Christopher Dalyrimple, the eldest sibling of the well-known quartet band from the 1990s, went by the stage name "Choc." He played the part of the band's rapper.

He is 50 years old now and was born on April 30, 1973. He and his three brothers started the R&B group when they were barely twenty years old.

Andre Lamont Dalyrimple

Andre posing in his white suit and shades
Andre posing in his white suit and shades( Source : facebook )

In the quartet of four, Andre Dalyrimple was the second-oldest child. Like his older brother, he was a rapper who went by the alias "Dre."

Andre, who was born on July 4th, 1974, in Wheatley Heights, New York, helped the group's soulful vibe with his voice and harmony work.

Brian Dalyrimple

Brian casually chilling in sofa with his cervical pillow
Brian casually chilling in sofa with his cervical pillow( Source : instagram )

Brian Dalyrimple is the younger brother of Christopher and Brian, while also being elder than Jason.

He was born on December 14, 1975, and is currently aged 47. In 2009, he faced severe accusations of using provoked identities and was arrested.

As of right now, he lives in Atlanta, Georgia, where he operates a restaurant called Naomi's Caribbean Cuisine, with his three children, a son, and two daughters.

Jason Dalyrimple

Jason arms are covered with artistic tattoos
Jason arms are covered with artistic tattoos( Source : facebook )

Jason Dalyrimple, one of the group's founders and its youngest member, was born on May 10, 1980. He recently turned 43 years old.

He was the band's primary vocalist and the man behind "Candy Rain," which became a smash hit in 1995.

He helped the quartet's harmonies and deep sound with his vocal abilities while a member of the group, and in 2012 he left to pursue a solo career under the name "Jase4Real."

Has Any Soul For Real Member Died?

An art cover from Soul for Real single, After The Rain, depicting their mother
An art cover from Soul for Real single, After The Rain, depicting their mother( Source : facebook )

No Soul for Real members has died. In fact, all the members—who are now in their mid-to late-forties—are still alive.

2011 saw the beginning of reports that the second-youngest sibling had sadly died. However, it was discovered to be a rumor, and he was later taken into custody for identity fraud.

However, they tragically lost their mother in 2020, which inspired them to dedicate their new single, "After The Rain," to their late mother. A photo of their mother appears on the cover art.

What Happened To Soul For Real Members?

Throwback to the four brothers in their 90s
Throwback to the four brothers in their 90s( Source : facebook )

Soul for Real members is still active and unified as ever, with no declaration of a hiatus.

But in 2012, Jase, the youngest member, and lead singer, also began a solo career under the stage name "Jase4Real".

Three years earlier, the band's second-youngest sibling, Brian, also known as "Bri," was charged with aggravated identity fraud and eventually arrested, leaving the group with just three members for a while.

As of right now, Jake has put out three solo records and founded Jakemakermusic LLC, a solo production company situated in Atlanta. In addition, he founded his own record company, BEA Music Ent, through which he will release his future work as well as joint ventures with other musicians.

Is Soul For Real Still Releasing Songs?

No, Soul for Real hasn't released a new song since November 2021 and hasn't announced any new plans.

Their most recently released single was "After the Rain" which was a tribute to their deceased mother.

On May 14, 2023, the band members reunited and performed at the VSU Multi-Purpose Center in Petersburg, VA.

Similarly, here are some of the recent tours and concerts that the R&B quartet ventured into.

  • Fri, 7 April 2023 - Lincoln, California (Thunder Valley Casino Resort)
  • Fri, 17 June 2022 - Detriot, Michigan (The Aretha Franklin Amphitheatre)
  • Sun, 8 May 2022 - Ontario, Canada (Toyota Arena)
  • Sat, 23 April 2022 - Fresno, California (Save Mart Center)
  • Sun, 10 April 2022 - Baltimore, Maryland (Chesapeake Employers Insurance Arena)
  • Fri, 14 Jan 2022 - Nashville, Tennessee (Bridgestone Arena)

The band hasn't planned to embark upon any tours as of 2023, however, the four-piece siblings have picked up a handful of concerts and festivals on which they'll be performing at.

  • Sat, 10 June 2023 - Wyandanch Park, 877 Mount Ave, NY (Wyandanch Family Day 2023)
  • Fri, 8 September 2023 - Wallington Ford, CT, USA (Oakdale Theatre)

What Is Soul For Real Net Worth?

All of the members from Soul For Real have an estimated net worth of $5 million. This vast net worth comes from their musical career as an R&B quartet band.

Members of Soul for Real looking flashy in their expensive suits
Members of Soul for Real looking flashy in their expensive suits( Source : facebook )

Boasting their Platinum-certified album Candy Rain, whose sales exceeded 1 million copies in the US, it is no surprise that the brother-in-arms has amassed vast wealth during their prime.

Additionally, to further boost his wealth Jason has also invested in his own production company Jasemakermusic LLC and his label BEA Music Ent.

While the other brothers haven't publicly opened up about their business, they boast similar amounts of wealth as their younger brother.

Here are the Net worths of the respective band members from Soul For Real.

Member NameEstimated Net Worth
Christopher "Choc" Dalyrimple$5 million
Andre "Dre" Dalyrimple$5 million
Brian "Bri" Dalyrimple$5 million
Jason "Jase" Dalyrimple$5 million

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