The Best Songs with Word May in the Title

May undoubtedly is one of the best months of the year with green grass and flower blooming.
May undoubtedly is one of the best months of the year with green grass and flower blooming.( Source : pinterest )

Songs with the word May in the title consists of 1. May 16 by Lagwagon 2. Third of May by Fleet Foxes 3. Month of May by Arcade Fire, and more.

May is named after the Roman goddess, Maia, who looks overgrowth. One of the best months of the year, May symbolizes warmth and flowers blooming as the season transitions from Winter/Spring to Summer.

Hence, it is worth celebrating the month for this sole reason. On top of that, songwriters didn't miss the opportunity to write songs in celebration of this special time.

In the article underneath, we have listed some of the songs about or referencing the month of May.

Songs With The Word May In The Title

Song Names:Artist Names:
May 16Lagwagon
Third of MayFleet Foxes
Month of MayArcade Fire
End of MayMichael Bublé
Stormy May DayAC/DC
May QueenLiz Phair
Early Morning MayRonald Jenkee
Maybe Next MaySecrets
5 Days in MayBlue Rodeo
The First Of MayBee Gees

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1. May 16 by Lagwagon

May 16 by Lagwagon was released on the album titled Let’s Talk About Feelings in 1998. The frontman of the band Joey Cape penned this masterpiece.

Many of us might be aware that May 16 marks the punk rock holiday widely known as 'Lagwagon Day.'

That said the significance behind May 16 is that the date marks the wedding day of Joey's friend where he wasn't invited.

The title of the song refers to when Joey, the lead singer, ended up having a feud with his friend's fiance that led to a major fallout.

Joey had this falling out over what the singer calls a misunderstanding. So, the singer was not invited to the wedding.

He overheard about the wedding celebration when he was at a different friend's house on May 16. It left him sad and upset that he wasn’t invited, regardless of that Joey mentioned that he feels proud of all his friends.

2. Third of May by Fleet Foxes

Third of May by Fleet Foxes is from the album Crack-Up. It reflects the robustness of the member's Robin Pecknold and Skjelset relationship.

May 3rd, the birthday of Robin, is where the title comes from. This song talks about a relationship that the guitarist, Robin, had with the frontman Skjelset following the release of their 2011 album titled Helplessness Blues.

There were a lot of issues between the two of them because of touring which led them to drift apart although they maintained a sound relationship with other as teenagers.

It addresses the feeling of having an unrequited and unresolved relationship after their growing distance post-tour, the guitarist stated to Pitchfork.

He also went on to state that he misses their bonding although the distance was somewhat progressive and necessary for both of them as individuals.

3. Month of May by Arcade Fire

The list of songs with a month in the title comprises Month of May by Arcade Fire. It was released by the rock band on their hit album The Suburbs.

It was released as a single through Mercury Records on June 1, 2010. The song made it to the Canadian Hot 100 chart at number 94.

The song talks about living in Canada and feeling like it’s still winter although it’s May and spring has already begun. Lyrically, it voices the feeling of people living there.

As the song continues it talks about how everyone is over being indoors all winter because they want to get out and enjoy the warm weather.

Month of May peaked at several charts including #26 on the US Billboard Adult Alternative Songs, #40 on the Canada Rock Billboard, and more.

Not to mention, this single can relate to you a lot if you live in an area where even the month of May feels cold and dull.

4. Stormy May Day by AC/DC

Stormy May Day by AC/DC is from their 2008 album titled Black Ice. The song speaks about a big storm occurring on a particular day in May.

It can be a go-to song to listen to for a month full of Spring storms. Likewise, many of us can relate to the song for its lyrics talks about the thunder and lightning that goes on all day and night.

The storm is raging,
Winds are howling,
The water's calling, rescue you,
A flash of lightning,
At times a frightening,
A wind is coming, and the sun don't shine.

5. End of May by Michael Bublé

The Canadian singer Michael Bublé released End Of May in  2010 on the album Hollywood: The Deluxe LP. It is an emotional ballad song.

This 2010-released emotional song talks about loss and pain following the end of the relationship. The singer's relationship ended in May and he is left with nothing but pain and heartache as he tries to move forward with his life.

Whilst wallowing in the sadness brought by the ending of the relationship, he finds himself ok on some days whereas on some days he isn't himself.

Having said that, the singer states the need to accept the bitter truth that she is gone from his life regardless of his constant efforts.

He then ends the song by stating that he'll just bring up how it feels like just another day to him and nothing special instead of letting her know if he sees her again.

6. May Queen by Liz Phair

The American singer Liz Phair released May Queen on her album Whip-Smart in 1994. It is about her having a crush on a guy for a prolonged time.

The upbeat tempo song highlights the situation of the singer who likes a guy, and when they see each other again, he is surrounded by a lot of other women.

It has an upbeat and catchy melody although it's dealing with this kind of subject matter. Also, listeners have varying interpretations of the song.

Another part of this song refers that how the guy has had multiple women in his life, which is evident in the lyrics that go like this:

Girls in your arms
The changing of her majesty's guard is truly amazing

May Queen undoubtedly is one of those songs that one can play while at a prom or other function in the early spring and summer months.

7. Maybe Next May by Secrets

One of the Month of May songs is Maybe Next May by Secrets. It was dropped by the American post-hardcore band on the album Fragile Figures in 2013.

With the theme of loss and regret the song talks about a relationship that is on the verge to end. The singer has reflected on how much he has done to keep that relationship going.

In the first narrative form, the singer shows how he has been trying to show her why they belong together in the lyrics below, however, she keeps questioning his love for her and their relationship.

This heart is yours
So take it as you please
But if you walk away
Remember I need that heart to breathe

The protagonist then realizes that he ought to move on with his own life although she won't be a part of it anymore. The song comprises the feeling of regret and loss, which many of us can relate to.

8. Early Morning May by Ronald Jenkee

Early Morning May by Ronald Jenkee makes the cut in songs about the month of May. It was released in 2012 on the album titled Days Away.

This track doesn't have lyrics for it is an instrumental. However, one can feel the hint of May in this song even without words.

The song induces warm feelings of renewal and spring. Whereas, the upbeat melody of the keyboard invokes an optimistic outlook for the coming days.

You can instantly feel the rays of hope listening to this 2012 instrumental electronic track. Lauded with positive reviews, this track remains one of the famous compositions by the American musician.

9. 5 Days in May by Blue Rodeo

Songs with the month of May also have 5 Days in May by Blue Rodeo in the mix. It is all about how the singer of the band crossed paths with his wife.

Some of the best love songs are inspired by personal experiences. It goes the same with Blue Rodeo's song 5 Days in May. Jim Cuddy of the band got the inspiration behind the song from his first meeting with his wife.

The mid-tempo ballad song sheds light on Jim and his wife's first meeting that too in a hurricane shelter. In the song, he talks about this unusual feeling of realizing she is the one although they didn't each other.

The title of the song speaks for the happiness the couple feels when they are together. We all feel the utmost happiness at the beginning of our new relationships, which is what this love track is all about.

10. The First of May by Bee Gees

The First of May by Bee Gees was dropped as a single from their album Odessa. It peaked on the US Billboard Hot 100 chart at number 37.

The title of this 1969 released song comes from the actual birthday of one of the members of the group, Barry Gibb's dog. Although it is about his dog, one can depict it as a love song.

Issued via Polydor and ATCO Records, The First of May reflects on the memories with the hopes of rekindling a lost love. The song also highlights the power of love and its effect.

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