20 Songs With The Word Them In Title

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Songs with Them in the title are 1. Don't Believe Them 2. Save Yourself I Will Hold Them Back 3. Baddest Of Them All and more. Them is used to refer to groups.

So, tracks using them generally talk about others, especially in relation to one's self or proximity. These songs can be used to boost one's confidence by telling oneself not to think about others or to show how confident others are and try to inherit the trait

Them in-song also can be used to show how not to behave like others. Let's take a look at how 20 artists have used this word in 20 such songs.

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1. Don't Believe Them By Lauren Daigle

Artist: Lauren Daigle

Album: Lauren Daigle

Release Date: May 12, 2023

Lauren Daigle's Don't Believe Them is a new song with them in the title. Lauren returned to the industry after 2018 with this single and a self-titled album.

Key Lyrics

There are two sides to every storyThe truth leaves where it don't belong

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2. Save Yourself I'll Hold Them Back By My Chemical Romance

Artist: My Chemical Romance

Album: Danger Days: The True Lives Of The Fabulous Killjoys

Release Date: November 22, 2010

Save Yourself I'll Hold Them Back by My Chemical Romance tackles the theme of desperately needing to escape.

Key Lyrics

I hope you're ready for a firefight'Cause the devil's got your number tonight, they say

The lyrics encourage individuals struggling to find the strength and fight against the agents that oppress them. It urges individuals to fight for a better future.

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3. Baddest Of Them All By Eliza Rose

Artist: Eliza Rose, Interplanetary Criminal

Album: B.O.D.A (Baddest Of Them All)

Release Date: June 15, 2022

Baddest Of Them All is a dance number with the word them in the song. It talks about a woman who is so full of confidence she feels is the baddest one.

Key Lyrics

She's the baddest of them allThe baddest of them all

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4. If You Love Somebody Set Them Free By Sting

Artist: Sting

Album: The Dream Of The Old Turtles

Release Date: 1985

If You Love Someone Set Them Free by Sting is an old song with them in the title. This hit rock track incorporates the idea of love and freedom.

Key Lyrics

If you want to hold on to your possessionDon't even think about me

The song urges individuals to be free from dominating relationships and live freely.

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5. Show Them The Way By Stevie Nicks

Artist: Stevie Nicks

Album: Show Them The Way

Release Date:2020

Show Them The Way was Stevie Nicks' first new song after 6 years. This track is said to be inspired by her dream before the 2008 election.

Key Lyrics

Spirits all given the strengthPeace can come if you really want it

The dream was so vivid Stevie wrote a poem the next day. That poem then became this song.

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6. Show Them Who It Made You By Kai Straw

Artist: Kai Straw

Album: Illuminarium

Release Date: 2021

Show Them Who It Made You By Kai Straw is a Them song about being brave. The Them in this context is other people and detractors.

Key Lyrics

Some want it to break youYou've gotta be brave

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7. Them Bones By Alice In Chains

Artist: Alice In Chains

Album: Dirt

Release Date 1992

The Alice In Chains song, Them Bones, was written by guitarist Jerry Cantrell. This track became quite popular among fans.

Key Lyrics

I believe them bones are meSome say we're born into the grave

The lyrics reminds the listener that life doesn't last forever. There is death after life which no one can predict.

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8. Them Belly Full By Bob Marley

Artist: Bob Marley and The Wailers

Album: Natty Dread

Release Date: 1974

Them Belly Full is a reggae song by Bob Marley which addresses to poverty and social issues in Jamaica. It is from the album Dirt.

Key Lyrics

Them belly full but we're hungryA hungry mob is a angry mob

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9. Us And Them By Pink Floyd

Artist: Pink Floyd

Album: The Dark Side Of The Moon

Release Date: 4 February, 1974

The progressive rock band Pink Floyd released Us and Them in 1974. Once again, theThem here means the other.

Key Lyrics

Us (us, us, us, us) and them (them, them, them, them)And after all we're only ordinary men

The lines describe how people are separated between "us and them". Meaning there are those who are similar and those who are separate.

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10. Remember Them Days by Beanie Sigel

Artist: Beanie Sigel, Eve

Album: The Truth 

Release Date: 2000

Remember Them Days is a celebration song for how far a person has come in life. Beanie and Eve reflects the action of the past that brought them here.

Key Lyrics

Remember we used to hustle thinking life would cheat usNot knowing if we struggled life would treat us

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11. Kill Them With Kindness By Idles

Artist: Idles

Album: Ultra Mono 

Release Date: 2020

Kill Them With Kindness by Idles is an anthem to confront the negative with kindness. This song uses nursery rhyme lyrics about compassion and benevolence.

Key Lyrics

It doesn't mean you have to bow, or say "Your Highness"Just kill 'em with kindness

The lyrics say you don't need to bow to someone who is bringing you down instead be kind to those people. They go on to say don't be treated as someone's option know your worth.

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12. Prove Them Wrong By Slopes

Artist: Slopes

Release Date: 2021

Prove Them Wrong by Slopes is a song with them in the name. It is about wanting to prove the critics wrong from the pressure and expectations.

Key Lyrics

When we were gonna prove them all wrong
You and I

The narrator expresses two people in love wanted to prove other opinions wrong and end up together.

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13. Hear Them Bells By Neil Diamond

Artist: Neil Diamond

Album: Hear Them Bell

Release Date: 1996

Neil Diamond's Hear Them Bell is a love song written for the singer's girlfriend. This is the first song Diamond wrote and released in 1996.

Key Lyrics

Our love is real, we'll never ever partTo be with you, love is my one desire

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14. Let Them Know By Mabel

Artist: Mabel

Album: About Last Night

Release Date: 18 June 2021

Let Them Know by Mabel is a song for those who are scared to be themselves. It got quick attention because of its catchy lyrics and catchy beat.

Key Lyrics

Let them knowOh baby, let them know

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15. Them Changes By Thundercat

Artist: Thundercat

Album: Drunk 

Release Date: 2017

In Them Changes by Thundercat The protagonist is expressing the feeling of heartbreak. Throughout the song, he is asking questions about his heart.

Key Lyrics

And I can't find my heartWhere did it go? Did I leave it in the cold?

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16. Them By The Academic

Artist: The Academic

Album: Acting My Age

Release Date: 2020

The Academic Song, Them, was released in 2020. It is about the desire to like others and searching for a connection.

Key Lyrics

I want you to hold me and never let goYou'll be surprised how far

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17. I Told Them By Burna Boy

Artist: Burna Boy ft GZA

Album:  I Told Them...

Release Date: 2023

I Told Them by Bruna Boy is a new track about self-determination and affirmation to overcome self-doubt and expectation.

Key Lyrics

Self-confident, self-reliant
Told 'em I'm the master

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18. Let Them See You By JJ Weeks Band

Artist: JJ Weeks Band

Album: All Over The World

Release Date: 2013

Let Them See You By JJ Week Band is a song about the desire of artists to see God's presence through his voice. The chorus here serves as a prayer to God.

Key Lyrics

Let them see You in meLet them hear You when I speak

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19. The Worst Of Them By Issues

Artist: Issues

Album: Issues

Release Date: 2014

The Worst Of Them explores the toxic relationship faced by the narrator. It shows the effect of relationships on mental health.

Key Lyrics

Cut down by the things you say, it's the beating of a broken drumOne of these days you'll push me away, turn around it'll be too late

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20. You>Them By Autumn

Artist: Autumn

Album: Golden Child Chapter 3

Release Date: 2023

You>Them is about a person who has a desire for fame as well as a relationship with a partner. The narrator wants to balance his personal and professional life.

Key Lyrics

I'm just tryna make it through the day with some closureI'm just waiting on you, baby girl, just come over

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