Songs With The Harmonica You Have To Listen In 2023

This instrument is one of the most prominent in the Western Pop music tradition
This instrument is one of the most prominent in the Western Pop music tradition( Source : facebook )

Songs with the harmonica are 1. Love Me Do By The Beatles 2. The Wizard By Black Sabbath 3. On The Road Again By Willie Nelson.

The harmonica has always had a place in music since its debut in the 19th century. It is one of the best-selling musical instruments, with only the guitar coming close in second place.

Derived from the Latin word "harmonicus" which translates to English as harmonious and tuneful, this instrument brings peace and calmness to its listeners.

When it comes to harmonica, two genres specifically dominate the scene - Classical and rock. However, as the music industry is constantly evolving other genres have also incorporated this instrument into their songs.

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Solo Harmonica Songs

Harmonica solo songs include 1. The River By Bruce Springsteen 2. Once Upon A Time In the West By Ennio Morricone and 3. Piano Man By Billy Joel.

Numerous singers have used the harmonica in their music to add something special and melodious to their creations. 

The River By Bruce Springsteen

Bruce Springsteen - The River (The River Tour, Tempe 1980) ( Source : youtube )

The River by Bruce Springsteen is one of the singles from his fifth studio album, released in 1980 under the label Columbia Records.

The song features a melodious riff from the piano followed by a harmonica riff slowly transitioning into amazing vocals from the artist.

Man With A Harmonica By Ennio Morricone

Man With A Harmonica ( Source : youtube )

Man With A Harmonica By Ennio Morricone is an iconic soundtrack from the film, Once Upon a Time in the West.

The film was directed by Sergio Leone and was released in 1972.

This classical film played a vital role in the popularity of the harmonica. When talking about the movie, the soundtrack is the first thing that comes to mind of the people.

In the movie, the protagonist, Charles Bronson, dramatically plays his diatonic harmonica, but the original soundtrack was recorded via Hohner Chromonica 40 harmonica.

Piano Man By Billy Joel

Billy Joel - Piano Man (Official HD Video) ( Source : youtube )

Piano Man By Billy Joel is a single released on November 2, 1973, under Columbia Records. It is from the artist's second studio album Piano Man.

The song was written from real-life Joel's perspective as a lounge musician, recalling his past life and the people he encountered during that period.

The song was featured in multiple charts across English-speaking nations including a top 4 finish in U.S Billboard Easy Listening, and number 10 at Canadian RPM Top Singles, and many others

Best songs with harmonica are 1. Love Me Do By The Beatles 2. Roadhouse Blues By The Doors 3. Long Train Runnin' The Doobie Brothers

Love Me Do By The Beatles

Love Me Do - The Beatles Lyrics ( Source : youtube )

Love Me Do By The Beatles is a single released in 1962 in the UK. It is also one of many songs by the band that features harmonica.

Written by the iconic pair Lennon and McCartney, the song is instantly recognizable as it features a harmonic riff in its intro.

After its 1964 release in the U.S., the song secured the top spot in U.S. Billboard Hot 100 charts, US Cash Box Top 100 charts, the Australian charts, and even the Newzealand Level Hit Parade chart.

Roadhouse Blues By The Doors

The Doors - Roadhouse Blues ( Source : youtube )

Roadhouse Blues by The Doors is the first track of the album, Morrison Hotel. It was released in March 1970 through Elektra Records.

The harmonica wasn't played by any members of the band but by the revered instrumentalist John Sebastian. 

The verse played with the harmonica is similar to a voice and it induces varying emotions in its listeners. With over 223 million streams on Spotify, it is one of the band's most popular songs.

Long Train Runnin' By The Doobie Brothers

The Doobie Brothers - Long Train Runnin' (Live From The Beacon Theater) ( Source : youtube )

Long Train Runnin' By The Doobie Brothers was written by Tom Johnston for the third studio album of the band The Captain And Me.

At the past 1-minute mark, the singer performs a solo harmonica play with his Hohner C blues harp harmonica.

Since its release in 1973, it has been featured in numerous charts including a number 8 finish on US Billboard Hot 100 and Canada Top Singles (RPM).

Pop Songs Featuring Harmonica

Harmonica in songs includes 1. Absolutely Sweet Marie By Bob Dylan 2. Despacito By Luis Fonci and 3. Don't Know Why By Norah Jones.

Despacito By Luis Fonci

Luis Fonsi - Despacito ft. Daddy Yankee ( Source : youtube )

Despacito by Luis Fonce translates to 'slow' in English, but its rise in viewership has been anything but that. 

This song featuring rapper Daddy Yankee is the lead single from Fonci's 10th studio album Vida.

Being right below Baby Shark Dance, the song is the second-most viewed video on YouTube with over 8.1 billion views thanks to its amazing instrumental accompanied by the melody from the harmonica.

Absolutely Sweet Marie By Bob Dylan

Bob Dylan - Absolutely Sweet Marie (Official Audio) ( Source : youtube )

Absolutely Sweet Marie by Bob Dylan was recorded as the third side of the double album Blonde on Blonde. It was released in 1966.

Bob was prominent for his guitar and harmonica strapped around his neck back in the 60s, and this track was no different. The rock music accompanied by the harmonica solo is the most pleasing sound anyone can witness.

Don't Know Why By Norah Jones

Norah Jones - Don't Know Why ( Source : youtube )

Don't Know Why by Norah Jones is a single from her debut studio album Come Away With Me.

The song was a huge success commercially as it charted at number 30 on US Billboard Hot 100 and won 3 Grammy Awards across various titles in 2003.

Best songs on harmonica are 1. Heart of Glob By Neil Young 2. You Don't Know How It Feels By Tom Petty 3. On The Road Again By Willie Nelson

Country songs are heavily associated with harmonica for many reasons, Firstly, they are significantly cheaper than a guitar or a piano and are portable, allowing you to play wherever it pleases.

Heart of Gold By Neil Young

Neil Young - Heart of Gold (Official Audio) ( Source : youtube )

Heart of Gold By Neil Young is a song recorded by the solo artist for his fourth studio album Harvest. 

After suffering from back problems, the singer made a switch to the acoustic guitar which complemented his harmonica and evoked sorrowful emotions in his listeners.

You Don't Know How It Feels By Tom Petty

Tom Petty - You Don't Know How It Feels [Official Music Video] ( Source : youtube )

You Don't Know How It Feels by Tom Petty is the lead single from Wildflowers (1994). It peaked at #1 on US Album Rock Charts and #13 on the Hot 100.

Although some might disagree that Tom belongs to the country genre, the substantial presence of harmonica provides the song with a strong country vibe.

On The Road Again By Willie Nelson

Willie Nelson - On The Road Again (Official Audio) ( Source : youtube )

On The Road Again by Willie Nelson is one of his many hit records. It was Nelson's 9th song to hit the top spot on the Country & Western Songs charts.

The song won the Grammy Award for Best Country Song in 1981 for its catchy chorus that fits in well with the harmonica burrs, making it a great song for lengthy road trips 

Classic Rock Songs With Harmonica

Famous songs with a harmonica are 1. Keep on Smiling By Wet Willie 2. The Wizard By Black Sabbath 3. Midnight Rambler By Rolling Stones.

Keep on Smiling By Wet Willie

Wet Willie - Keep On Smiling ( Source : youtube )

Keep on Smiling is a song released by the Alabama-based rock band Wet Willie. It was released in May 1974.

The track was the title song for their third studio album and became a huge sensation and a breakthrough for the group.

It peaked at number 10 on US Billboard Hot 100 and secured a 66th spot at the biggest hit of 1974.

The Wizard By Black Sabbath

Black Sabbath - The Wizard [Lyrics] HQ ( Source : youtube )

The Wizard is a song from the heavy metal band Black Sabbath. It was recorded for their self-titled album Black Sabbath.

Kicking off the song with a poignant solo harmonica, the song is an instrumental wonder. In an interview in 2005, the bassist mentioned that the lyrics were influenced by Gandalf from the fantasy series The Lord Of The Rings.

Midnight Rambler By Rolling Stones

The Rolling Stones - Midnight Rambler (Live) - OFFICIAL ( Source : youtube )

Midnight Rambler is a blues rock song by the iconic English band, Rolling Stones. It was released on their tenth US album Let It Bleed.

The song is based on a loose biography of the American serial killer and rapist Albert DeSalvo in which singer Mick takes on the harmonica and leaves his fans mesmerized with his astounding instrumental skills.

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