20 Songs With An In The Title

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Songs with An in the title are 1. Bug Like An Angel 2. Lips Of An Angel 3. Send Me An Angel and many more. The list contains many hit tracks as well.

The tracks each have different meanings and contexts and few listeners may relate to it somehow, with the common denominator being that somwhere in the title, there's the article 'an'. The article is a very versatile addition that can be put anywhere.

Likewise, the list contains songs by Miski, Hinder, J. Cole, and Bastille on the list. The tracks are about love, heartbreak, rebounding, sadness, and the past.

So, if you're looking for these songs for a reason or without rhyme, read on for some fun bits of trivia.

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1. Bug Like An Angel By Mitski

Artist: Mitski

Album: The Land is Inhospitable and So Are We

Release Date: 2023

Mistki's Bug Like an Angel is a song with an in the title where the lyrics are about self-destruction. The track is the first track for her seventh album.

She talks about past mistake which has caused self-destruction. How the promise you break will come to break you back.

The singer wants to turn the lowest point of life into the beauty of life. Mitski compares loneliness with bug on bottom of a bottle.

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2. Lips Of An Angel By Hinder

Artist: Hinder

Album: Extreme Behavior

Release Date: July 2006

Lips of an Angel is a track with an in the name and is a single from the album Extreme Behavior. The singer here is expressing his feelings to an ex-girlfriend.

He is saying that he can't be loyal to his girlfriend now because he hasn't moved on from their past relationship. With him getting the call from his ex-girlfriend it is clear she also misses him.

The lyrics make it quite evident that both haven't moved on. The artist wishes she was with him in place of his current girlfriend.

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3. Send Me An Angel By Scorpions

Artist: Scorpions

Album: Crazy World

Release Date: 1990

Send Me An Angel by Scorpions has an in the title. This song was written by Klaus Meine and composed by Rudolf Schenker for the band's 11th album.

This track is a prayer to a higher power praying for the dark days to be over soon. The singer is telling God to send an angel who will guide him during the darker days.

We can also see that he is searching for a guardian angel due to loneliness. Send Me an Angel speaks of human experience and what we all feel.

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4. Once An Addict By J.Cole

Artist: J. Cole

Album: KOD

Release Date: 2018

The famous rapper J Cole's song, Once An Addict, has the word an in the title. This track is a personal and heartfelt exploration of the singer's past.

Cole talks about his parent's addiction to alcoholism, family problems, poverty, and pressure that he saw as a child. Now he goes on to say he is also addicted to drugs and alcoholism and wishes he could have stopped earlier.

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5. An Old Friend Of Mine By Joe Nichols

Artist: Joe Nichols

Album: Old Things New

Release Date: 2009

Joe Nichols' An Old Friend of Mine is a country song with an in-track that speaks about addiction. The song even tells about the friendship that faded away.

The singer shows a vivid memory of the past, adventure with friends, laughter, and a bond that seemed unbreakable. Nicholas's vocal brings a deep sense of longing and yearning for friendship and connection he shared.

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6. One Hell Of An Angel By Warren Zeiders

Artist: Warren Zeiders

Album: 717 Tapes The Album

Release Date: 2022

One Hell Of An Angel song by Warren Zeiders has the word an in the title. The track is about wanting the change knowing that it is going to be difficult.

The narrator is describing himself and the situation he has faced and wants to walk past the bad phase. He wants someone who will inspire him to do better and truly help him on the journey of change towards betterment.

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7. An Ordinary Life By Amy MacDonald

Artist: Amy MacDonald

Album: A Curious Thing

Release Date: 2010

Amy MacDonald's song An Ordinary Life, released in 2010, is a track with an in name. It expresses the feeling of a person wanting to live an ordinary life.

The singer is narrating the life of a person living in the spotlight and what pressure they go through. Other people find that celebrities only know the feelings of them being captured every time.

She hopes one day music will lead her to a place where she can be free from the pressure of fame. Singer wishes to live the life she wants one day.

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8. A Means To An End By Joy Division

Artist: Joy Division

Album: Closer

Release Date:1980

Another song containing an in-title is A Means To An End by Joy Division. The band explores the search for identity and self-discovery through the song.

The artists here wants to talk about trust that is needed in friendship or any relationship even if it is left behind. They say the choices we have made in the past lead us to the positive path which is good but trust still remains the most important part.

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9. Looking For An Echo By Kenny Vance

Artist: Kenny Vance

Album: Looking For An Echo

Release Date: 1996

Looking For An Echo has an in the title and came from the album with the same name. This song tells the story of the group looking for a place to sing.

The artist is searching for the place with good echoes to enhance their sound. He is comparing echo with happiness and understanding which people search for in their day-to-day life.

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10. An Act of Kindness By Bastille

Artist: Bastille

Album: Wild World

Release Date: 2016

An Act Of Kindness song starts with an in-title by Bastille. The artist tells about how the small help of kindness can change someone's life.

The lyrics describe how the protagonist is surprised by the small act of kindness and how it lasts forever. Now the protagonist wants to show the same kindness to others but isn't able to do so.

The song tells the listener how a small act of kindness has an everlasting impact on someone. He goes on to tell how the small gesture of someone changes the other life.

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Artist: mrld

Album: How To Love Mr. Heartless

Release Date: March 19, 2021

An Art Gallery Could be a track starting with an in-title by mrld. This love song compares the person the singer loves to the art of work.

She doesn't know how to paint but the person she loves is a piece of art and she could keep on looking at him. The singer loves everything the person she is admiring does and he is her favorite sight to see.

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12. A Song About An Angler Fish By Hank Green

Artist: Hank Green

Album: This Machine Pwns N00bs

Release Date: 2009

The song A Song About An Angeler Fish by Hank Green contains an in the title. This song is about acceptance of life after hardship and struggle.

The lyrics talk about accepting disappointment and heartbreak that comes with life rather than avoiding it. He compares the life of humans with animals who don't feel loneliness and happiness.

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13. An Interlude Called Circus By Saba

Artist: Saba Feat. Eryn Allen Kane

Album: Few Good Things

Release Date: 2022

Saba's track An Interlude Called Cirus from the album Few Good Things contains an in the title. The artist tells us about the past when his life was carefree.

The track is talking about 2012 when everything was fine and they were not famous they could do whatever they liked. The artist acknowledges how time passes too quickly and appreciates the things of the past.

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14. All We Need Is An Island By Sammy Hagars

Artist: Sammy Hagar feat Nancy Wilson and Mickey Hart

Album: Sammy Hagar and Friends

Release Date: 2013

Sammy Hagar's beautiful track All We Need Is An Island contains the letter an in the title. A perfect anthem for one daydreaming about traveling on an island.

He talks about giving up on the work to live on an Island comparing it to a paradise. The artist wants to spend time with his loved one on an island where he is waiting for a miracle to happen.

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15. There Must Be An Angel By Eurythmics

Artist: Eurythmics feat Stevie Wonder

Album: Be Yourself Tonight

Release Date: 1985

The duo Eurythmics' pop tune There Must Be An Angel is a song containing an in the title. This song remains the duo's only chart-topper with worldwide success.

The artist believes that her lover is an angel sent from heaven to play with her heart. Even though she knows that he is not from the earth she is still in love with him.

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16. An Evening I Will Never Forget By Dermot Kennedy

Artist: Dermot Kennedy

Album: Dermot Kennedy

Release Date: 4 October, 2019

An Evening I Will Never Forget by Dermot Kennedy has the word an in the song. The singer talks about the problems in relationships and dealing with them.

The song is about the complexity that is seen in relationships but their love is strong enough to keep them together. Kennedy goes on to say he will support his partner's dream and aspiration by being together with her.

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17. Love Is An Arrow By Aberfeldy

Artist: Aberfeldy

Album: Young Forever

Release Date: 2004

The band Aberfeldy's song Love Is An Arrow is a song with an in-name. The song came as the second single from their debut album which talks about love.

The lyrics describe love in different ways sometimes as an arrow and sometimes just a shape. The artist also says that love takes friendship away and throughout the song, love is portrayed as something unpredictable.

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18. Heaven Must Be Missing An Angel By Tavares

Artist: Tavares

Album: Sky High

Release Date: 1976

Heaven Must Be Missing an Angel is a disco song with an in-track. The 1976 version of the song was split into two parts and was re-released in February 1986.

The artist compares his love to an angel and how special she is that even heaven may be missing her. He praises her beauty and says he is lucky to have her as his soulmate.

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19. Three Cigarettes In An Ashtray By Patsy Cline

Artist: Patsy Cline

Album: Patsy Cline

Release Date: 1957

Three Cigarettes in An Ashtray an old country song by Patsy Cline has an in the song. The song tells a story about love, betrayal, and a broken heart.

She talks about spending time with her lover in a cafe and is interrupted by strangers and her love being taken away. The narrator is left heartbroken with a cigarette symbolizing time doesn't stop for anyone even if one is stuck in the past.

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20. I'm Just An Old Chunk Of Coal By John Anderson

Artist: John Anderson

Album: John Anderson 2

Release Date: 1981

John Anderson's song I'm Just An Old Chunk Of Coal released in 1981 is a song with an in name. This song is about personal growth and transformation.

The narrator knows he is not perfect but he is trying to improve himself day by day. The artist also believes that everybody has the potential to shine by polishing their flaws.

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