20 Songs With Halloween In The Title

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Songs With Halloween In The Title are 1. Halloween 2. This is Halloween 3. Halloweenhead and more. These tracks belong to a special category of spooky holidays.

Halloween songs are especially created to capture the essence of the autumn celebration including the themes of ghosts, monsters, witches, and other supernatural things. These tracks contribute to creating an overall festival atmosphere making Halloween more memorable and enjoyable.

Halloween tunes come with a variety of styles and moods that present lyrics with creepy stories or simply show a sense of mystery and enchantment. They can be played during Halloween parties, or events or as background music for trick-or-treating.

These songs don't only allow us to have fun but also have a cultural essence. It helps us to connect with the traditions that date back centuries and keep up with the Halloween spirit.

Whether you are looking to set a spooky atmosphere or make a playlist for your Halloween party, these tracks can play a vital role in creating a thrilling essence in the celebration.

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1. Halloween by Misfits

Artist Name: Misfits

Album Name: Legacy of Brutality

Released Date: October 30, 1981

Halloween is the horror-themed song for Halloween that evokes a dark and ghostly atmosphere. It adds an anthemic quality to the music.

In the track, the repetitive chorus of "Halloween" represents the reference to monsters that contribute to the overall feeling of excitement and anticipation related to Halloween.

Key Lyrics:

Bonfires burning bright

Pumpkin faces in the night

I remember Halloween

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2.This is Halloween by Danny Elfman

Artist Name: Danny Elfman

Film Name: The Nightmare Before Christmas

Released Date: October 12, 1993

This is Halloween by Danny Elfman is a Halloween song for kids that serves as an introduction part in the movie, where the story takes place.

Musically it is an upbeat track that builds excitement for the celebration of Halloween at the same time, the lyrics vividly describes creepy elements including ghost and monsters.

It provides insight into the world of the Halloween festival.

Key Lyrics:

This is Halloween,

this is Halloween

Pumpkins scream in the dead of night

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3. Halloweenhead by Ryan Adams & The Cardinals

Artist Name: Ryan Adams &The Cardinals

Album Name: Easy Tiger

Released Date: June 27, 2007

Halloweenhead is a song that showcases the elements of nostalgia, longing, and escapism. It presents the yearning for connection.

The track can be seen as a reflection of the inevitable life changes that bring a sense of liveliness back into our lives.

Key Lyrics:

Here comes that again

I got a Halloweenhead

Head full of tricks and treats

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4. Halloween Parade by Lou Reed

Artist Name: Lou Reed

Album Name: New York

Released Date: January 10, 1989

Halloween Parade by Lou Reed is a song with various meanings and serves as a musical tribute. It marks the peak of the ADIS crisis particularly in the LGBT+ community.

In an artistic expression, it associates the themes of diversity, the crisis of AIDS, and social commentary. It encourages people to accept the beauty of diversity.

Key Lyrics:

You'll never see those faces again

This Halloween is something to be sure

Especially to be here without you

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5. Halloween by Aqua

Artist Name: Aqua

Album Name: Aquarius

Released Date: February 28, 2000

Halloween is a scary Halloween theme song that takes listeners on a fantastical journey. It is filled with words like witches, wizards, and supernatural.

It delves into the joyful and imaginative vibes that capture the spirit of the occasion with a carefree nature. It is an upbeat track about having a good time.

Key Lyrics:

Halloween in the dead of the night hear me scream

I'm coming, I'm coming

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6. Halloween by Sonic Youth

Artist Name: Sonic Youth

Album Name: Bad Moon Rising

Released Date: 1985

Halloween is a song with alternative rock and noise music noted for its abstract and mysterious lyrics. It is a suitable track to add to the Halloween playlist.

It reflects the idea of isolation, darkness, and foreboding allowing for a range of emotions and associations that align with Halloween.

Key Lyrics:

There's something shifting in the distance

Don't know what it is

Day's as dead as nights?

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7. Halloween by Dead Kennedys

Artist Name: Dead Kennedys

Album Name: Plastic Surgery Disasters

Released Date: November, 1982

Halloween is a spooky Halloween song that is incorporated with a punk rock sound. It is often described as a fast-paced punk rock tune.

Lyrically, it represents the concepts of conformity and the loss of individuality that is related to social norms and expectations.

Key Lyrics:

So It's Halloween

And you feel like dancin'

Any you feel like shinin'

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8. Halloween on the Barbary Coast by The Flaming Lips

Artist Name: The Flaming Lips

Album Name: Hit to Death in the Future Head

Released Date: August 11, 1992

Halloween on the Barbary Coast is a song to play at Halloween. It shows the actual incident that the band faces in The Barbary Coast.

The lyrics of the track explain the actual insult they have suffered. The term 'Halloween' is used in a sense of embarrassment that haunts them in the present.

Key Lyrics:

All the same

And boy, you still got for brains

It's Halloween on the coast again

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9. Halloween by Dave Matthews Band

Artist Name: Dave Matthews Band

Album Name: Before These Crowded

Released Date: April 28, 1998

Halloween by Dave Matthews is a song with haunting and introspective lyrics that explores the themes of loneliness and longing.

The word 'Halloween' is introduced as a metaphorical reference that presents a shared façade in a relationship. It further interprets the difficulties and pain that a person faces in love.

Key Lyrics:

Why this lonely love


Carry on

Bury all

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10. Halloween by Siouxsie and the Banshees

Artist Name: Siouxsie and the Banshees

Album Name: Juju

Released Date: June 6, 1981

Halloween by Siouxsie and the Banshees is a song that depicts the idea of nostalgia, complexity, and vulnerability of life.

The overall track captures the mysterious and unsettling emotions of Halloween that touch the theme of loss, hidden secrets, or the certainty of death.

Key Lyrics:

I wander through your sadness

Gazing at you with scorpion eyes



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11. Keepin' Halloween Alive by Alice Cooper

Artist Name: Alice Cooper

Released Date: September 29, 2009

Keepin' Halloween Alive is Halloween music, scary music that celebrates the essence of the festival. It is an energetic and vibrant anthem.

The song describes the narrator's love for the holiday and his dedication to keeping its magic alive the entire year. The track emphasizes the thrill of fear with joy, darkness, and enthusiasm.

Key Lyrics:

Well I'm coming for you this Halloween

It's my Favorite time of year, and I'm stealing the scene

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12. Halloween by Phoebe Bridgers

Artist Name: Phoebe Bridgers

Album Name: Punisher

Released Date: June 18, 2020

Halloween is one of the Halloween-themed songs with haunting and poetic lyrics. 

The first verse of the track expresses that Halloween is not just for one night, but can be a symbol of freedom to be whoever you want to be.

Key Lyrics:

Baby, it's Halloween

And we can be anything 

Oh, come on, man

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13. Halloween by Noah Kahan

Artist Name: Noah Kahan

Album Name: Stick Season

Released Date: October 14, 2022

Halloween by Noah Kahan is a song that demonstrates leaving a past relationship and moving on in life.

The track portrays haunting memories of a past relationship and also the idea of self-growth and personal transformation. The word 'Halloween' is associated with the emotions and memories of the past.

Key Lyrics:

I know that you'll come if you want

It's not Halloween, but the ghost you dressed up as

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14. You Make Me Feel Like It’s Halloween by Muse

Artist Name: Muse

Album Name: Will of the People

Released Date: August 26, 2022

You Make Me Feel Like It's Halloween is a song about Halloween that describes a sense of fear.

It explains the feeling of being controlled by someone and trapped. Here 'Halloween' is used as a metaphor associated with darkness, deception, and danger.

Key Lyrics:

When you turn out the lights

You make me feel like it's Halloween

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15. It Must Be Halloween by Andrew Gold

Artist Name: Andrew Gold

Album Name: Halloween Howls: Fun & Scary Music

Released Date: 1996

It Must Be Halloween by Andrew Gold is a song that emphasizes the elements of the festival such as ghosts, cats, witches, goblins, skeletons, and more.

It is a playful sound that highlights the essence of Halloween with imagery of lively and spooky festival scenes.

Key Lyrics:

The ghost says boo

The cat says meow

The goblins say trick or treat

It must be Halloween

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16. This is Halloween by The Citizens Of Halloween

Artist Name: The Citizens Of Halloween

Album Name: The Nightmare Before Christmas

Released Date: October 12, 1993

This is Halloween by The Citizens Of Halloween is a Halloween song that showcases the mysterious world of the festival.

The lyrics of the sound delve into the imaginary surroundings that describe the monsters and creatures during Halloween. It is one of the Halloween anthems that represents all the elements of the season.

Key Lyrics:

Boys and girls of every age

Wouldn't you like to see something strange?

Come with us and you will see

This, our town of Halloween

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17. (Every Day Is) Halloween by Ministry

Artist Name: Ministry

Album Name: Twelve Inch Singles

Released Date: May, 1984

(Every Day Is) Halloween is a Halloween anthem that explores the concept of being understood in a world that often judges and misunderstands.

In the verse of the song, the narrator presents snakes and lizards as a symbol of rejection of conformity, that holds their own identity.

Key Lyrics:

Well, I live with snakes and lizards

And other things that go bump on the night

'Cause to me every day is Halloween

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18. Halloween by Mastodon

Artist Name: Mastodon

Album Name: Once More 'Round the Sun

Released Date: June 24, 2014

Halloween is a song that is associated with themes like darkness, fear, and the supernatural. It is portrayed as a reference to death or a transition to an afterlife.

The overall track revolves around the idea of personal struggle, supernatural encounters, and the fragility of life.

Key Lyrics:

Orange and black take me back to Halloween

I've given to the blind can't you see?

Gasoline runs through my veins,

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19. Halloween by Dark Moor

Artist Name: Dark Moor

Album Name: The Gates of Oblivion

Released Date: April 5, 2001

Halloween by Dark Moor is a song that reflects the night when boundaries between the world of physical and supernatural are blurred.

The track shows the thrilling celebration of Halloween with an introspection moment.

Key Lyrics:

In the streets on Halloween there's something going on

No way to escape the power unknown

In the streets on Halloween the spirits will arise

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20. Halloween by Wussy

Artist Name: Wussy

Album Name: Attica!

Released Date: 2014

Halloween by Wussy is a song that speaks about the blurred line between reality and fantasy. It expresses the feeling of nostalgia and lost innocence.

The protagonist represents the fact of how a moment can feel like a dream and how reality and fantasy interchange, through this music.

Key Lyrics:

When it was just like Halloween

Everyone was dressed up and drinking in the street

Such a night I'd never seen

Like something you'd remember from a dream

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