Best 10 Songs To Sing At A Talent Show

Ryley Tate Wilson is a 15-year-old Voice contestant who is among the few who are left on the Voice 2023
Ryley Tate Wilson is a 15-year-old Voice contestant who is among the few who are left on the Voice 2023( Source : instagram )

Good songs to sing for a talent show include 1. Stronger 2. Imagine 3. God Bless America among others. These songs help make a great first impression.

Songs with vocal range for the audition and easier tracks for the talent shows are best for such events. Originally, the songs for talent shows depends upon the singer's comfort and their knowledge about the record.

Oftentimes, songs that individuals practice tend to be best for the audition as it brings out confidence, comfort, and optimism in the contestant's performance.

However, there are also preferences of judges who want to categorize their contestants on the basis of their vocal range, presentation, and engagement with the audience.

The below-given songs list might not fit your taste, but it helps you overcome redundancy and give you an idea about the type of performance to give during talent and audition shows.

Best 10 Songs To Sing At A Talent Show

Song Name:Artist Name:
StrongerKelly Clarkson
ImagineJohn Lennon
God Bless AmericaIrving Berlin
Kiss HerDisney (The Little Mermaid)
My Heart Will Go OnCeline Dion
I Want It That WayBackstreet Boys
HallelujahLeonard Cohen
What Makes You BeautifulOne Direction
Blank SpaceTaylor Swift
Alphabet AerobicsBlackalicious

1. Stronger By Kelly Clarkson

Stronger by Kelly Clarkson is a good song to sing for an audition. The track has been sung in The Voice UK, The X Factor UK, and The Voice of Australia.

Kelly's 2012 song would be easier to sing at the talent show for kids as it has less demanding lyrics a and repetitive chorus. Also, it would also be better for singers to sing at an audition due to its captivating beat, high notes (soprano), and low notes (contralto).

It is one of the most popular tracks in America. The track is also covered by Ariana Grande on late night show of Jimmy Kimmel Live.

Similarly, it was nominated for three Grammy Awards and World Music Awards in 2012. According to Popjustice the song was ranked at number 1 in "Top 45 singles of 2012."

It is a 7-time platinum record with 7 million unit sales in the US and platinum in four other countries.

2. Imagine By John Lennon

Imagine by John Lennon is a good song to sing for the talent show. The song is dubbed at 30th position for "Song of the Century" by RIAA.

It also earned the Grammy Hall of Fame Award and is one of the most beautiful songs ever produced. Rolling Stone listed the track as number three in "The 500 Greatest Songs of All Time."

Likewise, it is cute for kids to perform in a talent show as it will surely warm the hearts of judges and the audience. Moreover, singers can audition for this song by hitting the high notes and adding their own spin to the track.

According to Guinness World Records British Hit Singles Book, Lennon's track was named second best single of all time in 2002.

In retrospect, the track is performed and covered by artists like Madonna, Stevie Wonder, Lady Gaga, Diana Ross, and Elton John.

3. God Bless American By Irving Berlin

God Bless America by Irving Berlin is a good audition song for kids. It was originally recorded by Kate Smith.

It has since become a prayer song during a tough time for the nation. Moreover, there is a different version of the kids' choir.

It shall be easier for children to practice and bring a positive impact through their performance. The song generally appeals to the emotions of Americans, those who are auditioning for singing reality shows can practice the version of Kate which has higher notes along with mezzo-soprano and contralto notes.

Besides, the track is also performed in Major League Baseball, Independence Day, Labor Day, American football, and many other activities.

Celine Dion also re-recorded the song in 2001, it peaked at 14th number in 2001.

4. Kiss the Girl By Disney (The Little Mermaid)

Kiss the Girl by Disney is a good song to sing at a talent show. It is from the 1989 movie Little Mermaid.

The songs are already performed in American Idol, The Voice, and X Factor shows. Arthur Gunn an American Idol contestant performed the song in 2020 at the Disney round.

His effort was praised by the Idol's mentors and cheered by fans. It shall be best for kids to perform in their school shows.

Also, it is a good audition material, as it offers the singers to add their own flavor to the music to make it their own.

Moving on, the track was also nominated for both Academy and Golden Globe awards for Best Original Song. The track was certified Platinum in US and Silver in the UK with sales of one million and two hundred and thousand units respectively.

5. My Heart Will Go On by Celine Dion

My Heart Will Go On is a good audition song for girls. The track is from the Eurovision winner Celine Dion.

It also won Oscars for Best original song and won five Grammy awards. Celine's song received national and international praise. Originally, the track is from the movie "Titanic."

The romantic ballad received wide praise for its heart-warming tone and beautiful music. It shall be a beautiful record for children to perform to showcase their talent.

Also, singers can perform this track as it gives more gravitas to their audition due to its melancholy sound and nostalgic tone.

Furthermore, the record was named Songs of the Century and Best-Selling Singles EverĀ in the United Kingdom. It was certified multi-platinum in 10 countries, collectively, it did the sales of more than 10 million units.

6. I Want It That Way By Backstreet Boys

I Want It That Way by Backstreet Boys is a good song for auditions at school. It is a popular R&B track that is ingrained in pop culture.

Backstreet's track would be best for kids to make a good impression in their talent shows. It would also be a favorable choice for people to audition in a talent show by using tenor, high, and low notes sound to make it their own.

That said, many contestants have performed in shows like The X Factor UK, The Voice, and many other shows. Also, the track was also used as a comedic relief cover in the Brooklyn Nine-Nine series available on Youtube.

According to Rolling Stone, it was dubbed as the 240 greatest songs in the list of "500 Greatest Songs of All Time." The record also received three Grammy Award nominations.

7. Hallelujah By Leonard Cohen

Hallelujah by Leonard Cohen is a good audition song for boys. It is also popular for its unique singing style and long range.

According to Rolling Stone, it ranked 259 in "The 500 Greatest Songs of All Time." The song was also featured in the movie Shrek.

Moreover, multiple artists like John Cale and Jeff Buckley have covered the song. Thus it is a moving song that displays the talent of the singer along with audience engagement with its unique music.

Additionally, the song is certified Gold in Australia and Silver in UK with the sales of 35,000, and 2,00,000. The track peaked at UK Singles at #2 and number one position at US Digital Songs.

8. What Makes You Beautiful By One Direction

What Makes You Beautiful By One Direction is a light song to sing at an audition. The brighter tone of the track gives an opportunity for contestants to give a charming performance.

One Direction's song is their first single which amassed multi-platinum sales. It is already been sung by multiple singers in The Voice, X Factor, and many more reality shows.

Boy Band's debut single is one of the most streamed tracks in their discography. The chart sold 4. 8 million copies in the US and was featured at #4 on Billboard and won the 2012 Brit Award for British Single of the Year.

Besides, the track has already amassed 1.4 billion views on Youtube and has sold over 6 million records worldwide. It is one of the best songs to perform due to its unchallenging lyrics and catchy melody.

9. Blank Space By Taylor Swift

Blank Space By Taylor Swift is a Good Audition Songs For The Voice Female. It has a melody, pace, and catchy lyrics.

It is also best for talent shows for kids. Taylor Swift, the most-awarded female artist, is known for her catchy pop-country songs and hit lyrics. The artist is quite confident in terms of their work and avenues.

Swift's track achieved multiple accolades including nearly 10 million units of sales and was certified multi-platinum in four countries including the US. It peaked at the #1 position on US Billboard Hot 100 charts.

Additionally, the track also won Best Pop Video and Best Female Video awards at the 2015 MTV Video Music Awards.

According to Rolling Stone, the track was ranked in sixth position in the list of "Best Songs of 2014" and 73rd in "Best Songs of 2010s decade."It was also dubbed in 357th position in the list of "500 Greatest Songs of All Time."

10. Alphabet Aerobics By Blackalicious

Alphabet Aerobics by Blackalicious is the best Rap song to sing in a talent show. It is one of the most difficult rap tracks where the a-z alphabet is sung.

The rap track shall definitely impress the judges due to its difficult vocabulary and fast-paced cadence for kids. Similarly, it also captivates the attention of judges during its performance.

In addition, the track was also performed by the Harry Potter actor Daniel Radcliffe on the Jimmy Kimmel Show.

Hence, the song is one of the impressive tracks that is definitely noticed by spectators during its performance. The tongue-twisting song is a strenuous yet most fun rap track that is suitable for kids and adults in live shows.

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