15 Best Songs By Chance The Rapper

Chance promoting his new merch of rainbow color hoodie, celebrating after his Acidrap mixtape became a decade old since its release.
Chance promoting his new merch of rainbow color hoodie, celebrating after his Acidrap mixtape became a decade old since its release.( Source : instagram )

Best Songs by Chance The Rapper include the following tracks 1. No Problem 2. Juke Jam 3. All Night and more. Chance was born Chancelor Bennett.

He is a rapper from Chicago who has earned three Grammy Awards for "Best Rap Album," "Best Rap Performance," and "Best New Artist."

Bennett's songs like I'm the One and Holy Feat are multiple platinum-certified featured singles. He is one of the popular rappers, actors, and comedians who has participated in multiple sketches of SNL. 

Chicago's singer-songwriter has collaborated best selling solo artists such as Kanye West, Katy Perry, Justin Bieber, and Ed Sheeran. He is quite famous and participates in altruistic and social activities.

Since sixth grade, he started rapping and writing music. His cousin also helped him use the studio; thus, the rapper formed a hip-hop duo with his friend.

15 Best Songs By Chance The Rapper

Song NameSpotify Streams
No Problem478 million
Juke Jam281 million
All Night263 million
Same Drugs207 million
Hot Shower200 million
Angels170 million
All We Got159 million
Smoke Break154.9 million
Living Single154.3 million
Cocoa Butter Kisses147.8 million
Summer Friends117 million
Blessings98 million
Mixtape83 million
Groceries83.1 million
I Might Need Security76 million

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1. No Problem

No Problem is the best Chance The Rapper Song. It features artists like Lil Wayne and 2 Chainz.

According to Rolling Stone" No Problem" is the best song of the first half of 2016. It is from his third mixtape "Coloring Book."

Billboard ranked the song in the "100 Best Pop Songs of 2016." The track has already amassed 171 million views on Youtube. Hence, it is a platinum-certified track on streaming sites.

In addition, the track also won the "Best Rap Performance" award in 2017 along with a nomination for "Best Rap Song." Song's lyrics go like this:

You don't want zero problems, big fella!

If one more label try to stop me

2. Juke Jam

Juke Jam is a top ten Chance the Rapper song on Spotify. It also features the pop singer Justin Bieber and American rapper Towkio.

According to Last Fm, the "Song is about reminiscing the past and an innocent relationship." It is about Chance's innocence and inability to take his initial relationship to the next level.

Juking song's lyrics go like this:

We used to roll at the rink, we used to roll at the rink

I used to talk way too much, you used to know everything

3. All Night

All Night is Chance The Rapper Top song from his Grammy-winning mixtape Coloring Book. The track features American singer and producer Knox Fortune.

This song is about Chance's new trust issues after gaining fame. He finds out about people trying to take advantage of him and asking him for favors due to his influence.

Song's lyrics are as follows;

Come on, big fella, you drunk, big fella

Two sips and now you wanna trip, big fella

4. Same Drugs

Same Drugs is a popular Chance the Rapper song. It was a top-rated single by both critics and audiences.

The song's meaning refers to the dilemma of Chance with his girlfriend as they do not share the same ideals as they once shared while in a relationship.

According to Bennett, "Same Drugs is not a song about Drugs." The lyrics of the tracks are as follows:

We don't do the same drugs no more

We don't do the, we don't do the same drugs 

5. Hot Shower

Hot Shower is Chance the Rapper top song. It features multiple rappers like Madien TyO and Da Baby.

It is from the artist's debut studio album titled, "The Big Day."

Hence, the song is quite different from the previous works of Chance, it is a slow and mellow track with a mix of R&B music. Song's lyrics go like this:

I got muscles Like like Superman trainer

Real real rare like super saiyan

6. Angels

Angels is one of the best-performing tracks of Chance the Rapper. The song also features the rapper, Saba.

The song is also from his solo mixtape Coloring Book (2016).

According to US Bubbling Under Hot 100 Singles, the chart peaked at #19. It was also nominated for Best Hip-hop Video at the 2016 MTV video music awards.

Song's first verse goes like this:

I got my city doing front flips

When every father, mayor, rapper jump ship

7. All We Got

All We Got is among the most popular solo track of Chance the Rapper. The track features the rapper Kanye West and Chicago Children's Choir.

Billboard listed the track at #45 during its peak in US Hot R&B/Hip-Hop Songs. The collab between Kanye and Chance is a unique one, as Chance has idolized West since the beginning of his career.

The lyrics of "All We Got" go like this:

This is all we got

Dreaming 'bout a revolution in our minds

This is all we got

8. Smoke Break

Smoke Break is a hit song by Chance the Rapper from his mixtape Coloring Book. It also features Grammy-winning rapper Future.

Chance stated in an interview that it is his favorite song as the track uses "Drugs" as a metaphor to talk about issues of communication and intimacy in a relationship.

The song's lyrics go like this:

We just been smoking a bowl

We don't got no time to roll

9. Living Single

Living Single was a leaked song by Chance The Rapper and Big Sean. Both expressed their disappointment through threads of tweets after its leak in 2016.

Moreover, the song was also certified platinum by RIAA and did more than 50 million streams on Youtube. It was released by Big Sean on December 17, in his fourth studio album I Decided

Song's lyrics go like this;

Okay, I know what it feel like to be young and single

You know, the life when your pockets got a bunch of singles

10. Cocoa Butter Kisses

Cocoa Butter Kisses is one of the most viewed Youtube songs of Chance the Rapper. It has garnered over 108 million views on his channel.

It is from his second mixtape Acid Rap (2013).

This song also features rappers Vic Mensa and fastest rapper Twista. According to Twista, the track reminded of him smoking marijuana when he was an adult.

Moreover, the Levitating singer Dua Lipa released her cover version of the song in 2013. Song's lyrics go like this:

Cigarettes on cigarettes, my mama think I stank

I got burn holes in my hoodies, all my homies think it's dank

11. Summer Friends

Summer Friends is a song about friends by Chance the Rapper. It also features the artist Francis and the Lights and Jeremih.

According to Genius, the song is a nostalgic treat about growing up in West Chatham and experiencing all the violence in Chicago. Song's lyrics go like this:

Socks on concrete, jolly rancher kids

I was talking back and now I gotta stay at gradma's crib

12. Blessings

Blessings is a gospel rap song by Chance the Rapper, it also features the singer Jamila Woods. The song praises God's miracle.

Here, Chance thanks god for the birth of his daughter. He also talks about the Black Lives Matter movement. This song also premiered on The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon Show.

The lyrics of "Blessings" goes like this:

I'm gon' praise Him, praise Him 'til I'm gone

When the praises go up, the blessing come down

13. Mixtape

Mixtape is a song that displays the love towards "Mixtape" by Chance the Rapper. It also features artists like Lil Yachty and Young Thug.

The song discusses the problem faced by the music industry as it is losing the love towards the legitimate and free distribution of music which is Mixtape.

Song's lyrics go like this:

I'm the only one still care about mixtapes

Bad little girl, wanna know how lips taste

14. Groceries

Groceries is a top single of Chance the Rapper from 2019. Bennett also collaborated with artist TisaKorean and produced by Murda Beatz.

It is a promotional single for Chance's debut album "The Big Day" but it did not appear on the final tracklist. It is a top hit single that talks metaphorically talks about females.

Used to carry all the groceries in one trip

Simply minute maid, gone in one sip

Too much dip on my chip

15. I Might Need Security

I might need Security a political rap song by Chance the Rapper. It is a powerful song that speaks about political injustice.

The song references Rahm Emanuel Chicago's mayor at the time to open investigations about actor Verne Troyer thus the cover art of the song is of an angry fist denoting Chicago's public disappointment towards their leaders.

The lyrics of "I might need Security" goes like this:

I ain't no activist, I'm the protagonist

I don't co-captain it

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