15 Best Songs About Margaritas

Two Margaritas presented in a nice cocktail glass
Two Margaritas presented in a nice cocktail glass( Source : usatoday )

Songs about Margaritas comprise 1. Margaritaville 2. 20 Margaritas 3. Margarita, and more. These tracks are laidback and chill like the drink.

Musicians have rare talents in them that they can write songs on any topic in no time. Previously, we had covered an article on songs about Champagne.

There's even a holiday for this drink: National Margarita Day is celebrated on February 22 with the classic cocktail and other beverages.

1. Margaritaville By Jimmy Buffett

Margaritaville By Jimmy Buffett is the quintessential pick for margarita songs. It is from his hit 1977 seventh studio album.

It is written about the drink Jimmy discovered at Lung's Cocina del Sur restaurant. The album has ten singles, mostly written by Buffett and Jonathan Baham.

Jimmy is one of the best-selling artists with over 30 studio albums and also went on a musical tour every year before taking a break from his thriving career over the past decades.

Billboard ranked the cocktail Margarita song on the pop single year-end chart in 1977. Per records, the Margaritaville track was inducted into the 2016 Grammy Hall Of Fame.

14. 20 Margaritas By Big And Rich

20 Margaritas By Big And Rich is one of the best margarita songs. People love the lyrics and usually play the song on National Margarita's Day.

Big and Rich is an American country music singer composed of Big Kenny and John Rich. Both of them are songwriters, vocalists, and guitarists. The band was formed in 1998.

Before Big & Rich was founded, Rich was the bass guitarist in the country band Lonestar, whereas Kenny was a solo artist for Hollywood Records. 

They released 20 Margaritas, written by Kenny Rich, on November 15, 2005.

13. Margarita By Israel Kamakawiwo'ole

Margarita by Israel Kamakawiwo'ole is top among songs with margarita in the lyrics. It was released in 1990 from his debut album Ka'Ano'i.

Israel Kamakawiwo'ole, often called Bruddah Iz, was a renowned artist, activist, and lyricist. He had many unreleased songs before he expired in June 1997 from respiratory arrest.

People from the 90s enjoyed listening to his songs and shared their emotions after the phenomenal singer Iz's demise.

Some of his top-peaked songs on Billboard from his album are "I'll Be There/Warren's Song," Over The Rainbow/ What A Wonderful World," Sea Of Love," and "You Don't Know Me."

The deceased singer's live performance of one of his masterpieces, Margarita's song, is still streamed on YouTube and other audio-streaming platforms.

12. Margarita By Mighty Sparrow

Margarita is Mighty Sparrow is a fun margaritas song from his album Dance Party Gold. He released the ironic track in 1994.

The lyric of the song is sung in a flirty way to Hispanic women. Francisco is known for his iconic, witty, and ribald lyrics and is globally known as the Calypso King of the World.

The 87-year-old has won Carnival Road March and Calypso King/Monarch eight times, including two Calypso King of Kings titles throughout his career.

On Facebook, the internet sensation Slinger shared his short clip of singing Drunk and Disorderly on February 25, 2023. From 1958 till the present, the singer rose to stardom and is popular worldwide, including in North America and England.

11. Margarita By Wilkins

Margarita is one of the best margarita songs. It is a Hollywood movie theme song sung by Puerto Rican singer and composer Wilkins in 1988.

Since the 1990s, Wilkins has traveled to five continents performing in over thirty countries in concerts while promoting movies recorded in different parts of the world in various languages and dialects.

For over 40 years, Wilkins has been successful in his musical career, and the rest is history.

Wilkins announced in a press conference that he had decided to get retirement from his forty years musical career in December 2007. 

10. Senorita Margarita By Tim McGraw

Senorita Margarita By Tim McGraw is a Country song about Margaritas.

The track is from his fifth studio album, A Place in the Sun, released on May 4, 1999, through Curb Records, written by Bob DiPiero and George Teren. 

The album is preceded by 14 singles, including Senorita Margarita precede the album, My Best Friend, Something Never Change, Please Remember Me, and many more.

Since 1990, the songwriter has been active in the musical industry and has released 16 studio albums. Among them, his ten first albums topped the top country albums charts with his initial hit album Not A Moment Too Soon in 1994. He has sold over eighty million records as of 2023.

9. Margaritas At The Mall By Purple Mountains

Margaritas At The Mall By Purple Mountains is a bit of sunshine in the rain. Purple Mountains is an indie rock band by poet and musician David Berman.

His first debut album Purple Mountains was released on July 12, 2019, preceded by the singles "All My Happiness Is Gone," "Darkness and Cold," and "Margaritas at the Mall." On its first release, the album received critical acclaim from the viewers and was featured in numerous year-end lists.

Per reports, Berman took his own life on August 7, 2019. It was his only album following his sudden demise.

8. I Need A Margarita By Clay Walker

I Need A Margarita By Clay Walker is a song with many meanings. It was released on April 8, 1997, from Rumor Has It via Giant Record label.

The song's lyric is interesting since he met a little senorita named Margarita in Mexico. That girl taught him more about love in a day or two. He had to return across the Rio Grande, leaving that cute little girl behind."

The writers were Dana Hunt Black, Monty Holmes, and Tony Mullins. From the albums, four successful track playlists that peaked on the US Billboard chart are Rumor Has It, One Two I Love You, Watch This, and Then What.

The album Rumor Has It became the number one Canada Country Track (RPA) and the US Hot Country Songs (Billboard).

7. Tacos And Margaritas By Coffey Anderson

Tacos and Margaritas is a song from Coffey Anderson's eleventh studio album, This Is Me. It was released in early January 2016.

Born and raised in Texas, Anderson participated in Nashville Star Season 6 in 2008. He became one of the top 12 finalists in its sixth and last season premiered on NBC. 

In addition, Coffey was also a contestant on Fox's American Idol Season 2. He first gained stardom after one of his Christian renditions went viral online.

Apart from being a singer, Anderson co-founded an indie label production company Coffey Global LLC, established in 2014.

Since 2008, Anderson has been honing his musical talents and getting gigantic fan followers on social media. You can also buy his extraordinary merch collection on his website.

6. Margarita By Sleepy Brown

Margarita is a song by American singer and songwriter Sleepy Brown. It was featured with American recording artists Big Boi and Pharrell Williams.

The Margarita track is from Brown's debut album, Mr. Brown, recorded between 2004 and 2006 and released on October 3, 2006, produced by The Neptunes via Virgin Records.

The song was most played in 2006 and reached the #8 trending list on the Bubbling Under Hot 100 single chart in 2006.

5. One Margarita By Luke Bryan

One Margarita by Luke Bryan is a signature Margarita song. It became a number-one hit on Canada Billboard weekly charts in 2020.

People are obsessed with the party song, and over 66 million YouTube users have played the track. His self-named YouTube channel has 3.08 million subscribers as of February 2023.

With selling over 75 million records, Bryan, aged 46, has released seven studio albums, out of which his first debut and several EPs have topped the US Billboard charts after its initial release.

In August 2007, his first debut album, I'll Stay Me, was released through Capital Nashville Records.

Besides being a singer, Luke has been the judge of American Idol since 2018. He is widely known as the best-selling artist and a five-time "Entertainer of the Year," having been awarded by both the Academy of Country Music Awards and the Country Music Association.

4. Dubbel Margarita By Far And Son

Dubbel Margarita By Far And Son is a Swedish song about margaritas. The Swedish band consists of Frej Larson, now 39, and Simon Gardenfors, 44.

The duo launched in 2008. Together they released an album, Inte Vför Barnen! EP in 2014, and the single Dubbel Margarita has over 375k views on YouTube from the viewers, followed by the third EP, Nya Friska Tag (2015).

Per Last FM reports, the duo has released three studio albums, and most of the album tracks have peaked at the musical charts, such as Panic, The Cigarette Dance, Just Like Me, Never Too Late To Give Up, Without Me, They'll Never Take Us Alive, and many more.

They signed a recording deal with PizzaSlize and Golden Beast in 2008. The official Far And Son musical Facebook page has 8.7k followers as of 2023.

3. Margarita By La Arrolladora Banda El Limón de René Camacho

Margarita is sang by La Arrolladora Banda EI Liomon De Rene. The track is about someone who is dreaming every day of a woman named Margarita.

La Arrolladora is a Mexican band formed in 1965 in El Limón de los Peraza, Sinaloa, by Encarnación Peraza, Pedro Aramburo, Lino Quintero, Carlos Peraza, and Pedro Peraza. 

The leading band began performing in the port of Mazatlán, and 1976, Salvador Lizárraga assumed the direction of the Band.

The Mexican band switched and signed a record deal with Disa Records. Previously, they worked with Sony Music Latin recording label.

Regarding the accolades and awards, Arrolladora won Latin Grammy Awards in 2011, including three Lo Nuestro Awards in the Banda Artist of the Year category.

2. Cherry Margarita By Justin Kayser

Cherry Margarita is a song from the self-titled debut album by Justin Kayser featuring Leo Frappier, released in 2022 through the Club Kayser Recording label.

Per his official Facebook page, Justin is a singer, songwriter, and DJ at Club Kayser Records. Before that, he worked at Traders Joe from November 2006.

California native Justin has released many singles and EPs through his label Club Kayser Records and has appeared on other labels, including; Moulton Music.

On Soundcloud, Justin has nine tracks and 153 followers. He released a single track Christmas Island in 2021. "That Cherry Margarita" song lyric is perfect while having a party.

1. Margaritas By Margaritas Pordidas

Margaritas is a song by a band called Margaritas Pordidas from their self-named album released in 2021.

Alternative rock band Margaritas Pordidas was formed in 2015 with Carolina Enriquez (bassist and vocalist) and the former artist Sofia Leon. The band has four members as of now. Other artists are Rafael Armenta (guitarist and drummer) and Esli Meuly (guitar).

The noted band began to perform in their hometown at a local club in the beginning. They released their first album, Porcelain Mannequin, in 2018. Alfonso Lopez played as a guitarist after Sofia left the band.

With this new prolific band, they went on a musical tour around Mexico and self-released the successful third album Margaritas Pordidas in 2021.

On December 8, 2021, the group performed live at KEXP. You can listen to the songs right below.

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