Most Listed Songs With The Word Girlfriend In The Title

Famous Instagram trend of partner holding hand, it relates to the relationship goals that is famous in social media.
Famous Instagram trend of partner holding hand, it relates to the relationship goals that is famous in social media. ( Source : pinterest )

Most listed songs with the word Girlfriend in the title include 1. Girlfriend 2. Me and Your Girlfriend 3. Ain't My Girlfriend and many more.

There are multiple romantic, tragic, funny, and nostalgic songs about girls. Best-selling-solo artists like Elvis Presley and Michael Jackson have pioneered in releasing commercially successful songs about girls.

Artists' song tells a different story. In that regard, Elvis's most successful romantic song is "Can't Help Falling In Love" also his other popular song is "Suspicious Minds." Thus girlfriends are both subjects of happiness and unhappiness.

That said, most artists either objectify, cheer, or state their opinion about their relationship.

Most Listed Songs With The Word Girlfriend In The Title

Song Name:Artist Name:
GirlfriendAvril Lavigne
Me And Your GirlfriendSnoop Dogg
Aint My GirlfriendToo Short
Girlfriend Wanna Be My GirlfriendHeavyweight
Brand New GirlfriendSteve Holy
Me And My Girlfriend2Pac
Bad GirlfriendAnn Marie
Call Your GirlfriendRobyn
First GirlfriendTYDUS
Bad Girlfriend (2)Theory Of A Deadman

1. Girlfriend By Avril Lavigne

Girlfriend is a song by Canadian singer-songwriter Avril Lavigne. It was one of the biggest hits in the early 2000s.

The track is from her third studio album The Best Damn Thing (2007). The song has received multiple accolades including MTV Europe Awards, Teen Choice Awards, and Single of the Year by Juno Awards. 

According to Rolling Stone, the song was listed at number thirty-five in "Top 100 Songs of 2007." At present, the song is among the most-watched videos on YouTube with 624 million views.

Moreover, the song received positive reviews from both critics and audience. The song was certified multi-platinum in Australia and the United States and sold over 7.3 million units globally. 

It was also named the "Hot 100" track in the 2000s decade and selected for the ninety-fourth position. The upbeat and rock jam was beloved by audiences all over the globe. 

2. Me And Your Girlfriend by Snoop Dogg

Me and Your Girlfriend is a song about cheating girlfriends by West Coast rapper Snoop Dogg.

Dogg, a gangsta rap artist, takes shots at all his naysayers and haters by flexing his masculinity. He states in the song that he has tempted girlfriends to be disloyal to their men.

The song's lyrics go like this:

It's me, me and your girlfriend

You don't even know

That she is in love with me

The track is made with a chill and mellow beat. With such slow jam music, Snoop flexes his relationship with another woman which makes other men fall into despair.

Dogg is known for living a gangsta rap style. He has released multiple songs like these including his track with 50 Cent called "P.I.M.P."

3. Ain't My Girlfriend By Too Short

Ain't My Girlfriend is a song about a second girlfriend by Too Short. The track features Ty Dolla $ign, French Montana, Joyner Lucas, and Jeremih.

The record is a single from Too Short's 20th studio album "The Pimp Tape" The album includes 20 tracks along with "Ain't My Girlfriend."

The song's video is quite unique as well as it features a white family singing the song despite the track consisting of multiple foul words, and curses that are unsuitable for kids.

It went viral because of the promotion of offensive racial slurs, but also received a positive reception from the audience and critics due to its catchy tune, upbeat music, and features of multiple platinum-seller artists.

4. Girlfriend Wanna Be My Girlfriend By Heavyweight

Girlfriend wanna be my girlfriend is a track by Heavyweight. It is another song about a girlfriend who cheats.

The track is a mixture of both Rap and R&B. It is a very catchy song that includes old-school sounds like hi-hats, drum beats, and slow electro sounds

Heavyweight's song is a warning to all men that if a person does not care about his girlfriend then she shall pursue other options which shall leave the man heartbroken. 

Hence, the moral of the song is to treat your girl right. The lyrics of the song go like this:

Your Girlfriend wants to be my girlfriend

She be calling me telling me bout you

5. Brand New Girlfriend By Steve Holy

Brand New Girlfriend by Steve Holy is one of the best country songs for girlfriends. It was the title track for the album of the same name.

US Hot Country Songs (Billboard) featured the track in the number one position. Canada's Billboard on 6th and US Billboard Hot 100 in 40th position. It was certified gold in the U.S. with sales of 500,000.

Songwriters Jeferry Steele, Shane Minor, and Bart Allmand contributed to the record along with the vocals of Steve Holy. It is one of the best-selling country songs as well.

Additionally, the video of the song also features a funny gag. In the video, Steve breaks his relationship with his lover in order to make her jealous.

Then, he travels and shares an intimate bond with a female size doll. Eventually, his girlfriend comes back and the two make things right with each other.

6. Me And My Girlfriend By 2 Pac

Me and my girlfriend by 2 Pac is another in this list of songs for girlfriends. It is a romantic ode to one's partner.

2Pac states his GF to be Bonnie and himself as Clyde. The record is from "The Don Killuminati: The 7 Day Theory" commonly known as Makaveli which is his fifth studio album.

Shakur is a decorated artist. He is also honored in the list of rappers in the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame

Bonnie and Clyde were notorious criminals during the second world war era, they were known for doing bank robberies in rural banks. 

Later Jay-Z and Beyonce released a song titled "Bonnie and Clyde" where lyrics go like Me and My Girlfriend. Thus it is likely that Jay was inspired by 2 Pac's track to make his own song telling the story of his relationship. 

7. Bad Girlfriend By Anne Marie

Bad Girlfriend is among the sorry songs for girlfriends. The track is recorded by Anne-Marie from her debut album "Speak Your Mind (2018)."

The album features a total of eighteen tracks. It topped most of the charts in Britain and the U.S. and went platinum in both UK and Ireland.

The songwriters include artists like Paul Blair, Nick Monson, Sasha Sloan, and Mark Nilan Jr. It is an underappreciated record from Anne Marie.

The song talks about the qualities of a bad girlfriend like forgetting one's birthday, being lazy in daily chores, and not communicating with the partner properly.

That said, the song's lyrics go like this:

You cancel plans for me

I cancel ours on you

Say I'd be back early

I don't get in til 2

8. Call Your Girlfriend By Robyn

Call Your Girlfriend is among the best love songs for girlfriends by Robyn. The Swedish singer's song is from the album "Body Talk (2010)."

The track was nominated for the Grammy Award for Best Dance Recording in 2012. However, it was not able to win the award.

Robyn's song features a Swedish EDM sound and an attractive dance performance in her video. The song is about calling the girlfriend and clearing any misconceptions in a relationship.

It is a beautiful song. The artist also co-wrote and performed her original song in the Eurovision song contest.

9. First Girlfriend By TYDUS

First Girlfriend is a song about first girlfriends by TYDUS. Since the song is from a child singer, both the song and video are quite funny.

The track is uploaded by Travis and Corey who joke around with their kids. They have amassed around 6.3 million subscribers and 359 videos on Youtube.

Their son Tydus has become a superstar after releasing multiple songs like "First Girlfriend." It has already garnered 47 million views.

Also, other popular songs from the artist include tracks like Ice Cream and Let's Play. He is nicknamed as Mini Jake Paul by his parents and fans but in a good way.

Thus, the young infant has already become an internet sensation with his vlogs and songs.

10. Bad Girlfriend By Theory Of Deadman

Bad Girlfriend is among the songs about ex-girlfriends from Theory of Deadman. It tells about the red flags and issues of a bad partner.

It explains how, despite showcasing aggressive, irrational, and irresponsible behavior, the lover makes things right with her partner in the end.

Bad Girlfriend is a track from their third studio album "Scars & Souvenirs" released in 2008. The track was featured in the 42 position on Billboard Canadian Hot 100 and #75 on Billboard Mainstream Rock.

The single also went platinum in both Canada and U.S. with respective sales of 160,000 and 3 million units. It also later peaked at the number one position in the U.S Mainstream Rock charts.

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