20 Songs About Friday or The Weekend

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Songs About Friday or The Weekend are 1. Last Friday Night 2. Finally Friday 3. Hello Friday and more. After a long week, most people look forward to it ending.

Letting go of all the worries and enjoying the night is what Friday is for. Weekends are more fun when you add music to anything you do.

What could be better than popping music at a club, home, restaurant, or bar with your friends alone. Now you are away from your chaotic work and your long-awaited weekend is here.

Finding matching lyrics to make your day more worthy. Dance to the tunes, remember your soulmate, or just enjoy the music.

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1. Last Friday Night (T.G.I.F) by Katy Perry

Artist Name: Katy Perry

Album Name: Teenage Dream

Release Date: June 6, 2011

Katy Perry released Last Friday Night as a fun song about Friday Night and partying. It was produced by Dr Luke and Max Martin.

Key Lyrics:

Last Friday nightYeah, we danced on tabletops, and we took too many shots

As the lyrics show, the singer is describing how last Friday night she and her friends had a wild party filled with dancing and drinking. Later in the song, she talks about wanting to do it all over again.

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2. Finally Friday by George Jones

Artist: George Jones

Album: Walls Can Fall

Released Date: 1992

Finally, Friday by George Jones is the last song on its parent album. As the name suggests, it is a song about being thankful the week has ended.

Key Lyrics

It's finally Friday, I'm outta controlForget the workin' blues and let the good times roll

As the words say, the artist is saying it is Friday and he is ready to forget the work and enjoy the good times. Further in the song, he states that he knows he will be broke by Monday but he is happy to enjoy Friday and the weekend.

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3. Hello Friday by Flo Rida

Artist: Flo Rida Feat. Jason Derulo

Release Date: February 26, 2016

Hello, Friday by Flo Rida is about waiting for Friday to be free from chaos. The music video for the song was directed by Alex Costa and it is a standalone single.

Key Lyrics

Hello, Friday, I've been waiting for you for a long timeYou just save me when my life came tumbling down

The line is saying the singer had been waiting for Friday to save him from falling down and being miserable. Further on, the lyrics say that he will enjoy Friday and Saturday as the singer wants.

Also, when it's Sunday he will ask for forgiveness and start his weekdays again.

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4.Thank God It's Friday by R. Kelly

Artist: R. Kelly

Album: R. Kelly

Release Date: January 6, 1996

R. Kelly is thanking God for Friday that the working hours are over and everybody is ready to party The artist himself is the writer and producer of the song.

Key Lyrics

Take some time out for yourselfAnd let this Friday get to you

The lyrics here imply time to get time for oneself and enjoy the Friday. He further goes on to say he is ready to enjoy the night partying with music and is even thanking God for Friday.

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5. Cheap Thrills by Sia

Artist: Sia feat Sean Paul

Album: This is Acting

Release Date: February 11, 2016

Cheap Thrills is one of the best performances by Sia saying Saturday won't last long. It remains a popular song by the artist.

Key Lyrics

Gotta do my hair, put my make-up onIt's Friday night, and it won't be long

The artist here through her lyrics is saying she needs to get ready for Friday night as the time will go fast. She, later on, says that she doesn't need money to enjoy the night, some music, and dance while spending time with her lover is enough.

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6. I Got A Feeling by The Black Eyed Peas

Artist: The Black Eyed Peas

Album: The E.N.D

Release Date: June 15, 2009

I Got a Feeling came as the party anthem for Friday making you grove to its music. The song is about partying, drinking, and spending money.

Key Lyrics

Friday, Saturday, Saturday to Sunday (do it)Get, get, get, get, get with us, you know what we say (say)

The artists are not only talking only Friday but also about other days of the weekend. They also explain how to spend the Friday night partying, and making it the best night.

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7. I'm Only Me When I Am With You by Taylor Swift

Artist: Taylor Swift

Album: Taylor Swift

Release Date: November 6, 2007

Taylor Swift's I'm Only Me When I Am With You is about spending time with a friend doing nothing. This song shows a Friday away from parties and drinking.

Key Lyrics

Friday night beneath the stars
In a field behind your yard

Through the lyrics, the artist is saying that she is ready to spend her night in the yard by seeing stars. Later on, she talks about how she can just be herself around a real friend.

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8. Friday I'm In Love by Cure

Artist: The Cure

Album: Wish

Release Date: May, 1992

Friday I'm in Love by The Cure is a song about Friday depicting love for the day. It was a worldwide hit by the band and remains one of their biggest songs.

Key Lyrics

Thursday, I don't care about youIt's Friday, I'm in love

The lyrics here say the singers don't care about Thursday but are in love with Friday. Throughout the whole song, the artists are trying to convey they don't like other days and are in love with Friday and only Friday.

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9. Friday by Rebecca Black

Artist: Rebecca Black

Album: Friday

Release Date: February 10, 2011

Rebecca Black Friday is a travel song for Friday and weekend. The singer here expresses the feeling of getting to spend a long-awaited weekend with her friends.

Key Lyrics:

Gotta get down on FridayEverybody's lookin' forward to the weekend, weekend

The artist through lyrics shares that all of the people are waiting for the weekend. Afterward, she says that she is waiting to spend her Friday and the weekend with friends.

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10. Just Got Paid by Johnny Kemp

Artist: Johnny Kemp

Album: Secret of Flying

Release Date: 1988

Just Got Paid by Johnny Kemp shows the excitement of getting paid on Friday. The artist expresses what can be done now he has got the cash.

Key Lyrics

Just got paid, Friday nightParty huntin', feelin' right

The lyrics say that the singer got his paycheck on Friday and now he is mood to party. Later on, he is ready to spend the time partying hard and spending the money he just got.

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11. Lonely Weekend by Kacey Musgraves

Artist: Kacey Musgraves

Album: Golden Hours

Release Date: 2018

Lonely Weekend by Kacey Musgraves is a song that expresses how one feels without their loved one on the weekend. It is a lonely track to play on the weekend.

Key Lyrics

It's a lo-, it's a lo-, it's a lonely weekend (so lonely)It's a lo-, it's a lo-, it's a lonely feelin' without you

As the line shows, the artist is feeling lonely without her loved one on the weekend. Afterward, she says that other people are enjoying their weekend night but she is alone and sometimes it is good to be alone.

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12. Kings Of The Weekend by Blink-182

Artist: Blink-182

Album: California

Release Date: 2016

King of The Weekend is the best song about the weekends. The track is about how a person doesn't have to obey someone and can be just themselves on the weekend.

Key Lyrics

Until Monday morning strikes againWe are the kings of the weekend

The artists are clearly saying that everyone can do anything they like at the weekend until it's Monday morning. They further thank Friday for saving the night and even god for the rock bands.

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13. Livin' for The Weekend by Fitz and Tantrum

Artist: Fitz and Tantrum

Album: All The Feels

Release Date: 2019

Livin' For the Weekend by Fitz and Tantrum is a song about spending the whole weekend partying. The track explains how the money is going to be spent.

Key Lyrics

Down when the goin' gets toughI'm risin' up from the deep end, livin' for the weekend

As the lyrics reveal when things get harder they are living for the weekend to enjoy it. The artists later on say that the hard days of weekdays are worth living by so we can enjoy the weekend.

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14. Working For The Weekend by Loverboy

Artist: Loverboy

Album: Get Lucky

Release Date: September, 1981

Working for the Weekend by Loverboy is about working hard on weekdays to get must deserved weekend. The popular track expresses feelings of every working class.

Key Lyrics

Everybody's workin' for the weekend
Everybody wants a new romance

The lyrics tell us that everybody works on weekdays for the weekend and is waiting for new love. They further go on to say that on weekends people can get a second chance or they can enjoy the weekend dancing and partying.

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15. Out on the Weekend by Neil Young

Artist: Neil Young

Album: Harvest Moon

Release Date: February 1, 1972

Out On The Weekend is a beautiful country ballad on weekends by Neil Young. The song expresses the loneliness of missing someone on a weekend you are working.

Key Lyrics

See the lonely boy, out on the weekendTrying to make it pay

As the ballad shows, a boy is feeling lonely on the weekend and working when he should be enjoying it. Later on, he says that his lover is calling him but he doesn't know what to do.

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16. Ruin My Weekend by Jordan Davis

Artist: Jordan Davis

Album: Jordan Davis

Release Date: May 22, 2020

Jordan Davis's Ruin My Weekend is a lovely song about a weekend where a person can leave anything for love. This track is going to make you miss your beloved.

Key Lyrics

You can ruin my weekendBlow up all of my plans

Davis through his lyrics is saying that he is ready to cancel all his plans for weekends. Later on singer says that his girlfriend can call him anytime she wants and he will reach out to her no matter what he is doing.

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17. Cheers (Drink To That) by Rihanna

Artist: Rihanna

Album: Loud

Release Date: August 2, 2011

Cheers (Drink to That) by Rihanna is a song about enjoying the weekend without being miserable. This is one of the most popular R&B hits by the artist.

Key Lyrics

Cheers to the freakin' weekendI drink to that, yeah-e-yeah

The singer is telling through the lyrics that she is ready to celebrate the weekend by drinking. Moving on with the lyrics she doesn't want to care about what other says and sit miserably instead she will enjoy her life.

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18. Weekend by Kane Brown

Artist: Kane Brown

Album: Experiment

Release Date: August 8, 2018

Weekend by Kane Brown is a Sunday song about not wanting to get out of bed. The artist tells he would rather sleep than go out on Sunday morning

Key Lyrics

Just chillin' on the weekend, weekendSippin' something on the cheap end, cheap end

As the lyrics say the singer wants to chill around and enjoy something cheap rather than expensive. He expresses his feelings of wanting to spend the whole weekend watching movies, fishing, or doing nothing with his lover.

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19. A Sunday Kind Of Love By Etta James

Artist: Etta James

Album: At Last!

Release Date: 1960

A Sunday Kind of Love is a Classical Sunday song by Etta James. The popular track is all about searching for true love and not just outer beauty.

Key Lyrics

And I'd like to know it's more than love at first sightAnd I want a Sunday kind of love

The artist through her music is saying that she needs love which stays forever. She further states that her love should not just be an attraction but a special lifelong connection.

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20. Weekend by Priory

Artist: Priory

Album: Need To Know

Release Date: June 30, 2014

Weekend by Priory will express all weekends feeling of all age groups. This song about weekends can make a place in anyone's playlist.

Key Lyrics

And all the parents they keep calling,But there's no answer 'cause it's the weekend

They are conveying through lyrics that kids are enjoying the weekend and not receiving their parent's calls who keep on calling them. Later on, they say that the working class and others also have worked hard to enjoy the weekend.

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