20 Songs About Childhood Trauma

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Songs about childhood trauma are 1. Cleaning Out My Closet by Eminem 2. Oh Mother by Christina Aguilera 3. Brenda's Got a Baby by 2Pac, and so on.

These tracks explore the psychological and emotional consequences of the childhood experience for people as they grow up and face life's challenges.

Those songs highlight the range of aspects related to childhood trauma, such as abuse (physical, emotional, or more), violence, neglect, and more.

Many writers have composed songs related to childhood trauma that delve into the themes of emotional pain, resilience, and healing.

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1. Cleaning Out My Closet by Eminem

Artist Name: Eminem
Album Name: The Eminem Show
Release Year: 2002

Cleaning Out My Closet by Eminem is a personal song in which the rapper describes his past time.

Throughout the single, he discusses his family problems, upbringing, poverty, and the behavior of his mother.

He primarily focuses on his mother, Debbie Mathers, and portrays their complex relationship.

He shows his anger towards his mother for the way she raised him.

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2. Oh Mother by Christina Aguilera

Artist Name: Christina Aguilera
Album Name: Back to Basics
Release Year: 2006

Oh Mother by Christina Aguilera is one of the songs about trauma. The single revolves around the theme of Aguilera's abusive childhood.

A powerful song depicts the domestic violence and strength of a mother leaving a bad relationship. 

This track serves as empowerment and inspiration for those experiencing domestic violence.

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3. Brenda's Got a Baby by 2Pac

Artist Name: Tupac Shakur
Album Name: 2Pacalypse Now
Release Year: 1991

Brenda's Got a Baby by 2Pac is one of the songs about innocence. This single narrates the story of a young girl, Brenda, who became pregnant at the age of 12.

Her family does not support and care for her, and she raises her baby in her own way. The track highlights the issues of teen pregnancy and the absence of assistance in need.

The lyrics of the song also touch upon the theme of poverty and the impact of living in an unfavorable environment.

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4. Family Portrait by P!nk

Artist Name: P!nk
Album Name: Missundaztood
Release Year: 2001

American singer and songwriter P!nk recorded a single, Family Portrait. In this single, the singer portrays her family's dysfunction.

She portrays the relationship of her family as what she sees as a child. The record shows the universal struggle of children who grew up in an environment where conflicts are recurring.

It provides a powerful message about the importance of a united family and finding a way to overcome all the problems and challenges, no matter how hard they are.

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5. Oh, Father, by Madonna

Artist Name: Madonna
Album Name: Like a Prayer
Release Year: 1989

Oh, Father, was recorded by Madonna. It is one of the songs about healing.

Released from the album Like a Prayer on October 24, 1989, this song represents the relationship between Madonna and her father.

With its heartfelt lyrics, it explores the theme of trauma and paints a vivid picture of the father and his daughter.

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6. My Mom, by Eminem

Artist Name: Eminem
Album Name: Relapse
Release Year: 2009

My Mom by Eminem is one of the songs about PTSD. This single shows the complex relationship of an artist with his mom.

It highlights the enduring impact of substance abuse on his existence. The lyrics depict the harmful effects of addiction and the consequences of childhood trauma.

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7. Family Line, by Conan Gray

Artist Name: Conan Gray
Album Name: Superache
Release Year: 2022

Family Line was recorded by Conan Gray. It is soft-balled, which shows the parental relationship of Conan.

The narrator reflects on how the difficulties and broken relationships of their parents led to trauma and pain.

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8. Luka by Suzanne Vega

Artist Name: Suzanne Vega
Album Name: Solitude Standing
Release Year: 1987

Luka by Suzanne Vega is sung from the perspective of a woman named Luca.

The single reveals the themes of child abuse, domestic violence, and silence.

It paints the picture of a boy who attempts to hide his abuse and tries to assure everyone that everything is okay and there is no need to be concerned.

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9. Concrete Angel by Martina McBride

Artist Name: Martina McBride
Album Name: Greatest Hits
Release Year: 2001

Concrete Angel by Martina McBride is a power ballad. The main theme of the track revolves around child abuse.

The track narrates the story of a girl named Angela who is enduring severe abuse within her own household.

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10. Runaway Train by Soul Asylum

Artist Name: Soul Asylum
Album Name: Grave Dancers Union
Release Year: 1993

Runaway Train is one of the songs about surviving. The single provides an emotional and powerful message to the listener.

This song uses metaphorical language to express the feeling of being lost and alone. The phrase runaway train metaphorically shows the singer's condition as a runaway train with no control.

But its music video is related to child abuse as it features information and images about the exploited children.

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11. What Would You Do by City High

Artist Name: City High
Album Name: Video Hits - One Hit Wonders
Release Year: 1999

What Would You Do by City High revolves around the themes of poverty, domestic violence, and abuse.

Its lyrics paint a picture of those who are more vulnerable and less fortunate than others.

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12. Mother by John Lennon

Artist Name: John Lennon
Album Name: Nowhere Boy
Release Year: 1970

Mother by John Lennon is all about the relationship between John Lennon and his parents.

In this song, he reflects on his complex emotions towards his family and the pain of losing them.

He shows his longing and lack of connection to them through the song.

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13. Cat's in the Cradle by Harry Chapin

Artist Name: Harry Chapin
Album Name: Verities & Balderdash
Release Year: 1974

Cat's in the Cradle narrates the story of a man who has no time to be with his son.

Though his son is sad about his father's absence, he does not make objections but repeatedly expresses his belief that he will grow up like his father.

Eventually, he becomes a man, and his father has more time to spend with him, but the son is too busy and has no time for his dad.

His father realizes at the end of the song that his son was true at that time.

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14. 30 Minute Break by The Luka State

Artist Name: The Luka State
Album Name: 30 Minute Break
Release Year: 2014

30 Minute Break by The Luka State is one of the songs about childhood.

This song revolves around the theme of taking a short break and finding some freedom and relief from the pressure of life, even for a short period of time.

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15. Daddy's Girl, by Scorpions

Artist Name: Scorpions
Album Name: Face the Heat
Release Year: 1993

Daddy's Girl by Scorpions is about a girl who is abused by her father. Though her mother knows all this, she cannot seem to do anything.

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16. Papa'z Song by 2Pac

Artist Name: 2Pac
Album Name: Strictly 4 My
Release Year: 1993

Papa's Song by 2Pac is all about the complex relationship between the rapper and his father.

The single expresses the longing and pain that the rapper feels due to the absence of his father in his childhood days.

Its lyric shows the difficulties of growing up without the presence of a male role model in a family.

It also highlights the impact that it can have on one's life.

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17. Hero (Red Pill Mix) by Superchick

Artist Name: Superchick
Album Name: Regeneration
Release Year: 2003

Hero (Red Pill Mix) by Superchick addresses the significance of understanding, empathy, and effort to bring positivity to others' lives.

Its lyrics highlight the three distinct situations where people are feeling loneliness, pain, and grappling with their lives.

It emphasizes how individuals can influence the world through compassion, empathy, and the right decisions.

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18. In a Darkened Room by Skid Row

Artist Name: Skid Row
Album Name: Slave to the Grind
Release Year: 1991

In a Darkened Room by Skid Row is one of the songs about religious trauma.

This single narrates the story of someone who feels betrayed in love and has lost their faith in God. 

The narrator asks for light in the dark room where they feel alone and trapped.

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19. For The Love of a Daughter, by Demi Lovato

Artist Name: Demi Lovato
Album Name: Unbroken
Release Year: 2011

The song is about the reflection of the singer's childhood and the splotchy relationship she had with her father.

Her father was an abusive alcoholic, and she had to watch him beat her mother.

This relationship led to the disintegration of her family.

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20. Suffer Little Children, by The Smiths

Artist Name: The Smiths
Album Name: The Smiths
Release Year: 1984

The English rock band the Smiths performed the single Suffer Little Children.

This haunting single addresses the slaying of five children between 1963 and 1965 in the Manchester area.

It serves as a reminder of a tragic moment in history.

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