10 Songs About Champagne Which Are Still Popular In 2023

Taylor Swift song Champagne Problems is still trending in 2023
Taylor Swift song Champagne Problems is still trending in 2023( Source : youtube )

Champagne symbolizes the wine of happiness and celebration, which presides over all the moments of success and celebration, whether in family, love, or life.

People love champagne because it is a happy drink that depicts status, quality, and prestige.

Songs about Champagne are 1. Champagne Life 2. Champagne Problems 3. Champagne Supernova and more. Such songs have been trendy since the 1970s.

Many top artists like Taylor Swift, Ne-Yo, Ariana Grande, Meghan Trainor, and more have composed songs related to champagne, and all those songs are the symbol of joy and cheerfulness.

Here is the list of 10 songs about champagne to follow in 2023:

1. Champagne Life by Ne-Yo

Champagne Life is a song by American singer Ne-Yo. Produced by Dorohn Gough, the track was released on June 5, 2010.

An unofficial remix was also released with Rick Ross and Fabolous. Ne-Yo performed the song Champagne Life at Power 106's Powerhouse concert in 2010 at the Honda Center in Anaheim, California.

In the year-end chart of Billboard US Adult R&B Songs, Champagne Life peaked at the 25th position in 2010. Not only in the United States, but the track was popular in Canada, Belgium, and Japan as well.

2. Champagne Problems by Taylor Swift

Champagne Problems is a song by famous singer Taylor Swift. The track was released on December 11, 2020.

Swift wrote the song with William Bowery, with Aaron Dessner as producer. The track is a lo-fi balled, written from the perspective of a girlfriend who turns down her lover's proposal due to her mental health struggles.

It debuted at rank 21 on the Billboard Hot 100 and peaked at number 3 on the Billboard Hot Rock and Alternative Songs chart. Also, it peaked at number 7 on the Rolling Stone Top 100.

The composition of the song consisted of lo-fi instruments along with oompah piano chords, choir vocals, and guitar arpeggios.

3. Spray The Champagne by Migos

Spray The Champagne is a hip-hop song by Migos from the album Yung Rich Nation. The song was released in 2015.

It was the fifth song of the album to come out before its official release. The track gained popularity after it was played at the end of season one of Atlanta.

The song is a simple metaphor that alludes to the theme of dynasty and victory.

The official music video of the song was released on July 15, 2015. Fans have showered it with positive reviews in the comments saying that it never gets old and brings back many memories from that era.

4. Champagne Supernova by Oasis

Champagne Supernova is a song by the British rock band Oasis. It was released on May 13, 1996.

The song was produced by Owen Morris and Noel Gallagher, while the music video was directed by Nigel Dick and released on February 16, 1996. The song was released in the United States as a radio single, and later it was the number 1 single on the Modern Rock Tracks chart.

In August 2009, Champagne Supernova became the last original song performed live together and the last song was I Am the Walrus. Champagne Supernova is one of the most popular tracks in the catalog of bands.

The lyrics are entirely referring to the decadence of the rich and famous, and the ways in which they often end up being unhappy and alone.

5. Champagne Showers by LMFAO

Champagne Showers is a song by the American EDM pair LMFAO. The song features vocals from British singer Natalia Kills.

The track was inspired by a post-session holiday undertaken by AFL player Jude Bolton and his teammates. It was released on May 26, 2011, and written by Stefan Gordy, David Listenbee, Skyler Gordy, and Kenneth Oliver.

The song was a big hit in countries like New Zealand, Australia, France, Ireland, and Austria. The song peaked in the Top 10 list of these countries. It was also in the Australian Top 50 for twenty-seven weeks and the French Top 200 for fifty weeks.


Champagne Boyz is an English song by AK-69 from the album Road To The Independent King. The track was released in 2011.

AK-69 is a hip-hop artist well-known for his record labels like Flying B Entertainment, Def Jam Japan, and Sony Music Entertainment Japan.

The lyrics and composition combine beautifully to create a tune that isn't just cheerful to listen to but has a message behind it. The official video of the song was released on April 19, 2011.

7. Champagne Dreams by Gabi DeMartino

Champagne Dreams is by famous singer Gabi DeMartino. The song was released on September 1, 2020.

The track was a lead single from the debut album of DeMartino titled Paintings of Me. Later, it was titled Beautiful Mess.

]The music video was filmed on August 5, 2020, in Cape May, New Jersey. The video featured Allie Bennicas and Camryn Sullivan, along with the dancers Amanda Spilinga and Amiya Alexander.

The lyric video was filmed on May 5, 2020, during a birthday party of Gabi. It was released on the official Vevo channel.

Also, Gabi debuted the song live at her Musikfest special on August 8, 2020. Gabi depicts the song as an ode to his former self, and he said that he had never recorded a song in this rhythmic genre before.

8. Pink Champagne by Carrie Underwood

Pink Champagne is a country song by Carrie Underwood. The song was released in 2022.

It is from the album titled Denim and Rhinestones, the ninth studio album by American country singer. The record was released on June 10, 2022.

It is a romantic song and depicts how her romantic love for her partner gives more buzz than pink champagne. She said it is a song that makes her happy when she sings or listens to it.

Carrie added that the song makes her want to dance and makes her sing into her hairbrush and makes her want to turn it up and have a blast with it. She also said that Pink Champagne is one of her favorite songs on the album.

9. Champagne Rose by Quavo

Champagne Rose is a song by the artist Quavo from his debut solo album Quavo Huncho. The song features famous singers like Cardi B and Madonna.

The track was released on October 12, 2018. It was written by Brittany Talia Hazzard, Quavious Marshall, Rasool Diaz, and Shane Lindstrom.

10. Blue Champagne by Jimmy Dorsey

Blue Champagne is a song by an American bandleader Jimmy Dorsey. The song was recorded on April 29, 1941.

It features vocals by singer Bob Eberly and was written by Grady Walts, Jimmy Eaton, and Frank Ryerson. It was first released by Jimmy Dorsey in 1941 on Decca Records.

It topped the list of Billboard's National Best-Selling Records chart of that time.

The famous cricketer Glenn Maxwell also performed the song with his orchestra and released another version of it.

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