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British band Sleep Token was formed in 2016 and are far from being a Christian band
British band Sleep Token was formed in 2016 and are far from being a Christian band ( Source : instagram )

Is Sleep Token A Christian Band? No, Sleep Token is not a Christian band and is far from being one.

The British rock band is classified under a number of genres based on their music. Their music and songs often fall under Progressive metal and Alternative metal among other genres.

Established in 2016 by four members, the band originates from London. Unlike other bands, Sleep Token is an anonymous group and they prefer to keep their identities hidden with masks and cloaks they use while performing.

Led by the frontman whose stage name is Vessel, Sleep Token is known among fans to be a band that follows an ancient being and deity named sleep. This further confirms the fact that the band from the UK is not a Christian band by any means.

Sleep Token Has Four Members

Sleep Token was formed by four band members who decided to go anonymous from day one and keep their identities hidden.

The band cites their reason to be anonymous saying they want the fans to focus only on their music and nothing else. Hence, whenever they appear on the stage or when we see them on a video, all four of them are completely covered up.

Sleep Token performing live during a concert ( Source : youtu )

In their concerts, most often than not, they wear different masks, which have become synonymous with the members, and a black cloak to hide their identities.

Sleep Token Band Members

Although we have no clue as to who the Sleep Token band members are, we know their stage names. The four of them are just known as Vessel, II, III, and IV respectively.

Sleep Token band members include Vessel, II, III, and IV
Sleep Token band members include Vessel, II, III, and IV( Source : instagram )

The band members also paint themselves in black refusing to show anyone just even a small bit of themselves. It is unclear what II, III, and IV do in the band since we don't know who's who.

However, one thing we know for a certain is that the lead singer and the frontman of the band is known as Vessel. He is the leader of the group. The three other members are on the lead guitar, bass guitar, and drums.

For some songs, they even have backup vocalists and musicians, who also remain hidden in their masks and cloaks.

When it comes to the lore of Sleep Token and how it was formed, the story is very interesting. Vessel, the leader of the band was visited by an ancient deity named sleep in his dream. Sleep promised Vessel great things in his life, "glory and magnificence," if he were to follow him reports NME.

Sleep Token lore states that Vessel had an interaction with an ancient deity named Sleep in his dream
Sleep Token lore states that Vessel had an interaction with an ancient deity named Sleep in his dream( Source : instagram )

Sleep Token songs are considered to be an offering dedicated to the deity, Sleep. The band does not go out of its way to be in interviews and other TV stuff. Rather, it's hard to find any interview of them online if they've given any.

Sleep Token puts a show during their concerts every time
Sleep Token puts a show during their concerts every time( Source : instagram )

Still, their brand and their popularity are growing and the fans are increasing by the day, which is all thanks to their music and their abilities. Sleep Token has 165K followers on their official Instagram page.

Third Studio Album From The British Band Is On Its Way

Sleep Token has released two studio albums to date named Sundowning and This Place Will Become Your Tomb and the third one is on the way.

Their very first album Sundowning was released on 21 November 2019 under the Spinefarm Records label. The album was made available for fans on several platforms, which included CD, Audio Playback, Music Download, and streaming.

Recorded in G1 Productions studios in Wells, Somerset, the album is 54:37 in length. Distorted Sound rated the album 10/10 whereas Kerrang! magazine rated it 4/5.

After the considerable success of their first album, the British band released their second studio album, This Place Will Become Your Tomb on 24 September 2021 under the same label as their previous one. This album was also made available on the same platforms as Sundowning.

Sleep Token's new album release date announced ( Source : instagram )

With a length of 52:06, the album peaked at number 39 on the UK albums chart and number 13 on the Scottish albums chart. The band is now set to release its third studio album named, "Take Me Back to Eden" on 19 May 2023 later this year.

The album is going to be their longest one yet clocking at 63:26. With a total of 12 tracks, 5 have already been released as singles.

Sleep Token Other Projects

Apart from their studio albums, the band also has two extended plays in their discography, simply called One and Two respectively.

One and Two were released even before any of their studio albums saw the light of day. One was released on December 2nd, 2016 under no official label. Since it was their first project, they self-released it.

Their second extended play, Two which was released on 21 July 2017, had the banner of Basick Records Label beside it. Both extended plays are available in formats including CD, Music Download, and Streaming.

Sleep Token had released two extended plays before their first studio album
Sleep Token had released two extended plays before their first studio album( Source : instagram )

From their soon-to-be three released studio albums, they have a total of eight singles which were released prior to the release of the album. There were no singles released for their first album, however.

Of the extended plays, there are singles and the band also has four non-album singles in their discography.

The Summoning Is Their Most Popular Song

Out of all the songs that Sleep Token has produced and released, their track from the upcoming album, "Take Me Back to Eden," The Summoning is the most popular song.

In their verified Spotify account, where they have 326,126 followers and 2,028,938 monthly listeners to their songs, The Summoning ranks supreme with 20,904,219 likes on the platform followed by Granite, Chokehold, and Aqua Regia.

Sleep Token's The Summoning ( Source : youtu )

Their official Youtube channel has 160K subscribers, where the most popular song is yet again The Summoning with 3.8  million views. It is followed by Alkaline with 3.3 million views and The Offering with 1.9 million views respectively.

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