High Heels Sipping Champagne TikTok Song And Lyrics

Raye and 070 Shake are the artists behind Escapism which caused the TikTok trend
Raye and 070 Shake are the artists behind Escapism which caused the TikTok trend( Source : instagram )

Sipping Champagne TikTok song comes from the artists Raye and 070 Shake. Sipping Champagne songs is the newest TikTok trend of the moment.

However, the Sipping Champagne song, which comes from Raye's hit track, Escapism, differs from most other viral TikTok songs because the track itself originally became popular from a previous trend.

Stemming from the dumb decision trend, Escapism became a huge hit, which in turn started the Sipping Champagne trend in a curious example of a song being TikTok viral for two reasons.

So, for those curious, here is all about the Sipping Champagne TikTok song and its lyrics.

Sipping Champagne TikTok Song And Lyrics

Sipping Champagne TikTok song comes from Raye and 070 Shake's collaboration track, Escapism. Escapism is the third single from Raye's debut album.

The song has gone viral on TikTok for the portion of the lyrics that state:

Just a heart broke *****, high heels, six inchIn the back of the nightclub, sippin' champagne

There have been various types of videos made to this snippet, and the full verse it is within, highlighting how versatile the lyrics and verse are. Some people are using it as background music to show off their clothes before a night out or any other type of outing.

Others have been writing down the lyrics in order to showcase Raye's lyricism and to show their appreciation. However, there is also a large group of people who have been posting the snippet as a way to tell off TikTok in general for trending the "Dumb Decisions" portion of the song rather than this part.

Sipping Champagne Song TikTok Reactions

Sipping Champagne lyrics has become popular not only among fans but also celebrities. Many have taken to social media to show their admiration.

The official sound for the Escapism song has two versions, one normal and one super sped up. Both of them are popular, with the normal version of the song having been used in over 317.5K videos and the super sped-up version having been used 696.2K times.

However, the version that has been most used for the Sipping Champagne trends is called "if u use this sound ur automatically hot" by banginchunes, and has been used in over 375.6K posts.

Many celebrities and influencers like Carson Genal, Daus Mendoza, and Gemma Huck have used the song.

Each has used it in a variety of ways, from showing off their makeup and clothing or simply singing along to the lyrics.

Genal's has amassed over 319.6K likes, Mendoza's has over 287.1K likes, and Huck's is the most popular one, with over 425.7K likes as of the writing of this article.

Escapism Lyrics and Meaning

Escapism lyrics and meaning are about a debaucherous night due to a recent heartbreak. Raye sings about trying to forget a breakup through sad means.

The song is structured as a narrative that starts in medias res. The intro verse describes Raye dancing with a stranger at an party in a very suggestive manner.

RAYE, 070 Shake - Escapism. (Official Music Video) ( Source : youtube )

In the first verse proper, the singer gives an explanation, or context, for why she is in her current position. Her lover broke up with her last night, and now she feels like her heart has been ripped apart. 

Not wanting to feel as bad as she does, Raye decides to skip out to town wearing a sensual black dress. In the following verses and choruses, Raye describes all the illicit things she is now doing, all for the sake of running away from her problems and her heartbreak. 

070 Shake, who has been singing along with Raye throughout the song, gets her own verse in the bridge, acting like Raye's dark thoughts. 

What is High Heels Sipping Champagne Song all about?

High heels sipping champagne song Escapism was released as a single on October 12, 2022. It became popular the following month through TikTok.

As stated above, the song initially became a trend for a different part of the lyrics, which sang:

The man that I love sat me down last nightAnd he told me that it's over, dumb decision

The cover art for Raye and 070's single, Escapism
The cover art for Raye and 070's single, Escapism( Source : instagram )

Through the strength of this trend, the song became a mainstream hit, reaching all the way to number 22 on the Billboard Hot 100 and number 1 on the UK singles chart. The song has been certified Gold in five countries, including the US, and platinum in the UK, selling over 600,000 copies.

Instead of the song dying down in popularity as most TikTok viral hits do, because of Raye's rising popularity and the release of her debut album in early February, the song became popular again, but this time focusing on a different part of the lyrics.

Who Are 070 Shake And Raye?

070 Shake and Raye are the dynamic duo behind Escapism. Raye's real name is Rachel Agatha Keen, and 070 Shake's is Danielle Balbuena


Raye is a 25-year-old singer and songwriter from London. The singer has been active professionally since 2014.

Raye wearing a pink/red dress on a couch
Raye wearing a pink/red dress on a couch( Source : instagram )

Through a slew of hit features in the mid-to-late 2010s with artists like Jonas Blue, Charli XCX, and Joel Corry, to name a few, she gained larger and larger prominence. At the same time, she also wrote tracks for singers like Beyonce and John Legend.

The release of her long-stalled debut, My 21st Century Blues and Escapism's virality, has made her a burgeoning star.

070 Shake

070 Shake is an American rapper and singer. Like Raye, 070 Shake has been active since the mid-2010s.

070 Shake on the cover of the Melt Festival poster
070 Shake on the cover of the Melt Festival poster( Source : facebook )

The similarity doesn't end there, as 070 gained prominence through features too. However, her claim to fame was through her uncredited appearance in two songs from Kanye West's eighth studio album, Ye.

Her performance in both songs, particularly in Ghost Town, made her an overnight star.

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