20 Singers With The In Their Name

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Not many singers have the in their name as usually they like to use their real names or a real sounding pseudonym. However, there have been a prominent few.

Singers With The In Their Name include prominent acts like The Weeknd to up-and-coming figures like Mariah the Scientist. However, one thing is certain, a vocalist with The in their title mean business.

It is a great way to separate yourself from the crowd and to garner attention. To that end, we have amassed a list of 20 singers that have such monikers.

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1. Mariah The Scientist

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American singer-songwriter and producer Mariah the Scientist (born Mariah Buckles) is well-known for her empathetic and soulful R&B music.

She first came to light in the late 2010s with her 2017 debut EP To Die For. Mariah stands out in the R&B industry thanks to her unique vocals and thoughtful lyrics.

Themes of love, heartache, and self-discovery are frequently explored in her music. Her first studio album, 'MASTER,' which was released in 2019 solidified her status as a rising musician.

The emotional depth of her music is evident in the way she combines experimental and alternative elements with modern R&B. She is a multi-talented artist who shows off her creative abilities by writing and producing some of her own music. Mariah the Scientist is still developing.

2. The-Dream

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Terius Youngdell Nash an American singer-songwriter and record producer is better known by his stage name The-Dream.

He was born on September 20, 1977, and has had a big impact on the pop and R&B scenes of today.

The-Dream became well-known for his compositional skills after penning singles for musicians like Beyoncé ('Single Ladies') and Rihanna ('Umbrella').

The singer is well-known for its inventive production and silky vocals. Love, relationships, and sensuality are common themes in his music.

He has worked as a producer with many of the biggest names in the business. The-Dream's impact goes beyond his solo endeavors. He is now a well-known personality in modern R&B and a sought-after partner in the music business.

3. The Weeknd

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The Weeknd is a Canadian singer, songwriter and producer who was born Abel Makkonen Tesfaye in 1990.

He later became well-known in the 2010s. His mysterious image and distinctive fusion of pop, R&B, and electronic music won him a lot of praise.

The Weeknd has pursued careers in acting and philanthropy in addition to music. His boundary-pushing sound and evocative lyrics have established his position as an important player in modern music.

4. The Kid Laroi

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The Kid Laroi is an Australian rapper, singer and songwriter who was born on August 17, 2003, under the name Charlton Kenneth Jeffrey Howard.

His breakout hit 'Without You' and his joint single 'Go' with Juice WRLD brought him international attention displaying his ability to fuse catchy rap with profoundly meaningful lyrics.

Born and raised in Sydney, Laroi's career really took off when he got in touch with Juice WRLD who helped to mentor and work with him.

He immediately rose to prominence in the industry as one of the youngest and most promising performers due to his captivating performances and thoughtful storytelling.

The Kid Laroi who blends singing and rapping in a diverse style is still making waves and receiving praise for his genuine and relatable music.

5. Anna of the North

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Singer-songwriter Anna Lotterud from Norway collaborated on a musical collaboration called Anna of the North formed in 2014

Anna of the North's music continued to develop with new releases such as 'Leaning on Myself' and 'Dream Girl.' Themes of love, heartache and self-discovery are frequently explored in their songs.

Thanks to their catchy tunes Anna of the North has grown to be a prominent figure in the indie pop industry.

6. Christine and The Queens

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Héloïse Letissier a French singer, composer and producer, performs under the stage name Christine and the Queens.

Letissier, who was born in Nantes, France, on June 1, 1988, took on the identity in 2010 taking inspiration from her drag queen alter ego Chris.

Christine and the Queens who combined pop, funk and electronic elements in their debut album 'Chaleur Humaine' (2014) which included singles like 'Tilted,' won praise from all over the world. Gender stereotypes are challenged by Letissier's androgynous flair in both her music and imagery.

She addresses identity, love and empowerment in her lyrics which are written in both French and English. Renowned for their compelling live shows and inventive choreography, Christine and the Queens have emerged as a major force in the modern pop music landscape, exhibiting a distinctive blend of artistic talent and inclusiveness.

7. The Tallest Man on Earth

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Born on April 30, 1983, Kristian Matsson is a Swedish singer-songwriter better known by his stage moniker, The Tallest Man on Earth.

Matsson who is well-known for his unique folk sound is known for his exquisite guitar work, beautiful lyrics and raw, passionate singing style.

He made a number of highly regarded albums after releasing his debut album 'Shallow Grave' in 2008, including 'The Wild Hunt' (2010) and 'Dark Bird Is Home' (2015).

Matsson transports listeners to private reflective worlds with his reflective stories and stirring music. His music has elements of traditional folk music but he also adds a contemporary feel to it.

Matsson is a well-known solo musician in the modern folk music scene thanks to his sincere and emotional performances, which are frequently performed with just his guitar.

8. Amigo The Devil

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American singer-songwriter Danny Kiranos performs as Amigo the Devil. He is well-known for his eerie folk music which combines elements of alt rock, Americana and country music.

Kiranos was born on February 19, 1985, in Miami, Florida. His poetry frequently addresses themes of murder, death and the macabre resulting in a distinct and eerily poetic ambiance.

With albums like 'Manimals' (2010) and 'Everything Is Fine' (2018), Amigo the Devil rose to prominence by showing his skill as a storyteller and his adaptable musical taste. Kiranos has a devoted following thanks to his powerful and enthralling live performances.

In the field of alternative folk and singer-songwriter music, he has distinguished himself as a captivating and genre-defying performer by his ability to combine poignant and melodic compositions with gloomy subject matter.

9. Chance the Rapper

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Chance the Rapper is a well-known American rapper, singer, and songwriter from Chicago. He was born Chancelor Johnathan Bennett on April 16, 1993.

Chance rose to prominence in the music industry with his mixtapes, especially 'Acid Rap' (2013) and 'Coloring Book' (2016). He was praised widely for his avant-garde take on hip-hop, fusing jazz, gospel, and soul influences.

He is well-known for his upbeat live performances, unique voice and socially minded lyrics. Notably, in 2017 'Coloring Book' became the first album to be released only on streaming services to win the Grammy Award for Best Rap Album.

Apart from music, Chance is active in his community's charity causes and involved in philanthropy, education, and advocacy. His standing as a significant character in contemporary culture has been cemented by his own success and dedication to constructive change.

10. BJ the Chicago Kid

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American singer-songwriter BJ the Chicago Kid was born Bryan James Sledge on November 23, 1984, in Chicago.

Before releasing his solo albums, BJ who is well-known for his soulful voice and adaptable musical taste became well-known for his partnerships with musicians like Kendrick Lamar and Schoolboy Q.

His 2012 first album 'Pineapple Now-Laters' demonstrated his love of soul and R&B. 'In My Mind' (2016) which included singles like 'Church' and 'Turnin' Me Up,' was BJ's breakout album.

With his ability to mix classic and modern R&B components and his silky voice BJ has established himself as a respected player in the music business.

11. Francis and the Lights

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Francis Farewell Starlite is an American singer-songwriter and producer who leads the musical group Francis and the Lights.

The group is well-known for its genre-bending sound, which combines pop, R&B, and electronic elements. Francis and the Lights, who formed in 2007 became well-known for their distinctive musical style and captivating live shows.

The release of the song 'Friends' in 2010, which featured collaborations with Kanye West and Bon Iver, marked the group's breakthrough. 'Farewell, Starlite!' (2016), their debut studio album, featured Francis's falsetto vocals and avant-garde production. 

Themes of love, relationships, and contemplation are frequently explored in the song. Since then, Francis and the Lights have worked with other musicians which has enhanced their standing as avant-garde musicians in the music business.

12. Mlindo The Vocalist

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Born Lindokuhle Magedezi on November 5, 1995, Mlindo The Vocalist is a well-known South African singer whose vocals are passionate and emotional.

Gaining notoriety in the Afro-fusion and Amapiano music sectors, Mlindo rose to prominence with his debut album "Emakhaya" (2018), which included the popular tune Macala.

His music frequently combines gospel, R&B, and traditional South African elements, displaying a flexible and unique vocal technique. Mlindo frequently explores themes of love, relationships, and personal experiences in her poignant poems.

His artistic influence has grown as a result of his partnerships with other musicians. Mlindo The Vocalist, a well-known figure in the South African music scene, never fails to enthrall audiences with his soul-stirring performances and contributions to the changing landscape of modern African music.

13. Sweet The Kid

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Jeong-min Choi, known as Sweet The Kid, is an independent R&B singer-songwriter with a penchant for crafting love-themed songs.

His music is characterized by minimalistic tracks that spotlight his vocal prowess and his comfortable style is described as comfortable R&B that can be enjoyed continuously.

Jeong-min's journey into music began after witnessing Travis Scott's performances, inspiring him to pursue his own musical path. He joined 'The Good Days Boys' trio through a close connection formed while working with fellow artists. Jeong-min intentionally keeps his music aurally minimalistic, drawing inspiration from foreign singers.

Having released seven solo singles in a year, Sweet The Kid credits his motivation to fellow artist Jimmy Brown. His latest tracks, 'Fix Me' and 'Give Me Head,' delve into the theme of love, drawing inspiration from personal experiences and the narratives of others. Jeong-min stands out with his distinctive voice and melodies, aspiring to be remembered as someone who values fan support.

14. Tyler, the Creator

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Tyler, the Creator is a well-known American rapper, singer, songwriter, record producer, and fashion designer.

Tyler Gregory Okonma was born on March 6, 1991. As one of the original members of the alternative hip-hop group Odd Future, Tyler became well-known for his distinct aesthetic and thought-provoking songs.

His 2011 solo debut album 'Goblin' was met with praise and criticism alike. Tyler's artistic development has been evident throughout the years, as evidenced by his versatility on albums such as 'Wolf' (2013), 'Flower Boy' (2017), and 'Igor' (2019), the latter of which won him a Grammy Award for Best Rap Album.

He has ventured into the fashion industry through his company Golf Wang leaving his imprint on a variety of artistic fields with his inventiveness and boundary-pushing originality.

His influence on modern hip-hop culture and other areas is characterized by his ability to defy conventions and redefine artistic norms.

15. The Big Bopper

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The Big Bopper was born Jiles Perry Richardson Jr. on October 24, 1930 and rose to fame in the late 1950s with his rock and roll song.

He became well-liked as a performer thanks to his captivating stage presence and rich deep voice. In addition to being a musician, he was a DJ with a captivating on-air style.

He tragically perished in a plane crash with Buddy Holly and Ritchie Valens on February 3, 1959, an incident that became known as 'The Day the Music Died.'

The Big Bopper's influence on early rock & roll is still recognized and 'Chantilly Lace' is still regarded as a classic song in the annals of the music.

16. The Reverend Horton Heat

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The Reverend Horton Heat is the stage name of James C. Heath and his famous American psychobilly trio that combines punk, country, and rock & roll influences in a high-energy way.

It was founded in 1985 and its distinctive sound comes from a combination of energetic, hilarious lyrics and Heath's amazing guitar talents.

Their 1990 debut album, 'Smoke 'Em If You Got 'Em,' helped them become established in the alternative music landscape.

A memorable performance is provided by The Reverend Horton Heat and Heath's dynamic onstage persona. Thanks to classics like 'Psychobilly Freakout' and 'Bales of Cocaine,' the band has managed to hang on to a large following.

They've put out a number of CDs throughout the years that demonstrate their ability to bridge genres. Thanks to their energetic live performances, The Reverend Horton Heat is still a major force in the psychobilly genre.

17. The White Buffalo

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American singer-songwriter Jake Smith performs under the stage name The White Buffalo.

He is known for his soulful, folk-infused music which is distinguished by sad storytelling and a gravelly voice.

Smith who was born in 1974 rose to fame in the early 2000s because of his poignant live performances and intricately written compositions.

'Prepare for Black & Blue' (2010) and the critically praised 'Once Upon a Time in the West' (2012) marked his breakout releases.

The White Buffalo's fan base is expanding as a result of his music being included in well-known TV series and motion pictures.

Acclaimed for his genuineness and unvarnished poetry, he never fails to enthrall listeners with albums like 'Love and the Death of Damnation' (2015) and 'On the Widow's Walk' (2020) which exhibit a wide variety of influences and close ties to American story traditions.

18. ThePropheC

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ThePropheC a Canadian-Indian singer-songwriter and producer best known for his contributions to the Punjabi music scene was born Gurinder Bawa.

He was born in Calgary, Canada, on December 8, 1992, and became well-known for fusing Punjabi, R&B and soul influences.

With his debut album 'Forever' released in 2011, ThePropheC made his breakthrough by showcasing his inventive production and passionate vocals.

Subsequent releases such as 'The Lifestyle' (2018) and 'Futureproof' (2014) cemented his status as a leader in the Punjabi music industry.

ThePropheC, who is well-known for his skillful blending of South Asian and Western musical components has worked with musicians from throughout the world to broaden his audience.

19. Slakah the Beatchild

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Byram Joseph better known as Slakah the Beatchild, is a Canadian singer-songwriter, producer and musician.

He is well-known for his contributions to hip-hop, R&B and soul music was born in Sault Ste. Marie, Ontario, on June 30, 1979, became well-known for his adaptability and distinctive musical tastes.

He is a skilled multi-instrumentalist who can play the keyboard, drums, and guitar. 2008 saw the release of Slakah's debut album, 'Soul Movement Vol. 1,' which featured his soulful vocals and production abilities.

His music frequently combines contemporary R&B with vintage soul, winning him praise from critics. In addition to his solo endeavors, he has worked with other musicians, adding to the thriving Canadian music landscape.

20. The Notoirious B.I.G.

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The renowned American rapper and songwriter known as The Notorious B.I.G. was born Christopher Wallace on May 21, 1972.

Biggie Smalls was born and raised in Brooklyn, New York. His breakthrough album 'Ready to Die' (1994) brought him widespread recognition with hits like 'Juicy' and 'Big Poppa.' Renowned for his unique, deep voice skill at storytelling, and open accounts of life in the city, The Notorious B.I.G. emerged as a key player in the hip-hop revival of the 1990s.

His legacy was further cemented with the release of his second album, "Life After Death" (1997), posthumously following his terrible murder in March of that same year. Biggie Smalls, or The Notorious B.I.G., is regarded as one of the best and most influential rappers in hip-hop history.

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