List Of Simon And Garfunkel Best Songs

Simon and Garfunkel band is made up of Paul Simon and Art Garfunkel, the image features artist's 60s, 70s, and 80s albums
Simon and Garfunkel band is made up of Paul Simon and Art Garfunkel, the image features artist's 60s, 70s, and 80s albums( Source : facebook )

The list of Simon and Garfunkel Best Songs includes tracks like 1. Mrs. Robinson 2. The Sound of Silence and 3. Cecilia among others.

Following their idols, Everly Brothers who had already gained fame in the early 50s, the duo became popular in the late 60s after their third studio album was featured in the movie "The Graduate (1968)."

Both of these artists met at elementary school and started writing and performing songs from an early age. They have transformed themselves by being one of the best-selling duos.

They have grabbed seven Grammy Awards and were inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame in 1990. According to Rolling Stone, they are ranked in the 40th position in "Greatest Artist of All Time."

Top 10 list Of Simon And Garfunkel Best Songs

Song NameAlbum Name
Mrs. RobinsonBookends (1968)
The Sound of SilenceWednesday (1964)
CeciliaBridge Over Troubled Water (1970)
The BoxerBridge Over Troubled Water
Bridge Over Troubled WaterBridge Over Troubled Water (Album name)
April Come She WillSound of Silence (1966)
Homeward BoundParsley, Sage, Rosemary and Thyme (1966)
The Only Living Boy In New YorkBridge Over Troubled Water (Simon Song)
AmericaBookends (1968)
The 59th Street Bridge SongParsley, Sage, Rosemary and Thyme

1. Mrs.Robinson

Mrs. Robinson is the most streamed song by Simon and Garfunkel from "Bookends (1968)." It was a specific soundtrack for the movie "The Graduate."

The duo's single became the no. 1 song to feature on Billboard Hot 100. Also, it became the first rock song to win a Grammy Award for "Record of The Year." This song is covered by multiple 80s singers like Bon Jovi, Frank Sinatra, and The Lemonheads.

That said, the song also featured in the top ten charts of more than ten countries like Norway, New Zealand, and Switzerland. t was also certified Platinum in the UK with over 600,000 certified sales.

Sinatra's cover was featured in his album My Way, it also ranked in no. 8 position at Billboard's Modern Rock Charts. Also, it has garnered over 484 million streams on Spotify and 96 million on Youtube.

2. The Sound of Silence

The Sound of Silence is one of Simon and Garfunkel greatest hits. It has become a popular meme in recent years due to the starting sound of low bass sound.

Sound of Silence is from the music group's album "Wednesday." This track peaked at the #1 position on Billboard Hot 100 charts. The silence music track was also included in the Mrs. Robinson EP in 1968.

Similarly, this song also charted in multiple countries like Australia, Austria, West Germany, and the Netherlands. A heavy metal band called Disturbed also covered the track in 2015.

Since its popularity, one of the fastest rappers Eminem also used the track's intro:

Hell Darkness Oh My Friend

In his 2020 song called "Darkness" for his album Music to be Murdered By.

3. Cecilia

Cecilia is a Simon and Garfunkel love song. The funk rhapsody is from their fifth studio album "Bridge Over Troubled Water (1970)."

Billboard Hot 100 listed the song in the number four position. It became a hit single throughout the US. This song did quite well business in Canada, Germany, Netherlands, and Spain.

Likewise, it was certified gold by both UK and US selling over 400,000 and 1 million units respectively. It reached number one in Austria, the Czech Republic, Europe, and Iceland.

Similarly, Bjorn Again recorded the cover of the song in 1993 for their album "Flashback" paying tribute to ABBA.

4. The Boxer

The Boxer is another Paul Simon song from their album Bridge Over Trouble Water. The album itself is one of the best-selling tracklists of the music duo.

Two male duo's song was featured in Rolling Stone's greatest songs list in the 106th position. It also peaked in the charts of the countries like Netherlands, Austria, Canada, and South Africa.

A breakdown of the lyrics reveals the track to be about overcoming loneliness and poverty in New York City. However, it also shows unfavorable accusations thrown towards the greatest singer-songwriter Bob Dylan who was known as the amateur "Boxer."

In addition, this track peaked at #7 position in US Billboard Hot 100 charts. It was also certified Gold in the UK with more than 400,000 units sold.

The lyrics go like this:

I am Just a poor boy

Though my story's seldom told

5. Bridge Over Troubled Water

Bridge Over Troubled Water from the folk-rock singers Simon & Garfunkel. It is the title track of the album of the same name.

This song incorporates multiple genres like rock, R&B, and jazz.

It won five awards at the 13th Annual Grammy Awards in 1971. The accolades the album achieved included Record of the Year and Song of the Year.

Similarly, it also topped US Billboard Hot 100 charts for six weeks. It became the number-one single in the UK, Canada, New Zealand, and France.

Moreover, it was one of the most performed songs of the 20th century by multiple artists like Elvis Presley, Johnny Cash, and Aretha Franklin. To elaborate, this song also sold more than six million copies worldwide.

This track's lyrics are as follows:

When you're weary

Feeling small

When tears are in your eyes

6. April Come She Will

April Come She Will is a popular song by Paul Simon, it is also included in the solo album of the artist The Paul Simon Songbook.

Sounds of Silence (1966) featured the song from the album of Simon & Garfunkel. The lyrics of the song represent the changing nature of seasons. Also, the music's inspiration came from a girl that Simon met.

Moreover, the song was also featured in the film The Graduate and the Korean drama series "Angel Eyes."

It has become quite popular on streaming platforms, the song was also covered by the artist while they were singing from their New York apartment.

7. Homeward Bound

Homeward Bound peaked at #5 on US Billboard Hot 100 charts. BPI also certified the track silver as well.

Moreover, "Homeward Bound" is a memorable track that was also performed in the Simon and Garfunkel reunion concert in Central Park.

The song's story is based on Kathy Chitty, who Simon met during his time in England. They had incredible chemistry and instantly hit it off but had to drift apart as they had different priorities.

This song is about missing someone, as Simon wrote the track after missing his beloved love interest Kathy. The lyrics of the song go like this:

I'm sittin' in the railway station

Got a ticket to my destination

On a tour of one-night stands

8. The Only Living Boy In New York

The Only Living Boy In New York is from "Bride Over Troubled Water." The song references Garfunkel's leaving the group to act in the movie Catch-22.

Similarly, this song was also the title track of the movie "The Only Living Boy In New York (2017)." The designated Survivor TV series also featured this track as their background music.

Multiple string instruments including acoustic guitars, bass guitars, Hammond organ, and triangles were used to enhance the music of the song.

That said, the song's lyrics go like this:

Tom, get your plane right on time

I know your part'll go fine

Fly down to Mexico

9. America

America is a best of Simon and Garfunkel. It is from their fourth studio album "Bookends" released in 1968.

According to Rolling Stone's reader's poll, it was ranked the fourth-best song.

It is a track about hitchhiking and road trips all across America. This song also appeared in the commercial for the Volkswagen Atlas in 2017.

In addition, David Bowie performed this song in The Concert for New York City in October 2001. The song's lyrics go like this:

Let us be lovers, we'll marry our fortunes together

I've got some real estate here in my bag"

So we bought a pack of cigarettes and Mrs. Wagner pies

And walked off to look for America

10. The 59th Street Bridge Song

The 59th Street Bridge Song is a beautiful folk song, it is from Parsley, Sage, Rosemary, and Thyme from the 1966 album. 

Moreover, in the live performance of this song Led Zeppelin's double-neck guitarist Jimmy Page played snippets of the guitar solo.

Simon's song was also featured in the movie Monterey Pop. The duo also performed in the song at the Monterey Pop Festival in 1967.

The songwriter of the track explained, that the song came into his mind while walking on the Queesboro Bridge. The lyrics of the song go like this:

Slow down, you move too fast

You got to make the morning last

Just kicking down the cobblestones

Looking for fun and feeling groovy

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