20 Rappers With 2 In Their Name

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Rappers With 2 In Their Name includes 1. 2 Chainz 2. 2 Pistols 3. 20syl 4. 21 Savage and others. They have marked unique identities in the rap music genre.

Including 'number 2' in the moniker reflects the multitude of creative and strategic reasons for the status of an artist. It goes beyond mere aesthetics and serves as a powerful tool in the competitive field of the music industry.

To make stand out among a sea of artists, many rappers use it for a memorable identity that aligns with their style and genre. Whereas, some of them choose '2' for its symbolic value.

Overall, the incorporation of '2' into the artist's name demonstrates their individuality and style within the realm of hip-hop. It not only makes them different from others but also adds depth and meaning to their music, persona, and brand.

Here, is the total twenty list of rappers with '2' in their name that puts unique essence to their personality and identity:

Rappers With 2 In Their Name

Name of RappersYears Active
2 Chainz1997–present
2 Pistols2006–present
21 Savage2014–present
42 Dugg2017–present
Apache 2072017–present
Chali 2na1991-present
Finesse2tymes2016-2017, 2022–present
Mr. 3-21988–2016
Marcelo D21998–present

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1. 2 Chainz

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Born Tauheed K. Epps, best known by his stage name 2 Chainz is a rapper with numbers in their name. He initially gained fame in hip-hop with his trap music.

During his college time, he adopted the moniker "Tity Boi" to create a hip-hop duo with his school friend. However, he faced criticism of prejudice by the name and decided to change it to "2 Chainz", which he considered to be more family-friendly.

The 2 in his stage name might indicate his second chance into the rap genre.

2. 2 Pistols

( Source : facebook )

2 Pistols is the moniker of Jeremy Lemont Saunders, an American rapper of the mid-80s. He is known for his hit single "Dirty Foot".

The meaning behind the name of the rapper is taken as a reference to his astrological sign and the split of two personalities he has. Before joining the music industry, he had a street mentality which switched to an artistic nature.

3. 20syl

( Source : spotify )

20syl is a French rapper, DJ, and producer also a graphic designer by profession. His name is pronounced as 'vain-seel'.

The name of the rapper is a clever fusion of his real name and vinyl records which are essential in the DJ and electronic music industry. The '20' in his title might come from the French word "vingt" which means 20.

Similarly, the Syl is the three-letter of his last name which he combines it as '20syl'.

4. 21 Savage

( Source : facebook )

Professionally known as 21 Savage, Sheyaa Bin Abraham-Joseph is an Atlanta-based rapper who gained prominence with "EP Savage Mode (2016)".

His stage name represents both the geographic roots of Atlanta and a street-oriented persona related to hip-hop culture. 21 in his name came from 21st Street in Decatur, where he spent his youth.

Likewise, 'Savage' usually means gritty, aggressive, and tough feature, that presents the hardship the rapper faced growing up in Atlanta.

5. 24kGoldn

( Source : facebook )

24kGoldn is a rapper that recodes pop rap and emo rap music scenes. With his single "Valentino", he raised his fandom.

Originally known as Golden Landis Von Jones, the actual meaning behind his name is 'golden.

According to him, he belongs to Golden City San Francisco, and the real interpretation of his name is also golden, which he visually and storywise combined to create this moniker.

6. 22Gz

( Source : spotify )

Jeffrey Mrk Alexander is well recognized by his stage name 22Gz. He is regarded as the pioneer of the Brooklyn drill genre.

The '22' in his name is pronounced as 'too-too' which refers to 2 Lane Avenue, New Orleans where his parents knew they were pregnant with him. He then added Gz as an affiliation.

7. 2Baba

( Source : facebook )

2Baba is a Nigerian rapper with the number two in the name. It is the moniker of Innocent Ujah Ididia, regarded as the greatest musician in Africa.

The '2' in his name signifies his birth order as a second child in his family and 'baba' refers to respect according hi his culture. His name represents the amount of respect he has earned in the African music industry.

8. 2Mex

( Source : facebook )

2Mex, formerly Alejandro Ocana, is a California-based rapper who has marked his place in hip-hop music. He also does underground hip-hop rap.

There is a straightforward meaning to his name where '2Mex' reflects his identity as a Mexican-American artist and 'mex' in his name is a short form of Mexico highlighting his Mexican background.

9. 24hrs

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Robert Dozier Davis III popularly recognized by his moniker 24hrs is a rapper, singer/songwriter, record producer, and DJ artist.

The 'What You Like' singer has a distinctive reason associated with his music and lifestyle. The '24hrs' emphasize his dedication and work ethic who create music around the clock, not even taking a break.

10. 42 Dugg

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Formally known as Dion Marquise Hayes, 42 Dugg is a Detroit artist with two in the name. He is popular for his work with Lil Baby.

The main meaning behind the moniker is not clearly documented by the rapper. However, the '42' in his title might signify a specific area of the street of the place he was born whereas 'Dugg' is a creative addition without having particular information by him.

11. Add-2

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Better recognized by his stage name Add-2, Andre D'Juan Danniels is an American rapper famous for his socially conscious themes in music.

His name is derived as a short form of his whole name and '2' at the end could be the reference to the two letters 'd' in the last of the title.

12. Apache 207

( Source : spotify )

Apache 207 is a German rapper who rose his fame through his hit "Roller". His real name is Volkan Yaman.

The exact meaning of his name is not explicitly mentioned by the artist, although 'Apache' refers to Apache tribes in North America who are noted for their warrior culture.

The '207' doesn't have a specific meaning and its essence could be a personal reason.

13. Chali 2na

( Source : facebook )

Charles Stewart widely noted by his moniker Chali 2na is a hip-hop rapper best known for his bass-baritone and quick rapping style.

The rapper's stage name is associated with the deep-voiced animated mascot 'StarKist Tune' in 'Charlie the Tune'. It represents his unique vocal characteristics.

14. Dok2

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Dok2 is a moniker for his real title Lee Joon-Kyung, who is a singer with two in the name. He is a Korean hip-hop artist and record producer.

In his name 'Joon' is often pronounced as 'dok' in Korean, and he adopted the part to use as his stage title. The '2' might have significant meaning associated with his upbringing and roots.

15. Finesse2tymes

( Source : spotify )

Finesse2tymes formally noted as Ricky Hampton is a rapper based in Tennessee. He gained widespread fame with his motivational lyrics and 'thunderous voice'.

The stage name is not clearly mentioned by the rapper, but it is related to his style and persona. 'Finesse' in hip-hop is associated with resourcefulness and clever tactics whereas '2tymes' might imply that skilled at finesse multiple times.

16. G2

( Source : wikipedia )

G2 is a South Korean rapper having a number two name. He is officially known as Kevin Hwang and also by his Korean name, Hwang Ji-tu.

According to the Korean alphabet, his name can be revised in Romanization which means 'Hwang g two'. Hence, the moniker 'G2' is derived from his last name in Korean.

17. I-20

( Source : facebook )

Bobby Wardell Sandimanie is a hip-hop rapper best known by his stage name I-20. He is linked with Disturbing tha Peace record label.

Before he was noted as Infamous 2-0 but later changed his moniker to I-20 which shows the interstate route that runs through Southeastern US. He has represented his Southern identity through his stage name.

18. KJ-52

( Source : facebook )

KJ-52 is a Christian rapper owning two in their name. Officially noted as Jonah Kristen Sorrentino is a multiple award-winning artist.

The 'KJ' in his name stands for his old rap alias 'King J Mac' which means 'horribly cheesy', which he has mentioned in one of his podcasts.

Similarly, '52', pronounced as 'five two', is taken from the Biblical story of Jesus feeding the multitude.

19. Mr. 3-2

( Source : facebook )

Mr. 3-2 is the stage name of Christopher Juel Barriere, a rapper and also a member of the hip-hop group Blac Monks.

The moniker 'Mr. 3-2' reflects his connection to the Houston rap genre and his pride in representing his hometown identity. The '3-2' in his title signifies the third and second ward of two neighborhoods in Houston.

These neighborhood has played a crucial role in Houston's hip-hop act in the development of Screwed Up Clicked, an American hip-hop collective.

20. Marcelo D2

( Source : facebook )

Marcelo Maldonado Peixoto is a Brazilian rapper who records Rock, Hip-Hop, Samba, and Reggae music scenes. He is professionally known as Marcelo D2.

The first part of his stage name is taken from his first name 'Marcelo' whereas 'D2' might be added for the creative essence of the artist's name, however, it has not been documented by him.

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