Who Is Rapper Cochise And How Did He Get Famous? Meet The HipHop And Spanish Rock Artist

Cochise featured video of the song
Cochise featured video of the song "Do It Again" which is widely praised by audiences and critics. ( Source : google )

Rapper Cochise embodies the pop culture of anime, cars, and soccer. His interests are unique as they seem to be rooted in his personality. Here are a few facts about the rapper that are pretty unknown to the mainstream audience. 

The rapper's music is strongly influenced by Jamaica's history and its traditional rhythm while the star was coming up in the rapping industry. He has included various elements from the music and history of Jamaica.

Moreover, the synergy of various melodies, rhythm, and style have been the fascinating aspect of the rapper's presentation. He seems to create his style rather than following the market trend. 

Rapper Cochise's Real Name is Terrell Cox

Rapper Cochise aka Terrell Cox was born in a Jamaican family in Jamaica. Later, his parents moved to Florida; thus, the artist is a mixture of two types of cultures that can be observed in his discography. 


He is a Floridian native who is influenced by the Jamaican culture and style that has been embedded in his music. He has a distinctive array of songs that have widely received positive praises from people worldwide. 

Cochise himself stated in an interview with Miami New Times that his music is futuristic, and it is something that can be listened to throughout the years. 

His most famous song Is "Hatchback,"

Hatchback was released in 2020; it has garnered more than 20 million views.

Since high school, the musical artist has been building his portfolio by making new songs and beats in his small home studio. 

The MC recorded his early songs on a Playstation microphone. Also, the artist gained a surge of popularity through TikTok, which helped him gain influence among the mainstream audience to attract them to his singles and album. 

But at present, his most famous song is Tell Em, featuring $Not. The music video directed by Cole Bennett has more than 30 million views. 

Cochise Is 23 Years Old

The artist is only 23 years old and continues climbing the rapping industry ranks through his talent, knowledge, and hard work.

He released his first album in 2018, "Pulp," with eight tracks, including "Know Me" and "Warrior." The album was well-received by critics and the audience. 


However, the artist was unable to secure the hype and mainstream audience, but he made people acknowledge his skill in his single "Hatchback" in 2019 and 2020. In June 2020, he signed with Columbia Records. The artist released different songs titled "Knicks" and "Sanji." 

Similarly, the artist has been improving his rap game. The inclusion of complex beats and autotune in his song makes each track distinctive from the other. He shows versatility by using minimum words to appeal and repeats the words synchronizing with the beat.

The song might not be old-school rap, but the change in times has attracted people to the beat quality that emphasizes the synergy of word syllabus and beat rather than the flow of words without matching the beat's tempo.

His Inspirations Are Bob Marley And Tyler The Creator

The artist's inspirations are Bob Marley and Jamaican music. He seems to include the sounds and style of reggae and dancehall. He could comprehend different singers' changes in cadence and voice modulation while singing various songs. 


Moreover, Tyler seems to inspire to create and evolve in artistry rather than remain devoid of past music. He also focused on the part where Tyler does not name the featured artist; thus, the audience had to guess by listening to the artist's voice. 

Thus, he seems to take that inspiration and embed it with the Jamaican roots of reggae and dancehall music, where he blends the different styles of sounds and creates unique music that stimulates the audience's attention. 

He Is Anime Fanboy

Various athletes and rappers watch a few popular anime. Still, Cochise seems to be an extreme advocate of anime and Japanese culture, which he has included in his every musical track.


His debuted singles and album "Pulp" tracks included Japanese culture and the anime world. The artist's most famous song, "Hatchback," consists of references to Tokyo Ghoul anime in the lyrics and video. 

To enumerate, he is a fanboy that has released tracks named after the anime characters, such as "Sanji," which is a character from the anime "One Piece." Similar to his attraction toward anime, he also loves cars and soccer. 

His Net Worth Is Over $3 Million

The rapper is estimated to have a net worth of $3 million. His earnings include record sales, events participation, Youtube earnings, features, collaboration, and payment from the talent management agency. The artist might also have diversified his assets and invested in various portfolios to increase his returns. 

Additionally, he is gaining positive feedback for his work and achieving attention from the mainstream audience for his social media outreach through Tiktoks, Youtube, Instagram, and other musical apps such as Spotify and Apple music. 

His songs such as "Pocket Pocket," "Cautious," "Hundred," "On Me," "Stock X," "Usopp," and "Turn It Up" are other famous songs besides "Hatchback" and "Tell Em." That said, he seems to be single in his personal life, but there are prospects for him to have kept his loved one hidden from the media limelight. 

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