20 Pop Punk Bands That Broke Up

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Pop Punk Bands That Broke Up include 1. The Wedding 2. Go Radio 3. Brand New 4. The Click Five and others. They have left behind some great music together.

Pop punk is the subgenre of punk rock that's all about catchy tunes, harmonious lyrics, and energetic performances. Over the years, there have been many pop-punk groups that have influenced and inspired many other bands.

Some of the bands have been active for many decades while others have broken up. Even though they have split up, their music has made them unforgettable.

Many pop punk teams have struggled with various ups and downs in the course of their career and unfortunately have disbanded. However, their music and influence are still loved by many fans today and will always have a special place in the history of rock music.

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1. The Wedding

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The Wedding was a punk band that broke up in 2015. They were noted for their fusion music with a pop-rock base.

They went on an unplanned indefinite hiatus. The major reason behind their break up is the busy schedule among the band members and being unable to cope with the challenges in the musical industry.

2. Go Radio

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Go Radio is a rock band that broke up twice in the course of their career. They make alternative rock and pop-rock music.

Their first hiatus was due to the group's lead singer, Jason Lancaster who set priorities and chose his family first.

But in an interview, Jason stated that the reason is completely false as had no intention to stop writing lyrics and music, however, he felt the band had to run its course and it was high time to move on to the next chapter of his life.

Likewise, they again reunited in 2019 and disbanded in 2023, when the band members announced to start a new band except Lancaster.

3. Brand New

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One of the great bands that are no longer together is Brand New who parted ways in 2017. They are noted as the most influential group in the emo scene.

The group decided to end things in 2018, but the members started being publicly inactive because of the accusation of inappropriate misconduct by the team's lead singer, Jesse Lacey during their early days.

4. The Click Five

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The Click Five is a rock band initially known for their power pop songs and Mod-based public image. They are classified as pop punk and teen pop groups.

The group announced their disbandment via social media in 2013. They cited that they were breaking up to focus on their individual endeavors.

5. With Confident

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With Confident is an Australian pop-punk band that parted ways after their ten-year tenure. They gained prominence with its pop-punk music scenes.

They last appeared in F.E.A.R. World Tour and North America tour with Stand Atlantic and Real Friends groups. Following the tour, they announced their hiatus on social media in 2022.

6. Teen Idols

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Originally hailing from Nashville, Tennessee, Teen Idols were a 90s pop punk band that gained popularity from their lively gigs.

They have split up twice due to the several changes in their lineups. The group struggled with creative disparities and interpersonal conflicts among its members.

Also, the changing shifts in the music industry affected the band, leading them to decide to choose a different musical path.

7. There For Tomorrow

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There For Tomorrow is an emo band that broke up after releasing three studio albums. Their music includes a blend of alternative rock, punk, and pop genres.

The group's differences in their musical styles and personal variations made them leave the band. They officially announced the end mentioning that they will be pursuing their individual career on social media.

After their last performance at Orlando, they ended things with the band.

8. Supergrass

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Supergrass is the 90s band that broke up after a series of four farewell shows. They have made many commercially hit albums and singles during their existence.

According to the group, the major factor behind their separation was musical and creative variation. They struggled to keep up with the changing music industry and became unable to evolve beyond their initial style.

The ensemble reformed in 2019 and parted ways again in 2022 after giving their final performance in the concert.

9. Stellar Kart

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Stellar Kart is a Christian pop-punk band that is no longer together. They are popular for their "Me and Jesus" single released in 2006.

The reason behind their split up has not been officially disclosed, however, the group has disbanded since 2014 after the release of their final album "All In (2013)".

10. The Spazzys

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The Spazzys were an all-female punk rock band hailing from Melbourne, Australia. The group has released two studio albums at the time of its existence.

The famous ensembles from the 2000s era decided to choose their individual careers in 2018.

The official reason has not been announced but, during 2006, the band was into serious legal issues and also had a dispute with their label and management.

This might be one of the reasons that the band couldn't keep up in the music industry.

11. Ramones

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One of the most iconic pop punk bands Ramones parted ways after two decades of pioneering the pop punk style. They are considered highly influential groups.

Following the tour with Lollapalooza, they performed their farewell concert and decided to end the band. The issues between Joey and Johnny played a role in their disbandment.

Their clashed personality led the band to quit things after 22 years of nonstop work in 1996.

12. Rufio

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Rufio is the 2000s band that broke up in 2012. They were noted for pop-punk and hardcore sound.

The group had briefly disbanded in 2007 which was announced on their MySpace page. They again reformed for two years in 2012.

According to them, the main reason behind their hiatus is personal and creative differences. their different musical direction took them outside of Rufio.

13. Panic! at the Disco

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Panic! at the Disco is one of the many long-running pop-punk bands that went on hiatus. They are also renowned for their emo, synth-pop, and electropop sounds.

The members were struggling with internal conflict and creative variation.

The founding member Ryan Ross and bassist John Walker wanted to experiment with other tunes while the lead singer Brendon Urie and drummer Spencer Smith wanted to continue recording pop-infused music.

Later in 2023, the band officially split up due to their changing priorities.

14. No Use for a Name

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No Use for a Name were a punk rock band that broke up in 2012. They were recognized for their melodic punk sound.

After the death of the group's frontman, Tony Sly the band's career ended in 2012. He was the driving force behind the team's success.

15. The New Cities

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The New Cities is a famous band that broke up after eight years of tenure. They are an award-winning group known for their energetic performances.

The members went on a hiatus in 2013, where the reason has not been widely announced. The one significant cause of the separation might be the challenges in sustaining the band's career in the music industry.

16. The Muffs

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The Muffs are a prominent pop punk band of the 90s era. During their existence, they have gone through several changes in their lineups.

The lead vocalist, guitarist, and lyricist of the group, Kim Shattuck's passing led the team to part ways as she was only the constant member of the group. Shortly, after the release of their seventh album "No Holiday", they broke up in 2019.

17. McBusted

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McBusted is the pop-punk supergroup that gained heights of popularity in their short tenure. Despite their fame, they are no longer together and split up in 2015.

As the official reason has not been clearly documented, however, the group was formed by the members of two famous bands, Busted and McFly, they might have faced different creative and musical visions that turned into the band's separation.

18. Latterman

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Latterman is a four-piece pop-punk band who are considered a staple of the genre. Their emotionally charged lyrics and melodies made them popular.

The major factor for their disbandment was internal disputes between band members. This created difficulties for them to work together.

Hence finally in 2018, they decided to go on a hiatus and choose their individual career path.

19. The Jam

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The Jam is English rock that has drawn upon a variety of stylistic music in the course of their career. They are the 70s group that has ended things.

The team's frontman, Paul Weller had made an announcement about the band's break up in 1982. He stated that they are quitting in order to explore new musical possibilities in the future.

20. Karate High School

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Karate High School was a rock band noted for their alternative rock style and pop punk music scene. In their short career, they have made a dedicated fanbase.

In 2010, the group's lead singer, Paul McGuire documented that he was done producing music under this band name and looking for other studies.

In an interview, he mentioned the financial and interpersonal issues among band members which strained their relationship, resulting in its discontinuation.

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