Perc 30 TikTok Song Lyrics And Meaning

The rapper YN Jay is behind the viral sensation perc 30
The rapper YN Jay is behind the viral sensation perc 30( Source : facebook )

Perc 30 TikTok song is currently all over the social media platform. Perc 30 is a hip-hop anthem by rapper YN Jay.

There is no telling what sort of song will go viral on TikTok, as the app sometimes seems like it has a mind of its own. From classic tracks from ages past to foreign songs in different languages, TikTok has long since built a reputation for making the most random songs viral. Another recently trending song on TikTok is Big Wave by NMIXX. 

The closest explanation one can round up is that the app uses whatever is popular as a metric to find songs to boost, and the Perc 30 song is a negative example of just that.

Despite being an unapologetically debaucherous song about lecherous activity and substances, the song has been used over 563.6K times just off the official track, with countless remixes and edits also available.

Perc 30 TikTok Song Explained

Perc 30 TikTok song is originally called Perc & Sex by YN Jay. Perc 30 is the third track of his 2022 album, Coochie Goat.

The album, along with the song, was released on September 7, 2022, and is the fourth of six albums that the rapper released in the year. The entire album carries the rapper's popular Detroit Trap and Gangsta rap influences.

The cover for the album Coochie Goat which contains Perc 30
The cover for the album Coochie Goat which contains Perc 30( Source : facebook )

YN Jay is one of the most popular rappers in Detroit Trap which is known for its crisp 808 percussions mixed with the rapper's off-beat flow. Perc & Sex is a prime example of the genre as it is filled with 808s as Jay's lyrics bounce all around the beat.

Written by Jay and produced by frequent collaborators GC Stacks and Wtfnima, the song is about the rapper having intercourse with a girl.

Perc 30 TikTok Lyrics Meaning

Perc 30 TikTok Song Lyrics come from the chorus of the YN Jay song. Perc 30 I just popped a perc 30 is a reference to how many percocets he has taken.

Perc' 10, I just popped a Perc' 10

Perc' 30, I just popped a Perc' 30, hmm

Perc' 60, I just popped two Perc' 30s

As stated above, the entire song is about Jay and what he is doing with a girl. The rapper met a girl at the club and instantly got attracted to her.

YN Jay - Perc & Sex (Official Visualizer) ( Source : youtube )

Jay uses his money, looks, and charisma to bring her back to his place, and the two then proceed to sleep together in wildly creative ways because both of them are under the influence of percocets, which are known as one of the most dangerous and addictive substances, and have long been a staple in rap music.

Aside from the addictive repetition of the lyrical content, the off-kilter way that Jay enunciates his words alongside the zany energy he protrudes has made the song a favorite for people to use on TikTok. More about the song's various uses in trends and videos have been discussed in the section below.  

Perc 30 By YN Jay Has Become A TikTok Trend

Perc 30 meaning has largely been ignored to focus on YN Jay's vocal delivery and energy. Perc 10 song is another name for the track on TikTok.

Unlike a lot of TikTok trends, there is no particular action, dance, or challenge driving the Perc 30 trend. In fact, most of the popular videos using this sound all feature people acting erratic and idiotic while mouthing off to the lyrics of the chorus.

@user1614532091735 yalll i love dis sound 😭#fyp ♬ Perc & Sex - YN Jay

Therein lies the trend's beauty, as the people using this trend are simply moving to the energy of the chorus, and simply letting loose. It is precisely due to that aspect of the sound that over half a million people have been using the sound, and more are using it day by day.

However, that is not to say there is no dance or skit attached to the song, many people have been dancing to the song, the only problem being that no coherent dance has come out of it. As for skits, people have been focusing on the substances aspect of the lyrics to hilarious effect.


Rug x GnB 🔥

♬ Perc & Sex - YN Jay

One particular scenario people have created is to replace the percocets or percs in the lyrics with perfectly legal and harmless drugs like ibuprofen or aspirin. In a way, the song has almost become ironic with the various uses being done by people who clearly are not under the influence or even take substances, enhancing the comedy of the endeavor.

Despite the ironic intent of many of the videos, people have been commenting on how vile the actual lyrics are, as they state that it glamorizes the use of substances. While percocets are a dangerous drug, and the original song's glamorization of it cannot be excused, it is not any different than many other songs, either on TikTok or the charts, that make a variety of references to the recreational use of pills and such. 



♬ Perc & Sex - YN Jay

One of the most popular videos under this sound is by TikTok creator named Pimp who currently sits at over 6.8 million views and has amassed over 1.3 million likes, 4K comments, and well over 93.5K bookmarks. Many celebrities, like Keke Palmer, for example, have also jumped on the trend and started making videos to the sound.

Who Is YN Jay?

Perc 10 TikTok song creator YN Jay is a rapper from Flint, Michigan. YN Jay is 23 years old and was born on July 23, 1999.

Jay's real name is Jaylien Arthur-Henry Cantrell and he was raised in Beecher, Michigan. The rapper was inspired to start rapping at the age of 10 by his older brother Gabe.

YN Jay recording in his studio on a Sterling microphone
YN Jay recording in his studio on a Sterling microphone( Source : facebook )

Sadly, Gabe would pass away soon after, and to honor his brother, the teenage Jay would work burning the candle on both ends recording eight to 10 songs per day. Around this time, he started focusing on rap as a career.

Jay would officially start his career in 2019 by releasing his debut mixtape MVP on November 28 of that year. However, it wasn't until the release of his second mixtape Coochie Land on August 3, 2020, and a standalone single Coochie, released on August 12, with Louie Ray, that Jay would start seeing mainstream attention.

Coochie by YN Jay ( Source : youtube )

The latter went viral on YouTube and a host of other social media platforms. The rapper would go on to release two more mixtapes, a solo one called Watch This, and a collab with Louie Ray called The Scouts and over 20 singles just in 2020.

Over the course of his career, which is less than four years long in terms of official output, the rapper has released close to 8 albums, 6 mixtapes, an EP, and over 36 singles as of the writing of this article. Jay also frequently works with other Michigan-based artists like his associate Louie Ray, and popular acts like Lil Yachty and Kash Doll.

The rapper's popularity continues to grow for his work ethic, humor, and constant use of the word coochie on his releases, for which he has even officially started being known as the Coochie Man.

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