NLE Choppa Cottonwood 2 Songs Ranked In Order

NLE Choppa in a Opium Dream jacket for his photoshoot.
NLE Choppa in a Opium Dream jacket for his photoshoot.( Source : instagram )

NLE Choppa Cottonwood 2 songs include 1. Do It Again 2. 23 3. Champions and more. There are 22 tracks with 9 more as the deluxe bonus tracks.

Born Bryson Lashun Potts, the American rapper started his career by dropping his first song No Love Anthem under the stage moniker YNR Choppa.

Following the abrupt surge of notability, the youth dropped his breakout single Shotta Flow in 2019 which cumulated 10 million views in a month. He was 16 years old.

The young Hip-Hop artist is widely noted for energetic rapping tones. He has already proved himself with his remarkable exhibitions regardless of his age.

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NLE Choppa Albums Ranked In Order

NLE Choppa albums ranked in order are 1. Cottonwood 2 and 2. Top Shotta. His debut album, Top Shotta, made sales record of 500,000.

Cottonwood 2

The cover for Cottonwood 2 features Choppa and his daughter on a car with the background in black and white
The cover for Cottonwood 2 features Choppa and his daughter on a car with the background in black and white( Source : facebook )

Choppa dropped his second album, Cottonwood 2, on April 14, 2023. The album was released via Warner Records and NLE Choppa Entertainment.

It features artists like Lil Wayne, 2Rare, Lola Brooke, Rick Ross, and more.

The album comprises twenty-two tracks with nine additional more on the deluxe bonus tracks. A partial list of the songs from the album includes:

  • Talk Different
  • Before I
  • Do It Again
  • Drop Top
  • Ain't Gonna Answer and more.

Cottonwood 2 peaked at number 9 on the chart of the US Top R&B/Hip-Hop Albums. Likewise, the album also reached the 39th and 21st position on Canadian Albums and US Billboard 200 charts respectively.

Top Shotta

Top Shotta, NLE's debut album, features a topless picture of him showing off his tattoos
Top Shotta, NLE's debut album, features a topless picture of him showing off his tattoos( Source : amazon )

NLE Choppa dropped his debut studio album titled Top Shotta on August 7, 2020.

Artists like Roddy Ricch, Chief Keef, Latto, and Lil Baby are featured in the album.

Top Shotta debuted at number 10 on the Billboard 200 in August 2020, earning a total of 36,000 equivalent album units according to HyperBeast

The album acquired positive acclaim from the music critics. It also earned a gold certification from RIAA and made it to the 10th position on the US Billboard 200.

Singles like the following were used for promotion:

  • Shotta Flow 3
  • Walk Em Down
  • Camelot
  • Shotta Flow 5
  • Narrow Road
  • Make Em Say

Best NLE Choppa Songs

NLE Choppa top songs include 1. DO IT AGAIN 2. Walk Em Down 3. Shotta Flow, and more. His music has earned over 18 million monthly listeners on Spotify.

Song Names:Spotify Streams:
SLOT ME OUT104,571,720
DO IT AGAIN84,269,258
Walk Em Down453,473,669
Shotta Flow Remix396,472,294
Self Esteem22,401,392
Final Warning100,606,564

Two of the notable songs of the rapper, Walk Em Down, and Camelot, has accumulated over 453 million and 433 million streams as of now.


Correspondingly, Shotta Flow (feat. Blueface) [Remix] has earned almost 400 million streams, 396,472,292 streams to be precise. 

What does NLE Choppa Mean?

NLE Choppa means No Love Entertainment. Previously, the American rapper went by the stage moniker YNR Choppa.

The slang 'Choppa' is common among the rapping community. It is widely used by any rapper that boasts a fast-rapping style with multiple syllables. 

What does NLE mean for NLE Choppa? ( Source : youtube )

What is NLE Choppa Real Name?

NLE Choppa real name is Bryson Lashun Potts. However, the American rapper is far more recognized by his stage moniker. 

Bryson has a special significance which is a masculine name that stems from Welsh origin. Initially, a last name which has now turned into the first name translates as 'son of nobleman or descendant of Brice.

Likewise, the middle name Lashun refers to anyone having the ability to persuade others effortlessly. In essence, the American rapper has a meaningful name. 

Where is NLE Choppa Parents From?

NLE Choppa parents are African American and JamaicansHis mother, Angela Potts is Jamaican and his father, Brennan Potts is African American.

Angela has been operating as his manager since the very beginning of his music career. Correspondingly, NLE's father Brennan also serves as a manager.

NLE Choppa and his father play game to learn how much they know each other ( Source : youtube )

The rapper stated during an interview with his mother on AllHipHopTV that the best part of having his mom as his manager is he can keep the family bond close. 

Likewise, the best part of having his father as a manager is they can argue and have disagreements, NLE Choppa stated in an interview with his father on Fuse.

Rap Star NLE Choppa And Choppa Mama Interview Each Other! ( Source : youtube )

Whereas, Brennan answered the question of the best part of having to hold the position of manager for him is the privilege to see him grow into a better person every other day.

Brennan's favorite song of NLE is Walk Em Down. The interview showcased that the father-son duo have a robust relationship and have each other's back at all times.

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