Top 10 Musical Instrument Is Easy To Learn

Kid showcasing her ukulele skills
Kid showcasing her ukulele skills( Source : facebook )

Musical Instrument Is Easy To Learn like 1. Triangle 2. Tambourine 3. Maracas and more. Any instrument is easy if you dedicate time and effort to it.

However, the time taken to master the instrument varies vastly.

While a lot of people argue it's easier to learn an instrument if you have a passion for it, it's always a good idea to start with a relatively simple instrument and progress to a more complex one.

Learning musical instruments can help you maintain proper discipline and improve your cognitive abilities. Not to mention, the effects on sound mental health.

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1. Triangle

Triangle is a simple instrument with two metal pieces
Triangle is a simple instrument with two metal pieces( Source : facebook )

Which Instrument Is Easy To Learn? Triangle is the easiest instrument to learn.

Most people fail to acknowledge that this instrument exists. You may be thinking striking a piece of metal to produce the same sound seems boring enough.

However, the triangle has been used by many classical bands and has been a vital part of the orchestra. One can even perform freestyles with it, once you get the hang of it.

Although it is relatively easy to get the hang of, there are two essential things to keep in mind. Firstly, to sharpen your listening skills; you must have the ability to distinguish the sounds when the metals strike each other.

Secondly, you must focus on your muscle memory and hand-eye coordination. You must strike the triangle at the desired spot each time with a certain force, to ensure a uniform sound.

2. Tambourine

Tambourine is an instrument with a big rubebr head and multiple jingles
Tambourine is an instrument with a big rubebr head and multiple jingles( Source : facebook )

Tambourine is the easiest instrument to learn on your own. If you're into folk music then this is the right instrument for a beginner.

A lot of people tend to stay away from it, as it lacks the appeal of more mainstream instruments like guitar or drum.

Apart from folk, this instrument has made itself prominent in churches too. The choir singing to the beat and rhythm of a tambourine in gospel churches is a sight to behold.

Playing the tambourine is probably the easiest of all. All of need to do is hold the instrument with your non-dominant hand and strike the head with the dominant hand.

One thing to keep in mind is to play along the flow of the beat. You should neither rush it nor take it slow as it will ruin the rhythm of the song.

3. Maracas

A apir of maracas with an art of mexican flag
A apir of maracas with an art of mexican flag( Source : facebook )

Maracas is a musical instrument with a rich history. They fall under the idiophone group where sound is created by vibration without air or membranes.

They are also referred to as shaker or chac-chac, and it is deeply rooted in the Caribbean and Latin American culture.

These instruments are viewed as an oracle of the Brazilian ethnic tribe, Tupinamba, and are also prevalent amongst several other indigenous communities.

They can produce a wide spectrum of sounds. Some may have a higher pitch or note while others may have a moderate pitch, which all depends on personal preference.

Playing it is fairly simple, just hold onto the leg of the instruments and shake. The balls inside will start rattling, thus producing the resulting sound whose beat depends on the shaking technique.

Just make sure you have strong and flexible wrists, to allow for ample shaking movement and playing for prolonged periods.

4. Ukulele

Joker Tenor ukulele with Mahogony body
Joker Tenor ukulele with Mahogony body( Source : facebook )

Ukulele is the easiest instrument to learn for a child. It is a four-stringed instrument similar to a guitar.

Many factors contribute to making a ukulele a perfect instrument for a kid.

Firstly, it's light and compact, allowing you to hold it comfortably and easily portable. It also removes the disadvantage of having small hands to hold the proper chords.

These instruments have four strings, two less to worry about than a conventional guitar. Crafted with nylon, these strings are softer than the traditional metal strings; goodbye to bruised fingertips.

One of the most underlooked benefits of the ukulele is its sociable characteristics. Not only it keeps us entertained during picnics, but this instrument also helps us socialize with new faces.

5. Electronic Keyboard

Cranberries 61 Keys Electronic Keyboard on a stand
Cranberries 61 Keys Electronic Keyboard on a stand( Source : facebook )

Which Musical Instrument Is Easy To Learn for Kids? Electronic Keyboard is an instrument suitable for kids and for all age groups in general.

Younger kids are very good at picking up things quickly with an incredible memory, thus they can effortlessly memorize each keystroke compared to an adult.

Modern keyboards come with integrated tutorials and applications, that provide your kids with a fun user experience while making progress simultaneously.

Acquiring a conventional piano is not very economically feasible and they take up a fair amount of space. Hence, the keyboard can be a very good alternative while keeping the expense at a minimum too.

Learning an actual piano is a very demanding task, so it's always better to prep yourself in a nerfed-down version which takes away some of the fatigue with interesting features like playing alongside a rhythm and demos.

6. Bass Guitar

White bass guitar looks clean sitting on top of a gray gabric
White bass guitar looks clean sitting on top of a gray gabric( Source : facebook )

Bass Guitar is the easiest instrument to learn for adults. Although it looks similar to a typical guitar, it serves a rather different purpose.

Having only four strings, you have two fewer strings to worry about than a typical guitar. However, they are comparatively thicker and more tiring to play for prolonged periods.

What makes a bass guitar a suitable option for a beginner is that you only deal with one note at a given span.

A single note at a time means less mental fatigue and easier sight-reading. There are only two principal things you'll need to learn before you perfect the bass in no time.

Firstly, you'll need to learn a major scale, which uses the same shapes with different frets. Secondly, have to master the pentatonic scale, the foundation of many iconic basslines.

The tablature for the bass guitar is also rather straightforward. It only contains four strings and the number of the fret you'll be pressing.

7. Harmonica

An elegant blue diatonic harmonica from EDharmonica
An elegant blue diatonic harmonica from EDharmonica( Source : facebook )

Harmonica is considered by far the easiest wind instrument one can learn. It is one of few instruments that produce sound when you inhale and exhale.

The harmonica is a versatile instrument. Many songs with harmonica have been made.

It fits right in your pocket, costs barely anything, and sounds wonderful. Harmonica can be found in different variations, but for the sake of ease, we'll only be focusing on the diatonic harmonica, as it's the easiest one to master.

The diatonic harmonica has 10 holes, which produce sound when you inhale and exhale. Each hole has a unique pitch and can produce two different notes, depending on whether you inhale or exhale.

Once you get used to the equipment and technique, the rest is pretty straightforward to nail basic patterns. Those patterns are enough to compose a cover of your favorite blues songs.

8. Recorder

A Yamaha Recorder
A Yamaha Recorder ( Source : facebook )

Recorder is a woodwind instrument that uses a whistle mouthpiece to generate sound. Compared to the flute, the recorder is played by holding it vertically.

This instrument is one of the popular musical instruments for kids. The interested kids are taught at a fairly young age as it is an excellent way for building the foundation in music.

Their portability and affordability make it a perfect choice for little kids.

The recorder is also a fairly straightforward instrument; it covers two octaves, and the notes are played by blowing in the mouthpiece while concealing the proper holes with the finger.

Although the sounds may not be the most appealing, it's the right step forward for learning the basics of the flute.

9. Xylophone

An octave Deagan
An octave Deagan "Professional" xylophone with aged Honduran rosewood( Source : facebook )

The xylophone is an instrument in the percussion family in which wooden bars are struck with mallets. The bars are laid out like piano keys.

Each set of wooden keys is an idiophone tuned to the pitch of the musical scale; heptatonic or pentatonic in African and Asian whereas diatonic in Western instruments.

Xylophones are cheap and easy-to-learn instruments that will appeal more to younger children than adults.

Although the instrument may seem intriguing, it's fairly simple; to produce a sound, all you have to do is strike the wooden keys with a mallet.

However, creating a flawless uniform sound requires precise force on the bars and good hand-eye coordination which will definitely take some patience to master.

Having a grasp of the mallet with a proper technique is also a key factor. Try to hold the mallet by pinching it, using your thumb and index finger, then wrapping it with your remaining fingers.

10. Bongos

Exotic bongo with a shiny wooden finish
Exotic bongo with a shiny wooden finish( Source : facebook )

Bongos is a percussion instrument that originated from the sub-Saharan region of Africa. It consists of a pair of drums of different sizes.

The larger drum is called Hembra, while the smaller ones are known as Macho. These drums are connected via a wooden bridge.

The fun thing about this bongo and many other percussion instruments is it can be played with bare hands with the legs wrapped around them.

Playing this instrument is similar to sets of drums, just without any toms, bass, and hi-hats to overwhelm you. All you need to know is Hebra, which is the main drum, and Macho, for the accents.

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