Metallica 72 Seasons Songs Ranked In Order And Review

Album cover of the band's most recent record which features twelve extraordinary tracks
Album cover of the band's most recent record which features twelve extraordinary tracks( Source : instagram )

Metallica 72 Seasons songs ranked in order are 1. 72 Seasons, 2. Shadows Follow, 3. Screaming Suicide. 72 Seasons is Metallica's eleventh album.

The band released their recent record after a six years hiatus following their last album "Hardwired to Self Destruct." Their last album performed quite well by achieving the number one position on all Billboard charts. 

Similarly, their latest album has been well-received by both critics and audiences, with Rolling Stones magazine giving it a 4 out of 5. Most of the songs are written by the band members themselves.

In retrospect, the band wrote the album while being stuck in quarantine. The group had to cancel more than six concerts due to the Covid-19 pandemic so they invested all their energy in creating their latest album.

Metallica New Album 72 Seasons First Week Sales

Metallica 72 season promotion in Berlin 2023 along with Robert Trujillo bassist of Metallica (center with hat)
Metallica 72 season promotion in Berlin 2023 along with Robert Trujillo bassist of Metallica (center with hat)( Source : instagram )

Metallica New Album 72 Seasons first week sales were 146,000 copies. It is a second studio album with their label Blackened. 

According to Hetfield, the meaning of their latest album refers to the first 18 years of life which is 72 seasons. It describes how you evolve, grow, and mature with your own identity and personality.

72 Seasons bring the same kind of energy, as the band is going back to their roots with thrash metal and includes longer intros and lead guitars in their songs.

The album does have its criticism with some fans stating its redundancy and similarity to their earlier works. Also, the lack of lyrical depth in the title track seems to be constructive criticism of the band. 

In addition, before the release of their album, the band released their first singles "Lux-/Eterna," "Screaming Suicide," "If Darkness Had a Son," and "72 Seasons."

1. Lux Aeterna

Lux Æterna ( Source : youtube )

Lux Aeterna is the most popular song on 72 Seasons. It currently has over 34 million streams on Spotify.

The song's first verse goes:

Anticipation In Domination

A Sea of hearts Beat as one, unified

The song's lyrics throw around bombastic words, but there is a lack of storytelling. The lyrics can be interpreted as motivation to individuals while looking back to the past and translating those emotions at present. 

2. 72 Seasons

72 Seasons ( Source : youtube )

The music video for 72 Seasons has amassed over 4.2 million views. 

The first verse of the title track goes:

Feeding on the wrath of man

Shot down, Traumatic

Time haunted by the past

The lyrics of the song refer to the evolution of man throughout time but the wrath remains standstill despite the advancement of humankind. 

The solo of 72 Seasons starts as a gunfight between two men. It seems to take inspiration from Black Eyed Pea's 2006 song "Pump It."

3. Screaming Suicide

Screaming Suicide ( Source : youtube )

The music video for Screaming Suicide has amassed over 5.8 million views.

The song's fourth verse is particularly interesting and goes:

Curse another day

Spirit locked away

Punish and deprive

The lyrics paint the picture of the struggle and contemplation of a man going through wild thoughts of suicide. Thus, the singer urges the audience to open up about those thoughts rather than pushing them deep inside. 

4. If Darkness Had A Son

If Darkness Had a Son ( Source : youtube )

If Darkness Had a Son has a music video with over 6.7 million views.

The song's second verse is particularly interesting and goes:

If Darkness had a son, Here I am

Temptation is his father

It describes the depth of darkness and reasoning behind the people being coveted by the shadow which is temptation, captivation, and domination of unpure thoughts. 

5. Shadows Follow

Shadows Follow ( Source : youtube )

Shadows Follow also has an official music video with over 223K views.

The song's first verse goes:

Hanging by a thread as I play dead

Hanging by a thread and my mind is code red

Cut and run, try to hide, get away

The song features a cool intro of bass guitar and hard-beating drums.

The lyrics of the song refer to the inner demons of the person even though a person tries to run, hide, cry, or seek shelter, those demons shall follow him unless he tries to deal with them. 

6. Sleepwalk My Life Away

Sleepwalk My Life Away ( Source : youtube )

Sleepwalk My Life Away is the third most recent music video released. It has over 937K views as of this article.

The song's first verse goes:

Take a deep, waking breath

Hope the blood arrives

Burn my eyes with the Sun

The song opens up with a sick intro of the bass guitar and a screeching sound with the change of chords. 

The lyrics refer to the mundane routine of life which raises the audience the question of whether they are in a dream. Thus, without purpose and destiny, a person is sleepwalking through life. 

7. You Must Burn!

You Must Burn! ( Source : youtube )

You Must Burn is the fifth track on the album. It is over 7 minutes long.

The third verse goes:

Smile as it burns to the ground

The perfect don't want you around

Question yourself, you must learn

The song's lyrics are an anthem to misfits and people who are often ostracized by society.

It refers to negligence, unwelcome, and unfair feelings experienced by a person who is isolated in life. 

8. Chasing Light

Metallica: Chasing Light ( Source : youtube )

Chasing Light is the eighth track on this new Metallica album.

The second verse goes like

Chase that light, lean on me

Face the fight, lean on me

Catch your fall, lean on me

The lyrics of the song refer to the person chasing light from the wickedness, darkness, and temptations that are keeping them grounded.

Thus, this song explores the individual's desire to hang on the thread of bright hope in life. 

9. Too Far Gone?

Too Far Gone? ( Source : youtube )

Too Far Gone is the tenth song on the album. At 4 and a half minutes long, it is one of the shorter cuts.

Its lyrics go like this: 

I, I am desperation 

Need it so bad today

I, I am isolation 

Static and disarry

The song describes the desperation of a person to belong. The person interprets their afterthought as whether they are too far gone after committing a deed.

Thus, the song provides the zest of salvation and acceptance towards the individuals who are often ostracized by society.

10. Room of Mirrors

Room of Mirrors ( Source : youtube )

Room of Mirrors is the penultimate track on the album. It also recently had a music video for it released.

The song starts off strong with the first verse going like this:

In a mirrored room 

All alone I stand

Seeing past the flesh and bone 

The song's lyrics describe the confession of mind. It shows the thoughts of a person self-reflecting on whether their ideas are insane, broken, or negative towards their life's circumstances. 

11. Inamorata

Inamorata ( Source : youtube )

Inamorata is the final track on the album. At 11 minutes and 10 seconds, it is also the longest.

The first verse of the song goes like this:

Welcome, won't you come inside

Meet the ghosts where I reside

Despite how they're abusing me

The song refers to an individual's female lover. Thus the lyrics depict that despite seeking companionship, a person shall go through hardships i.e, misery in their relationship. 

Misery is an attachment that goes with seeking a relationship with your partner. However, that misery could be avoided with a direct conversation rather than spinning around the thread in a connection.

12. Crown of Barbed Wire

Metallic Crown of Barbed Wire ( Source : youtube )

Crown of Barbed Wire is the 7th track on the album.

The first verse of the song goes like this:

So Tight this crown of barbed wire

Its destiny I wear

It Splits the skin to the soul

The song metaphorically refers to the weight of responsibility which requires diligence, conviction, energy, and motivation to commit to the cause. 

Metallica's 72 seasons cassette, the metal band have released limited cassettes for Walkman owners
Metallica's 72 seasons cassette, the metal band have released limited cassettes for Walkman owners( Source : instagram )

List of most popular Metallica songs includes 1. Enter Sandman 2. Master of Puppets 3. Nothing Else Matters.

The list of the heavy metal band hits is as follows;

  • For Whom The Bell Tolls
  • One 
  • Whiskey In the Jar
  • The Unforgiven
  • Sad But True 
  • Fade the Black
  • Fuel
  • Battery
  • Welcome Home 

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