How To Get The Lady Gaga Chromatica Ball Merch 2022 And Tickets As The Tour Began In Düsseldorf

Lady Gaga on the first day of the Chromatica Ball tour
Lady Gaga on the first day of the Chromatica Ball tour( Source : justjared )

The legendary singer Lady Gaga just recently released her sixth studio album, Chromatica, in 2020, and the fans are delighted with the artist's follow-up through a tour.

More than a year after the album release, she announced a two-month-long tour on the occasion of the sixth album release and even named the festival the Chromatica Ball.

The singer made sure it was a grand function and released distinctive merchandise for the special occasion.

The collection has 16 songs, and she will sing and perform them on the scheduled tour. Seeing the artist put so much effort into making it a grand event has sparked excitement in her fans.

Numerous fans are excited to attend the concert in various parts of the world as the lady will travel to multiple destinations for the performances in the next two months. As millions of people visit her show and have a great time, they also want to establish that connection with the singer by putting on the special merch and being a part of the whole event.

Here we discuss how you can get the Lady Gaga Chromatica Ball merch as we open up about the scheduled event and the tickets.

How To Get The Lady Gaga Chromatica Ball Merch 2022?

You can get the Lady Gaga Chromatica Ball merch on her online shop or at the concert venue.


The singer has her online shop from where she sells all the merchandise and other items. There are three categories on the website, and you can get the said merchandise from both the collections and merch categories.

On the merch section, you can select the Chromatica Ball merch based on the type of apparel, while in the collections section, there is a separate Chromatica subsection where you can get all the merch of the event.

Concerning the items, there are trifold vinyl, exclusive clear LPs, Chromatica CDs, Cassettes, Chromatica hoodies, sweatpants, briefs, soaps, socks, bandanas, and mugs. The website shows mugs and socks sold out at the moment, but they might be available later.

Similarly, talking about the prices, the cheapest items are CDs and cassettes, which cost $14 each, while the most expensive is the sweatpant which costs $75. You can buy the hoodies for $70 each. Other than the mentioned items, fans on social media have shared pictures of bags and other accessories, which you can buy at the event venue itself.

These are the items available on the web at this time, but at the concert sale, you will also get t-shirts and various other things exclusively for the event, including a VIP collection item to buy.

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Lady Gaga Chromatica Ball Tickets Price Explored

The Lady Gaga Chromatica Ball ticket prices vary according to the event venue and the available seats, ranging from around $90 to well over $200.

Besides the general price, there is also a VIP package that can cost you hundreds of dollars. To get full detail on the ticket prices, you can easily go to the tickets section of the lady gaga website or click the link here, which will redirect you to the tickets section.

The July 17 show on Dusseldorf is already over, and tickets are available for all the remaining event venues. The prices vary according to the show's location and the seats inside the venue. 

Lady Gaga Chromatica Ball Setlist

Lady Gaga performed a 20-song setlist on the first day of the Chromatica Ball tour, nine of which were from the sixth album.


According to Consequence Sound, the famous American singer sang nine songs from the album Chromatica on the first day of the tour held in Dusseldorf. The setlist included the songs AliceReplaySour CandyBabylonFree Woman, and Enigma

Furthermore, on the first-day performance, she performed the whole setlist in five different acts. The opening performances included her fan favorites Bad RomanceJust Dance, and Poker Face. Besides them, she also sang 911TelephoneBorn This WayShallow, and so on.

Although the singer might change some songs from the list, the whole setlist is thought to revolve around the same mentioned songs throughout the tour.

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