Why Did Jessica De Gouw Leave Vienna Blood?

Jessica De Gouw pictured in a green jacket during a photoshoot
Jessica De Gouw pictured in a green jacket during a photoshoot( Source : superstarsbio )

Jessica De Gouw left the role of Amelia Lydgate in Vienna Blood in Season 2. Fans are not satisfied with the recast but it was inevitable.

Revolving around the story of doctor Max Liebermann who helps a detective in solving the serious happenings in the Vienna 1900s, the series first aired in November 2019. The first season has an IMDb rating of 7.5.

One fan favorite in the first season was Amelia Lydgate, who was portrayed by London-based Australian actress Jessica De Gouw. Her charisma stole the hearts of many, and fans were excited to see more of her in upcoming seasons.

However, this didn't come to pass and fans were not satisfied with the replacement, Lucy Griffiths. They openly addressed their dissatisfaction online.

Still, neither the filmmakers nor the actress have revealed any reason for her exit from the show, leaving the fans to wonder the cause. Here we discuss her departure from Vienna Blood alongside other details.

Why Did Jessica De Gouw Leave Vienna Blood?

Jessica De Gouw left Vienna Blood due to a schedule clash. The actress had many projects underway. However, she has remained tight-lipped about this topic.

The actress had reportedly headed to Austria to film the second season of Vienna Blood, but her sudden absence despite such news has disappointed fans.

Jessica De Gouw as Amelia Lydgate with Max Libermann in Vienna Blood
Jessica De Gouw as Amelia Lydgate with Max Libermann in Vienna Blood( Source : townandcountrymag )

People started raising questions about the departure of Gouw after the second season premiered as there were no prior announcements from either side. The filmmakers are yet to release official information about her absence.

Jessica has not revealed any details about her exit from Vienna Blood which created further confusion among the fans. Since her departure, many people have taken to social media, either complaining about her departure, or putting up conjecture about reasons like a possible schedule clash, or the actress being committed to another project.

Nonetheless, no one really knows what happened.

Is Jessica De Gouw Returning on Vienna Blood Season 3 Cast?

Jessica De Gouw is not returning to the third season of Vienna Blood. The released cast list doesn't contain her name.

Gouw portrayed Amelia Lydgate in the first season and was certain to play the same role in the second part until last-minute adjustments saw her removal from the BBC Two program.

The audience won't be able to see Jessica in Vienna Blood ever again. The other actors and their respective characters in the Vienna Blood season 3, as per Radio Times, are:

  1. Matthew Beard plays Max Liebermann
  2. Juergen Maurer as Oskar Rheinhardt
  3. Luise Von Finckh as Clara Weiss
  4. Conleth Hill plays Mendel Liebermann
  5. Amelia Bullmore plays Rachel Liebermann
  6. Charlene McKenna plays Leah Liebermann

Lucy Griffiths Replaces Her Role of Amelia Lydgate

English actress Lucy Griffiths has replaced Gouw as Amelia Lydgate in Vienna Blood.

She appeared as Lydgate in three episodes of the second season and is thought to continue her role in the third season as well. As Amelia is an English character, her portrayal by a fellow English actress was initially thought to be a good idea, but not many viewers are enjoying her portrayal of Lydgate.

Lucy Griffiths attending the premiering event of True Blood
Lucy Griffiths attending the premiering event of True Blood( Source : digitalspy )

Before playing in Vienna Blood, Griffiths appeared in an episode of Shadow and Bone, where she depicted the role of Luda. Her other acting projects include Winter's Tale, Uncanny, Robin Hood, True Blood, Preacher, and The Price.

Born on October 10, 1986, in Brighton, United Kingdom, the actress made her debut at the young age of 20 in 2006. She played Rebecca in an episode of the TV series Sea of Souls.

Since then, she has worked on multiple other projects and has 24 acting credits to her name, as per her IMDb profile.

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