Celebrate Love With Hip-Hop Love Songs 2023

Nicki Minaj donned in a Hanifa FW22 Zahra Faux Leather Coat.
Nicki Minaj donned in a Hanifa FW22 Zahra Faux Leather Coat.( Source : instagram )

Hip Hop Love Songs 2023 are 1. Self Esteem by Lambo4oe and NLE Choppa 2. Keeper by Toosii, and more. These songs sum up the emotions of the heart.

What better than a love and hip-hop song combination to let your concealed feelings out? The genre highlights lyricism in its description of affairs of the heart.

Be it a heartfelt confession or reassurance to their prolonged partner, these songs are a great way to communicate your tender feelings to your loved ones.

Henceforth, we've listed some best songs in the article that celebrate and cherish your relationship. Continue reading further to learn more.

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Hip Hop Songs To Celebrate Love

Best hip-hop love songs are 1. Make Me Better 2. Drunk In Love 3. Bound 2, and more. These songs celebrate the love you have for your special person. 

Make Me Better by Fabolous ft. Ne-Yo

Make Me Better by Fabolous ft. Ne-Yo is one of those romantic rap songs that praises a girl. The singer may be good alone but he is amazing with her.

The rapper dropped the song as the third single in his album From Nothin' to Somethin'.

Released on May 15, 2007, Make Me Better made its debut at number 96 on the Billboard Hot 100 and later climaxed at number 8.  

You plus me, it equals better mathYour boy a good look but she my better half

Drunk In Love by Beyoncé ft. Jay-Z

Drunk In Love by Beyoncé ft. Jay-Z is nothing but a recall of a passionate love a couple shares. The song got immense positive love on the charts.

The title of the song stresses the overwhelming emotions of intense love that have led the lovers to become less than rational beings. Released almost a decade ago on December 17, 2013, the song earned a Grammy Award for Best R&B Song.

I've been drinkin', I've been drinkin'
I get filthy when that liquor get into me
I've been thinkin', I've been thinkin'

Bound 2 by Kanye West ft. Charlie Wilson

Bound 2 by Kanye West ft. Charlie Wilson is an easy and simple way of expressing your lover to a significant other.

Kanye's version of the love song was released on August 28, 2013, via Def Jam and GOOD. This song acquired universal acclaim and made it to the nomination list of various coveted awards including Grammy.

The Grammy-nominated song reached the UK Singles Chart at number 55. Correspondingly, it also peaked at number 12 on the US Billboard Hot 100 chart.

Besides these three, some other love songs are listed below:

  • No Greater Love by Blu & Exile
  • Take Care by Drake
  • 03 Bonnie and Clyde” by Jay-Z and Beyoncé
  • Passin' Me By by The Pharcyde

Hip Hop Songs Dedicated To Girlfriend

Love rap songs for my girlfriend are 1. Best I Ever Had 2. I Need Love 3. LOVE., and more. What better way to express your feelings for your girl?

Best I Ever Had by Drake

Best I Ever Had by Drake is one of the great rapper love songs to put your feelings out to your girl. The song was dropped on February 13, 2009.

Initially recorded for the debut EP, the song also made it to the rapper's debut studio album titled Thank Me Later as the third single on October 11, 2010.

It also made it to number two on the US Billboard Hot 100. In fact, the track also made it to the nomination list of two Grammy Awards.

Drake talks about making his girl feel special like she is the only one he thinks at the end of the day, which is evident in the lyrics:

Baby, you my everything, you all I ever wanted
We could do it real big, bigger than you ever done it

LOVE. by Kendrick Lamar

Love by Kendrick Kamar is the tenth track on his fourth studio album titled Damn. It features singer and label mate Zacari.

The song showcases the purity of the rapper's utmost love. It is basically a love letter from Kendrick to his fiancée Whitney Alford who will later become his wife and the mother of his children.

The uppercase-styled title of the song speaks for the essence of the music. The chorus of the song expresses the rapper's feelings of wanting to love her and to be loved.

I wanna be with you, ayy, I wanna be with
Just love me, just love me, just love
I wanna be with you, ayy, I wanna be with

I Need Love by LL Cool J

I Need Love by LL Cool J is the second single from the rapper's second album titled Bigger and Deffer. It talks about true and genuine love.

The rapper claimed to pen down the lyrics in just half an hour whilst meditating about his loneliness in his grandmother's basement. 

LL laments about his past behavior and action with his previous partner. Through the lyrics, he expresses his feelings of wanting true companionship and love. 

Inside my soul because my soul is cold
One half of me deserves to be this way till I'm old
But the other half needs affection and joy
And the warmth that is created by a girl and a boy

A partial list of other songs include:

  • The Light by Common
  • Perfect by Dave East feat. Chris Brown
  • Beautiful by Pharrell Williams
  • White Dress by Kanye West
  • Temptations by Tupac Shakur

Hip Hop Songs Dedicated To Boyfriend

Hip Hop love songs for my boyfriend are 1. Your Love 2. Whatta Man 3. Super Bass, and more. These songs sing praises of their man's presence in their life.

Your Love by Nicki Minaj

Your Love by Nicki Minaj is one of the best romantic rap songs. One can never go wrong when expressing your feelings for your boy.

The song expresses the rapper's feeling of wanting to be with her man at all costs. It sings appreciation for a special person in her life, highlighting his sparks and charisma through the lyrics.

Whatta Man By Salt-N-Pepa

What A Man by Salt-N-Pepa celebrates the presence of good men in their life. The artists pay their sincere respect to their man through this song.

Initially, the song was released via Volt and recorded by Linda Lyndell. However, later it was reinterpreted as Whatta Man by the trio Salt-N-Pepa in 1993.

Super Bass by Nicki Minaj

Super Bass by Nicki Minaj is a must to be included in the list of songs to be dedicated to your man.

Still one of the most beloved songs by the rapper, Super Bass is a song about a girl who is head over heels for a boy and can't resist showing her feelings.

The rapper sings appreciation of his looks, personality, and style in a funny way. It was dropped over a decade ago on April 5, 2011, via Universal Motown, Cash Money, and Young Money. 

Other such songs are:

  • Be Careful by Cardi B
  • Fantasy by Mariah Carey feat. ODB
  • I Like by Rubi Rose
  • Ex Factor by Lauryn Hill

Best Romantic Love Hip Hop Songs

Top hop hip songs are 1. Dilemma 2. 21 Questions 3. Bonita Applebum, and more. These songs remain evergreen to dedicate to your loved ones to date.

Dilemma by Nelly feat. Kelly Rowland

Dilemma by Nelly feat. Kelly Rowland is the quintessential Love and Hip Hop song. It dropped on June 25, 2002.

The scenario of the song shows that Nelly and Kelly share a mutual feeling; however, she can't commit and is in dilemma for she has a man and also a son.

The song which garnered immense positive reviews climaxed at #1 on the US Billboard Hot 100 for 10 weeks non-consecutively. It replaced his previous single titled Hot in Herre.

Likewise, the song also bagged several awards including Best Rap/Sung Performance, and made it to the nomination list for the Record of the Year at the 45th Annual Grammy Awards. 

No matter what I do (woo)
All I think about is you (uh huh)
Even when I'm with my boo
Boy, you know I'm crazy over you

21 Questions by 50 Cent ft. Nate Dogg 

21 Questions by 50 Cent ft. Nate Dogg can't be off the list when talking about the best love songs. The song was dropped on March 4, 2003.

The track was released via Dr. Dre's Aftermath Entertainment, Interscope Records, and Eminem's Shady Records created a significant buzz on the web, gaining several certifications including 5x Platinum by RIAA.

By the title of the song, one can easily say that the song addresses 21 questions to the addressee. Through the song, the singer questions his girl's commitment to their relationship through the lyrics underneath:

Girl, it's easy to love me now
Would you love me if I was down and out?
Would you still have love for me

Bonita Applebum by A Tribe Called Quest

Bonita Applebum by A Tribe Called Quest comes off as the second single from the band's debut album People's Instinctive Travels and the Paths of Rhythm. 

The original version of the song was made in 1985; however, a few years later the song was remade. The original MV of the song was directed by Charles Stone III.

Hey, Bonita, glad to meet ya (Heh)
For the cunning, stunning you, miss, I must beseech ya (Mmh)
Hey, being with you is a top priority
Ain't no need to question the authority 

Other Songs about Love Rap are:

  • Dang! by Mac Miller ft. Anderson. Park
  • Lotus Flower Bomb by Wale feat. Miguel
  • All I Need by Noname feat. Xavier Omar
  • Eye Know by De La Soul

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