Emilia Fox Partner Jonathan Stadlen Is A Netflix Producer

Emilia Fox with her partner Jonathan Stadlen
Emilia Fox with her partner Jonathan Stadlen( Source : instagram )

Emilia Fox's partner Jonathan Stadlen is a TV producer. According to The Guardian, the two are currently married.

A part of the Fox acting dynasty, actress Emilia Fox, is enjoying a lovely romance after multiple failed relationships in the past.

Following her rise to prominence with the 2002 film The Pianist, Fox has been in the mainstream entertainment industry for around two decades. Her current partner is also a renowned name in the industry as well.

Their romance gained broad headlines after the sources captured their loved-up moments a few months earlier, and since moving in, the two have been all lovey-dovey, traveling to parks, boat trips, and enjoying their time.

The English actress, known for her performances in Silent Witness and The Pianist has been with Stadlen for some years now and have built a rigid connection in that time.

Emilia Fox Partner Jonathan Stadlen Is A Netflix Producer

Emilia Fox partner Jonathan Stadlen is a Netflix film and TV series producer. Jonathan is best known for the 2020 film American Murder: The Family Next Door.

Jonathan Stadlen pictured in a blue shirt for his online profile
Jonathan Stadlen pictured in a blue shirt for his online profile( Source : knickerbockerglory )

Stadlen is the owner of a production company called Knickerbockerglory and works as its managing director. Working at his company, the man has produced projects for various top media portals, including Netflix, Channel 5, BBC3, Sky 1 HD, and TLC.

Jonathan was born in London to Austrian and New Zealand parents and had a passion for TV programs and watched it from a young age. Growing up banned from watching TV, he got his inspiration from News and dynasty hosts.

Eventually, he studied at Bristol University with a major in drama and film and gradually pursued a career in television, as mentioned on his company's website.

Initially, the man started his journey working for various production companies, such as Endemol, BBC, and Pulse Films, before starting his firm.

Emilia Fox And Jonathan Stadlen Are Dating Since 2021

Emilia Fox and Jonathan Stadlen are together since mid-2021. Emilia and Jonathan first met through a mutual friend.

Their relationship got media exposure after the portals caught glimpses of their union and romantic moments in public. DailyMail published a report of them strolling around a park with the actress's dogs in September 2021 which affirmed their union.

Fox and Stadlen met for the first time in June 2021 through mutual pals, as mentioned in the DailyMail article. They met the following month in July in a podcast where they talked about crime in lockdown. They instantly clicked following their first meetings and were besotted from the beginning.

Furthermore, one friend stated to the site that the two were enjoying their moments, and the producer was excitedly telling his friends about his new girlfriend. Since then, the two have moved in together and are enjoying a blissful romance.

Are Emilia Fox and Jonathan Married?

Actress Emilia Fox and her partner Jonathan are reportedly married, as The Guardian mentions them as husband and wife.

Emilia Fox with her reported husband Jonathan Stadlen in 2021
Emilia Fox with her reported husband Jonathan Stadlen in 2021( Source : co )

On a January 1, 2023 article, The Guardian stated Jonathan as Emilia's husband when publishing an interview with the actress about her schedule and family time. This statement confirmed that the two wedded secretly.

Fox's Wikipedia bio has also followed up on that information and writes her as a married woman. However, there are no pictures or other details about Fox's wedding with Stadlen on the internet.

Emilia Fox And Jonathan Stadlen Age Difference

Actress Emilia Fox and her partner Jonathan Stadlen have an age difference of four years. Emilia is 49 and Jonathan is 45 years old.

Born on July 31, 1974, in Hammersmith, London, England, the British actress comes from a thespian family where most of her family members are in the entertainment sector. Her mother, Joanna, is a reported actress, while her father is also a veteran actor named Edward Fox.

On the other hand, Stadlen's birthdate remains a mystery even though his family background details are on the internet. Nonetheless, DailyMail revealed the man to be 43 years old while reporting his union with Fox in 2021. So, at present, the producer is 45 years old.

Emilia Fox Daughter

Emilia Fox has a 12-year-old daughter named Rose Gilley.

Fox gave birth to her daughter in 2010 when she was in a relationship with the English actor and filmmaker Jeremy Gilley. Emilia and Jeremy dated each other for around a year before they went on separate paths in 2011.

Rose now lives with her mother and is currently studying at a local school in London. Fox likes to keep her family matters far from excessive media exposure and thus has not disclosed much info about her girl. In an interview, she mentioned that her daughter has not taken up an interest in acting yet.

Emilia Fox Ex Husband Jared Harris

Emilia Fox was previously married to the British actor Jared Harris.

Emilia Fox with her ex-husband Jared Harris
Emilia Fox with her ex-husband Jared Harris( Source : co )

They tied the knot in 2005 and remained together for a few years before things started changing. Eventually, the couple decided to separate in 2008, and Harris filed for a divorce in 2009.

According to Contact Music, the reason for Fox's divorce from Jared was their long-distance relationship and the actress's unfortunate miscarriage in 2007. Emilia was heavily impacted by the loss of her child and even sought therapy for a considerable time to get over the loss.

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