The Real Reason Behind People Destroying BTS Merch

The Pajama set designed by Jin which caused controversy amongst fans
The Pajama set designed by Jin which caused controversy amongst fans( Source : twitter )

People are destroying BTS merch as a reaction to the outrageous price of the band's new product.

On January 2, 2023, the popular K-Pop band, BTS, known as the best-selling K Pop group in the world announced the release of two pajama sets and a pillow through HYBE. The products were hotly anticipated because BTS band member Jin himself designed them.

However, when the products were dropped, fans were appalled that not only were the prices for both pajama sets 119,000 won, but the pillows were 69,000 won.

These prices, when converted into US dollars would be around $90.84 and $52.67 and have steadily been climbing since they were dropped.

Fans were outraged by the announcement of the high prices and quick to voice their disapproval, with some even going so far as to destroy any BTS merch they already owned.

Sadly, this is not the first case of K-Pop bands being met with this reaction, regardless of how justified it may be.

Why Are People Destroying BTS Merch?

People are destroying BTS merch to show their disapproval regarding the price of the new products. Fans have reacted this way before too. 

It is a more common reaction than one would think. The controversy with the pajamas is just the most recent in a long line.

K Pop fans are a temperamental bunch and are known for outbursts, though in this case it is justified. As many of them are young, impressionable children, the actions of their idols mean a lot more to them than most fans feel about artists from different genres.

The high prices of the Jin pajamas were poorly recieved by fans
The high prices of the Jin pajamas were poorly recieved by fans( Source : weverseshop )

As such, when the Good Day Pajamas and Bad Day Pajamas set alongside the pillow were announced with such outrageous prices, fans were quick to voice their discontent. Many took to Twitter to either reach out to the group or simply complain that the price was unbelievably high.

The controversy got to the point that Jin, the man responsible for designing the pajama set and pillow reached out to fans and stated that though he had told the producers to use good materials, he himself was shocked by how outrageous the prices were. However, the artist's shock did little to quell the animosity some fans were feeling toward the band. 

Since BTS is one of the biggest bands in the world, any move they make has the potential to cause controversy and this is just one of them. Still, despite the initial hullabaloo, the products were launched as expected on January 17 on the Weverse portal, and unsurprisingly they've sold well.

In fact, the pajama sets and pillow, which are currently priced at $117 and $69 respectively are sold out on the official Weverse shop, as per their website. The stocks for these pajama sets are running low on other websites as well.

What Stores Sell BTS Merch?

BTS merch is sold on many websites due to its immense popularity. From Amazon to their official stores, BTS merch is easily available.

However, that same popularity is a double-edged sword for as easily as the band's merch can be found and bought online, it's just that easy to fall for fake vendors. So, here is a list of places one can find the K Pop band's merch.

Weverse Shop

BTS merch official can be found with their partner Weverse shop that exclusively sells BTS merchandise.

The homepage for Weverse, BTS's partner for merchandise
The homepage for Weverse, BTS's partner for merchandise( Source : weverseshop )

Not only do Weverse sell official merch from the band on their website, but they also actively work with the band themselves. The pajama set mentioned above stems from their partnership with Jin, and a result of their collaboration. 

Aside from the pajama set, the website sells other pieces of merchandise ranging from clothing to accessories to even customized merch from each of the band members and their solo projects. Not only Jin but other members like Jimin and Jungkook have released clothing through the website while other band members have released bags, jewelry, and other various accessories.

BTS Merch Shop

The BTS Merch Shop is a fan-run merchandise store that sells much of the band's merch, alongside fan-made ones.

The homepage for BTS fan-fun merch shop, BTS Merch Shop
The homepage for BTS fan-fun merch shop, BTS Merch Shop( Source : btsmerchshop )

The shop is one of three widely regarded merch stores among the BTS fandom that call themselves the BTS Army. The shop and website were founded in 2017 by Ha-Yoon, and she runs it with Seo-Yoon, the Head of Marketing, Ji-Woo, the Public Relations, and Min-Seo, the Customer Support.

Bangtan Merch Shop

The Bangtan Merch Shop is another fan-made merchandise store selling bands and fan-made merch. 

The homepage for the Bangtan Merch Shop, also run by fans
The homepage for the Bangtan Merch Shop, also run by fans( Source : bangtanmerchshop )

The website is as successful as the BTS merch shop but differs by providing free worldwide shipping. The Bangtan merch shop is also more highly regarded by fans due to its money-back guarantee, secure checkout, and marginally cheaper prices compared to other stores.

BTS Army Gift Shop

The BTS Army Gift Shop is the third of the big three BTS fan-run merchandise stores. The store provides free gifts with each order.

The homepage for the BTS Army Gift Shop
The homepage for the BTS Army Gift Shop( Source : armymerchgiftshop )

The same as the other two stores, this one offers different pricing based on what region their customer is from. The store is also more communicative with fans and is known for replying to whatever queries customers bring up to them.


Though not official, BTS sells merchandise in a variety of different stores.

From Amazon to Hot Topic to Etsy, BTS merch can be found in most major retail stores. However, most of them are resells purchased from the websites mentioned above or second-hand, so should only be purchased as such. 

Item In BTS Merch Online

BTS merch for girls and boys come in various shapes and sizes. BTS stuffed animals, clothing, accessories and more make up the band's merchandise.

The Weverse store has graciously provided a variety of portals to separate the sort of merchandise they sell on their website. Instead of by type, the portals are separated by different metrics, which will all be explained below:


Indigo is the name of BTS band member RM's debut solo album. The merch in this portal reflects the themes of the album.

The merchandise in the Indigo collection on Weverse
The merchandise in the Indigo collection on Weverse( Source : weverseshop )

Under this portal, the merch sold are accessories like a vase, wood plate, diffuser, and more, and a denim tote bag and denim shirt as worn by RM on the album cover and liner notes. The products are all sold out.

The Astronaut

BTS stuffed animal that looks like a robot can be found in this portal. The Astronaut is the name of BTS member Jin's new solo debut single. 

The merchandise in the Astronaut collection on Weverse
The merchandise in the Astronaut collection on Weverse( Source : weverseshop )

As with Indigo, the merch reflects the single's themes. Here, the merch sold is a white hoodie and jogger pants with purple lines on each side.

The products are all sold out.


The 2022 DALMAJUNG collection is a holiday collection based on the mid-autumn festival Chuseok. 

The merchandise under this portal is all based around both the holiday and the music video that the band made for this collection. Here too, all the products are sold out. 

Jack In The Box

Jack In The Box is BTS band member J-Hope's debut album, and the merch under this portal reflects that.

The merchandise in the Jack in the Box collection on Weverse
The merchandise in the Jack in the Box collection on Weverse( Source : weverseshop )

Various graphic T-shirts and a host of accessories, especially for girls, are being sold. All merch except Fabric posters selling from $39.01 is sold out.


Proof is BTS's first anthology album, and the merch under its name reflects that.

The theme for this collection is black and silver, with the clothing and accessories matching the album name and logo. As successful as the others, they're also all sold out.

2022/2020 Festa

These two portals contain photo frames of the whole band. The 2020 Festa also sells a mood light.

The former is priced at $35.30 and $32.51, and the latter at $37.16.

Butter/Be/Pop Up

The merchandise in the Butter portal is based on the hit song, Butter. The Be portal sells a T-Shirt and a muffler.

Under the Butter portal, the band has sold its own cookies, alongside three phone cases for the Galaxy phone and the iPhone. 

Lastly, the Pop Up section also sells Butter merch and two T-Shirts.


The By BTS portal is currently the most popular one. Here, each band member has designed merch for their fans.

A part of the By BTS collection on Weverse
A part of the By BTS collection on Weverse( Source : weverseshop )

  • RM has designed jogger pants in black and grey, and a wind chime
  • Jin has designed the pajama sets and pillow
  • J-Hope has designed a Hop Pot Set, and a mini bag
  • Suga has designed a black notebook and necklace
  • Jimin has designed an earring and a hoody
  • V has designed various brooch sets and a bag
  •  Jungkook has designed mood lamps and hoodies in black, white, and mustard.

In The Soop/ The Best/Water

In The Soop is a collection of the band's official clothing merchandise.

The Best is another postcard set and a white notebook.

Water is a collection of BTS water bottles.


Lastly, in the official merch section, the band sells a variety of light stick keyrings and pens.

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